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The Treasure Hunt is on! Be the lucky one to get Feis Ile Laphroaig and Timorous Beastie 21 yo!
This is a Douglas Laing's Feis Ile Laphroaig 14 yo, full of peated barley, iodine and smoked meat notes. Come and find it!

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fab day at my first bunnahabhain open day!🍻😊 #feisile

Woop woop! A couple of bottles is finaly on it's way home 😃🤘🏼🥃
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Just me and a table of whisky 😏

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The highlight of a "Sherry Intensive" tasting, sampling different Sherry matured whiskies alongside their cask maturation type, including fino, olorosso, manzanilla, amontillado, pedro ximenez, cream, and moscatel). #ardbeg #isleofislay #islayfestival #feisile - #safonscotch.

Caol Ila 18 year old is awesome, especially when enjoyed at the distillery. #caolila #daviddistilled #islaywhisky #feisile


The highlight of a "Sherry Intensive" tasting, sampling different Sherry matured whiskies alongside their cask maturation type, including fino, olorosso, manzanilla, amontillado, pedro ximenez, cream, and moscatel). #ardbeg #isleofislay #islayfestival #feisile - #safonscotch.

The Treasure Hunt is on! Be the lucky one to get Feis Ile Laphroaig and Timorous Beastie 21 yo!
This is a Douglas Laing's Feis Ile Laphroaig 14 yo, full of peated barley, iodine and smoked meat notes. Come and find it!

@thewhiskylibrary @dlaingwhisky @laphroaig
#thewhiskylibrary #timorousbeastie #treasurehunt #landmarkhk #HK #hkig #independentbottler #singlemalt #singlecask #vattedmalt #caskstrength #scotch #whisky #rarewhisky #islay #smoky #peaty #scotchwhisky #sherrycask #thearmouryhk #highland #summercollection #summersippers #giftidea #newcollection #dram #whiskydram #whiskylover #collector #feisile

This years Fèis ìle. Big peat and coal ila 6years.
Big peat is finished in sherry cask. Color is gorgeous.
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Tonight's #dram... #Lagavulin #FeisIle 2016 18 year old at 49.5% abv. Refill #Bourbon Casks and European Oak #Sherry Casks. Bottle number 6.

