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#felin3k my first cosplay was back in 2016 and I was going as Erza

My first cosplay was a team magma grunt from the original Pokémon ruby, it was cringeworthy 💀💕 please follow @felinlapaigecosplay she is an inspiration and an amazing person 💕💕 #felin3k

This lovely person is @felinlapaigecosplay and honestly, she is one of my favorite cosplayers and kinda my idol to me.
My first ever cosplay was Ciel Phantomhive!!!💙😊#felin3k

#felin3k Hey guys, my friend FelinLaPaige is having a s4s over on their page and I was hoping you guys could go check them out and possibly give them a follow while your at it💕 They have beautiful cosplays and lovely content. (And to answer your question- my first cosplay I think was Clyde from Southpark in 2013.)

Hey Baby Doll's if you're not already following @felinlapaigecosplay you should she's an amazing cosplayer and definitely worth following 💖💖 Okay so my first cosplay was Nagisa from Strawberry Panic and I am planning to revamp her 💖💖💖 #felin3k

My favorite cosplay of mine that is completed is honestly Mei rin every memory of me wearing her is happy and I love her so much #felin3k
Also I love all your cosplays you are amazing
#felinlabaesubmission #felinlabaes4s

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