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Dear FSU football,
Waiting for you is like waiting for traffic to move in this uber. Useless and disappointing. #FEELZ

🌸#iwokeuplikethis (minus the glasses ) 😉🎶. So there's actually a couple reasons I'm posting a pic of me in my PJ's this #saturday morning . #1.... When I was 10 pounds heavier (remember we all have our own journey and 10 pounds for me (5'1") made a big difference to me , I even hated the way my sleepwear fit . Crazy but true ... so not only was I trying things on in my closet with frustration but couldn't even wear my favorite #pjsalvage pajamas and feel comfy in them. 😾 Can anyone else relate ? It does sound silly but it's the reality of the female mind (at least mine 🤷🏻‍♀️) Now reason #2 .... Michael and I have had a long time disagreement about how the word "Pajamas" is pronounced....................... . 💁🏻I say "pa-jahh-mas ". 💁🏻‍♂️. He says "pa-jam-as". What do you say ❓❓. That's my Saturday morning #feelz . Just got off my stationary bike after doing a good 45 minutes of #liss and staying in that fat burning heart rate zone (if you've read my posts you know I'm a big believer in that for burning fat ), taking two of my four pups🐶🐶 to the vet for a couple shots , cleaning the house and then a night out with a few girlfriends (pray for me 🙏🏻... they're 10 years younger and I'm going to have a hard time keeping up with them !) What's on your weekend agenda #fitfam? .
#bbgcommunity #pajamas #picoftheday #bbgmoms #fitnesslifestyle #weightlossjourney #weightloss #healthier #comfortableinmyownskin #fitover40 #bbgover40

#Feelz the morning after my beautiful sister @sav__nicole and that one guy @steve_erz ‘s Wedding Shower. Swipe—> for the moments leading up to this haha!

s a t u r d a y

CALLING ALL DANCERS! Who will be crowned champion at this years #KingsBall?! No matter your level Pro-Am, Amateur or Pro! It's always a good idea to #Dance!
Professional Latin finalists Hayk Balasanyan and Emilia Poghosanyan getting the #feelz during their rumba at last years event! Join us NOV 30- DEC 3, 2017!

Today is two months post-ACL reconstruction, and I am really, REALLY looking forward to coming back and smoking this 158# hang snatch...and having quads that are the same size will be nice, too 😎#tbt #feelz

Ahhh, this photo makes me so happy! @tcharleson the absolute bees knees🐝 Bees carry their concentrated goodness back to the hive on their legs/knees,
And I can think of pollen-ty of reasons why you are concentrated goodness. ☀️
You are sweeter than honey, and I can't wait to comb over and visit 😉👌🏽
#buzzing #unbeelievable #feelz #ihopetheseinsectpunsdontbugyou

Feelings are turquoise 👗 @chriswallace101 📸 #feelz


“A change of feeling is a change of destiny.” - Neville Goddard . .

I know you are asking yourself, ummmm, christine do I always have to feel happy all day every day?????? . .

You and I know that is unrealistic. You can use your feelings as a barometer of how close you are to your manifestation. And you don’t have to be happy happy joy joy all day everyday! . .

We have been taught to smother our feelings in such a way that we don’t know what we are truly feeling. . .

Then we are scared to feel anything other than good because if we are upset or angry we are scared we will ruin the momentum we have gained… . .

Human life was meant to be experienced. We have a range of emotions and those emotions are awesome . .

But the question is…do you want to be upset and angry constantly no? Use feelings as guides. . .

The goal is to feel better. When you feel good more good things happen. You want to be mostly in the joy/appreciation/passion/optimistic range range but it isn’t WRONG to experience something else. . .

give me a 👍 or ❤ if you agree!!
. .

click the link in bio if you want to learn more about liFEFeelz and focusing, experiencing and feeling your way to a life you love. . .

hugs, kisses and all the feelz -christine michelle

Request by @xoxoqvotes

Your beliefs are at the core of who you are. The influence your decisions whether consciously or unconsciously. Limiting beliefs are beliefs that are not aligned with the goals and life you want to create. . .

The good thing is once you identify a limiting beliefs you can choose to not believe them and then they are gone. Just acknowledging them and knowing that they are there and choosing not to believe it anymore can clear them. . .

If they are deeper there are many other ways like EFT, the Lefkoe Method, The Sweep Technique or many many more. . .

Another way to show yourself that your new belief is through experience. Look for people doing what you desire. With access to the internet we can find anything. Instead of looking at the latest news or cat video - how about you search for evidence of someone doing what you desire? . .

If you want to leave your corporate job to work full time in your business, look for stories where someone did it. Feel the excitement knowing that it can happen. . .

give me a 👍 or ❤ if you excited about releasing those limiting beliefs . .

click the link in bio if you want to learn more about liFEFeelz and focusing, experiencing and feeling your way to a life you love. . .

hugs, kisses 😘 and all the feelz
-christine michelle

Sunday MáM Film Rec: “The Feels” featuring @angelatrimbur + @wonstancecoo 😉 @thefeelsmovie

Affirmations.. ....01.....
It means I made it past everything that tried to break me... But did I really make the most of all the sweet moments? If I was too die tomorrow would I say I lived alright?
#poetry #enlightenment #mindovermatter #feelz #instapoets

This though ☝🏽😂

“Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make something of the moment you are in RIGHT NOW.” The Coach From RaiseYourMind.com . .

I hear it so many times. I will feel so ______ (happy, excited, secure, loved) when i get _______ (fill in the blank). . .

The irony is that in order to create something in your life you have to align with that thing first. When i say align with it you have to feel the way you want to feel when you have that thing NOW. . .

But here’s the thing, you have to match the vibration of the thing you want. If you keep waiting to feel the love for yourself when you get the boyfriend, you will continue to wait for the boyfriend to come. . .

So take today - Jump out of bed and start feeling how you think you will feel when you get that x, y or z NOW! . .

give me a 👍 or ❤ if you going to stop waiting and start living. . .

click the link in bio if you want to learn more about liFEFeelz and focusing, experiencing and feeling your way to a life you love. . .

hugs 😃, kisses 😘 and all the feelz -christine michelle

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