Peat, shredded wheat, bacon, tar, old rope, Arbroath smokies, hospitals, eucalyptus, cinnamon, ozone, sweet oranges and hazelnuts.
Mind blowing!
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New arrivals for our collection - Feis Ile bottlings of Jura and Laphroaig.
Jura Tastival 2014 - 2017
Laphroaig Cairdeas 2008 - 2017
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Ardbeg Kelpie Standard Release (46%abv): a straight -forward expression of 20 ml of Kelpie CR once it's exposed to 3 drops of water. Chocolate strawberries , waffle cones and mesquite wood. Yummy!
Committee Release :51.7%Starts off initially dry--Ashy and bone dry like corryvreckan. Then you get a finish of strawberry , bandaid and 90% cacao chocolate . It is heavily peppery on the end like a kilchoman loch gorm but a unquue touch of strawberry , malted chocolate and waffle cones creep in, which i find in Westland Garyana, but not as sweet . ------
With 3 drops of water in a 30ml pour it's more peppery and all of that strawberry, chocolate malted balls are eliminated. Lots peppery tones here and it's stronger with water . Peppery like oxmtore 7.3 virgin oak
Overall: I like them both. They are the most unusual flavors I've come across from any Ardbegs because the strawberry chocolate is so apparent, while other Ardbegs taste "classic"--usual islay smokes, regardless from the decades of their releases.
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Kilchoman Feis Ile 2017 100% Islay (58%abv): I love Kilchoman. It'll always be 1 of my fav distilleries cuz I got to "work" there w/the 3 stillmen I love smoky scotches. This 1 tastes like a cross between the Kilchoman Impex Ex-bourbon (60.1%abv) and PX cask strength edition that was released this year. It's got a slight fondant sweetness as well as cherries, vanilla and smoke. ---------------
This is the 1st 100% Islay Kilchoman cask that I've enjoyed. I've always felt that the previous expressions were disjointed in the sense that I'd get a weird glue-sap, raw wood flavour...like some cacacha. The spirit really shines through here in this vintage. Although the local barley ranges at 15-35 PPM it appears to taste more smoky than the Machir Bay. I've also heard that when you study PPM it doesn't really matter because peated barley gets mixed w/non barley stuff. Shrugs. I'm hoping someone can chime in and school me
---------------------------- Technical stuff: This is aged in 100% Buffalo Trace casks. I believe @jewmalt said there were Elmer T. Lee, Blantons and Stagg casks here. This is 8-9 years of age and sourced from 100% Islay Barley.
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Bunnahabhain : Oh, you sweet, sexy thing. You are loaded w/brown sugar, pecans and sweet red fruits. You are a Christmas cake surprise. I just want to open you up and drink you silly. If this whisky were a man his intro to lurve-making would be Bruno Mars' "Calling All My Lovelies," and every time that line, "All the eesha's waitin' on me" hits there would be an assertive hip thrust or 3. Simultaneously, homie is dancing in briefs and saying, "GUUURL, they call me Acura Legend cuz once u get on this ride you'll never forget me." -------------------------------------------------------
This scotch puts the 'bun' in 'Bunnahabhain' cuz once you tap that ass you'll be in booonah-heaven." AW YEAH. Give me 4 ounces of 24K Magic and 2 dashes of Robin Thicke, pre-divorced, and I'm good cuz "That's What I like", babeeeee. When this Scotch hugs my mouth I feel like I just got Magic Miked by Channing Tatum. UNF! It is like being hugged by a sexy Korean man who does push-ups to korean pop tunes, and I can feel all of his chesticles hitting my lady lumps when we embrace each other. You're my sundu-Boo, my MAN-du, and my sessy seoul-dier. I wanna be the bimbim to your map and the "bu" to your bulgolgi. -----------------
This reminds me of Tobermory 15 Year. Yes,@ssj99, @fastturtle @gueuzegeek, this was my fav expression. I guess I owe you a joke now. What's long, green and smells like pork? Kermit's finger.
#whisky #feisile #islay #islayscotch #bunnahabhain #scotch #singlemaltscotch #caskstrength #feisile2017

Bowmore 11 Year : This is interesting. When I first had the Bowmore 23 Year roughly 6 years ago, it was a cold, winter night. The drink started off really elegant and sexy. I got lots of tannins, dried plums, almonds, leather and earthy tones. It was awesome. Then, 15 minutes into the drink the cold air chilled the glass and it changed the drink completely. All I got was sweat, lavender and bar soap. I imagine this is like a cautionary tale for people who drink too fast, too furious. Once you got them whisky goggles on, everyone looks like Heide Klum, but in reality you've been playing tonsil hockey w/a Steve Buscemi 2.0 and treating his mouth like it's a cricket match. ------------------------------------------------
This Feis Ile bottling does the complete opposite. I took the first sip and said, "This is everything I don't ever want in a whisky or a man. It is filled with cherry- sweat, puke and cardboard. After the drink settles in the glass all of that disappears and it becomes a mix bag of honey, dark chocolate and nuts--and ya'll know how I roll. I love nuts, no pun intended !! I just wonder if my palate was off because Laphroaig was smokier, and this one seemed so light in smoke as a result. However, this was the order they gave us. So, at the end, I liked this Bowmore, but I'm not sure if my palate was accurate. ------------------------
Technical stuff: aged in Sherry and Bordeaux cask
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Because I have a mookata craving.
#mookata #feisile

