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.. kad galvenais pretinieks sēž tev glavā! #feelthestruggle // 📹: @rutalturka

Amikor 7en vagyunk bent a 28 fős osztályból.. Max Plank és én elgondolkodunk mi értelme van élni ...
#leowey #justleoweythings #feelthestruggle

Yoda chillum....gonna try again, looks like his brother Bill. #yoda #starwars #yodachillumglass #feelthestruggle #starwarsglass

@sirkkualexiina tää on sulle🤗 #feelthestruggle

Io e le mie occhiaie stiamo bene insieme 🐼 #feelthestruggle

Okay. We can go through this. #feelthestruggle

When ur friend doesn't press the video button and u cut the last lobster tale. #feelthestruggle

First IG picture where my chompers ain't showin'. 🤔😬 Gotta post that selfie with every girls' favorite filter 😂🔥 #basic

Sometimes it's really tough not to get caught up with comparing yourself to others. When it comes down to it all, I'm happy with who I am as a person and I only want to strive to be better. #nevergiveup #dreams #feelthestruggle #gymlife


Cultivate your strongest self. 💪Externally and internally- this pose looks easy, it's not. Like life on Instagram can look great, it's probably not a lot of the time. Remember this when you compare to someone else or when you think others lives are easy and wonderful. Being your strongest self takes lots of hard work to perfect, focus on you, inside and out! I'm working on both, this pose is easier for me than inner work but both are equally important to be the best version of myself 😊. Yoga is balance, life is balance, this pose is all about balance. #feelthestruggle #keepgoingwithit #thenyougetthere #practice #life#yoga #balance #ionayoga1

I'm still awake #feelthestruggle

New post up called "I'm Too Old For This Shit." Topics discussed: dating dumb dumbs, bad shoes, and music festivals. Not discussed: how the title of this post is from Lethal Weapon and Mel Gibson is a garbage human. ENJOY! (Link in bio)

The #heartwarrior has to go deep inside of themselves and #learnwhotheyare and #feelthestruggle and open up to the reality what it means to #beahumanbeing on this planet.

Today I got my stamping plate from Bundle Monster....I shall definitely do more designs with this plate!!!!! I'll put more photos up tomorrow. It's over a holo base but I couldn't get to show it up 😕.....#feelthestruggle 😂

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