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Вы только посмотрите какие классные у нас гости!😍
Нам бесконечно приятны все ваши отзывы и мнения, а приятные слова @sega_kutove просто покорили нас 😎
Всех ждём в гости,чтобы сделать этот тяжёлый вторник чуточку ярче и светлее 😏 #feelz #craft #craftbeer #drink #saintpetersburg #petersburg #шавермаспб #чтогдеестьспб #кудагоспб #афишаспб

☀️Genuine⛱ #Feelz

"WHY WE ALWAYS CRYIN...???????"😅😂😭 HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY TO MY JESS-O!!! I am thankful for you. It's crazy how long we've known each other, however it wasn't till these past couple years where God really placed us in each other's life when we needed it the most. You are one of the strongest girl I know. Glad to have you in my life not only as a friend but as family. Love you so much! @jessmkim #feelz #thatswhywealwayscryin'

#Repost @jaronstrom (@get_repost)
Here's a sneak peek into my album #Feelz at the song "I'll Be Here For You". The album portrays the sentiments of love as well as those feel good moments in life that we enjoy. Get ready for it, this is just the beginning! Also this is just a promo video...NO full music video to come..just dope music! 😊 Video cred >> @letypesage (Brands: @hm @mvmt @aldo_shoes)

Could do with a holiday and a tan right about now ☀️ #feelz

I want to wish my hunny bunches of oats a very happy birthday! I won't mention the number... but let's just say next year is 30. DAMN. Jp. Love you! But anyways, thank you for everything you do for me and our family. A lot has happened this past year. From our not so little girl Khloe finishing kindergarten, to the addition of our little prince Kaden. We've taken many steps together, both big and small, and I can't wait for the many more we will take together in the future. I love you very much hun and I wish you many more birthdays to come!! Let's grow old together... you first 😏. #birthdayflowz #feelz #khloenicolesagala #kadenelijahsagala

37 years and counting! Blessed to have these two as a prime example of how to love. #Feelz

It's finally here 3 months of preseason ✅ time to get this season started! Happy Easter everyone! 🐣❤️⚽️🌏#maduraunitedfc#maduraday#indonesia#feelz


☀️Genuine⛱ #Feelz

Makes me feel some kinda way


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