Laphroaig Cairdeas (57.2%abv): WHAT the shit? It's 2072? John Campbell can make whisky in the future? Whisky nerds will get this joke :p. Anyhoot, There's a bit of firework smokes here, besides pepper, that reminds me of Laphroaig Cairdeas 2014 edition. It gets a bit medicinal like the standard Laphroaig 10 Year, but sweet like Cairdeas 2016. I get tones of straticcietella and waffle cones on the finish like Ardbeg Kelpie CR. This feels like these Laphroaig Editions and 2016 creeped into each other's business and Ardbeg Kelpie came into the scene and tried to shit on everyone. Have you ever listened to that long speech about weeners, bungholes and pussy cats in Team America? That's happening in this glass. ----------------------
Overall: I like it. It's a rather unusual Laphroaig. I've never picked up waffle cones and straticcietella in Laphroaig.
Technical stuff: aged 100% in American Oak Quarter Cask.
#whisky #feisile #islay #islayscotch #laphroaig #scotch #singlemaltscotch #caskstrength #friendsoflaphroaig

Caol Ila Feis Ile 2017 (55.8% abv): This was 1 of my fav during the evening, and it's creamier than the Bruichladdich and Lagavulin expressions.I really like Caol Ilas. I haven't had any that I disliked. Even when they released the Stitchel Reserve, an unsmoky version, I thought it was awesome. This offer notes of vanilla, salt, smoke (no shit) and hints of durian and salted peanuts on the finish. ---------------------------------------------------
Overall: This is a solid dram. I really enjoyed this. This is gonna sound back-handed, but it's not meant to be that way: It's delicious and formulaic. Predictability isn't always a bad thing w/the exception of Michael Bay films, but if you're going into this experience and expecting an element of surprise you'll be disappointed. There's no "special edition" feel perse, but it is a delicious, consistent scotch. When you drink a shit ton of Caol Ila you start to get a feel of its cadence. ---------------------------------------------------
This is like reading Nora Roberts romance novels, and you learn that, even though she's written under the pen name of JD Rob, a series of mystery-something-crime-adventures, it is still "classic" Nora. Now, before you accuse me of loving Fabio and fake butter, let me clarify that I've never read her stuff nor am I a fan of serious, romance novels. At any rate, I know someone who's obsessed w/this author, and I also found pink handcuffs on the banister once at this person's house and a little puke came out of my mouth (continue below)

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Heavily Peated Feis Ile 2017 (56.4%abv): Musky DEEE Willickers, another Feis Ile bottling finished in muscatel cask? FECK. This is like being trapped into watching a sequel of Transformers and seeing Mark Wahlberg act. The irony here is that he's supposed to be comical, but his 1-liner delivery is as stinky as muscadelle wine casks while his acting is a joke. ----------------------------------------------
Like the Lagvaulin Feis Ile 2017 Edition, this 1 is musky--shweaty balls musky (see previous post for the review for such references). This is like two Broner's hitting the gym together. 1 guy is spotting his friend while his homie is lifting 250 lbs and the spotter's crotch is balls deep into his friend's face. I don't say this often, but there's too much testicles to the face. I don't want you to reverse-camel toe me, especially when your pumpin' iron at CHUZE Fitness. On a positive note, this one has notes of mesquite wood and applewood finish. --------------------------- --------------------------------------------------I get smoked ribs here, too, but that musky balls def emerge on the finish like the Lagavulin Feis Ile, and that ballistic ending just ruins it for me. I imagine this is like a guy meeting a chick through a dating app. After 16-failed, first dates he finally meets a chick he kinda clicks with...conversations are, yes, you guessed it, better than Mark Wahlberg's acting, but it's not as sublime as James McAvoy's index finger to the temple. We're still in Guiding Light-mode, but that's cool cuz at least you both share a common interest: Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter. After you pay for that meal and go in for a kiss, she drops a bomb on your ass and says she got a man at home. Da FACK? Why you on, Tinder, gurl? and she be, like, I'm here to make new friends. UGH...the dating world is so cruel.
Tech facts: Aged in American Oak and European Sherry Oak. Finished in Muscadelle Cask. 1/1000 bottles.
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