Definitely wouldn’t mind waking up to this everydayyyy🙏🏻 spent the morning doing some work followed by a long walk and came home to this beauty right here🤤
Smoothie deets—> 2 frozen bananas + 1 cup fresh sweet raspberries + 1 scoop vegan chocolate wholefood protein + 1 tbsp almond butter + 2 cups coconut water + 1 tsp cacao powder 🙌🏻👏🏻🦋 happy Tuesday!

Do I need to stick with 1 protocol to heal?
Absolutely not.
I see so many health gurus preach to stick with their protocols like they are all mighty.
Not to say many of those protocols are even damaging in a long run. /
In a sense we are all the same: we humans do NOT need to eat flesh to be healthy for example. /
But also we are all deferent with what’s going on in our bodies and the amount of damage we have done to our bodies.
Some people have messed up guts.
Some people have messed up hormones.
Some people have underlying chronic infections.
List can go on and on.
For that reason there is NO one size fits all protocol, like many health gurus claim.
You can recover by going back to basics:
Water 💧
Light ☀️
Magnetism ⚡️
Giving up on flesh and blood.
Detoxing your body (there is a difference between cleanse and detox). /
I’m talking about detox on a cellular level.
Add supplements you are deficient in. (We are all are)
Elevate your consciousness. 👁 /
Watch your body transforms.
Nothing is incurable! Get empowered! Get well!

Almond milk got the good vibes! 🌰🌿🔅 why is it that us humans are the only species on earth that drink another animals breastmilk? I seen an advert in a health shop the other day for camel milk.. camel milk! Whaat! The only living thing that needs camel milk, is a baby camel, and the same goes for any other milk that is specially designed for its young! There is SOO many options these days for creamy delicious milk, that doesnt require a baby animal to be taken from its mum so we can drink its milk. Almonds, oats, coconuts, rice, soybeans, cashews, hazelnuts and more..so tasty and much healthier too! .
Recipe for 1L 🌰🥛
1.Soak 1/2 cup of raw almonds in water overnight.
2.Drain and put in blender with 1L filtered water.
3.Blend on high for about 1-2 mins
4. Strain through a nut milk bag, that can be bought from a health food shop. (Check out my insta story to see Sari doing this!!)
5. Store in a sealed jar and shake before pouring! .
#camelsmilkforbabycamels!! #dairyfree #plantbased #veganmum #foodismedicine #raw #feelthelean #veganforthevoiceless #vegan #consciousliving #motherhood #uniteinmotherhood #dairysucks #dairy #cruelty

nothing special, just usual post gym breakfast oats 💪🏽 porridge oats cooked in almond milk topped with strawberries, banana, cherries, homemade granola, peanut butter + drizzle of honey 🍓🍌🍒🍯 #oatmeal #breakfast #modelsdish

Sabah kahvaltısında giderek basitleştiğim bir dönem 🙈 Yumurta, muzla bandırmalık keçiboynuzu pekmezi&tahin karışımı, biraz yeşil 🍀 Kızı uyuttum, ben havuzaaaa vınnnnnnn 😍😍😍🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️

I’ve been to @100wardourst a couple of times but never ordered their quinoa salad and I don’t know why. First time trying it and it was BOMB.💥 I mean seriously, I’ve tried a lot of quinoa salads but this was incredible. Quinoa, baby spinach, feta, cranberries & toasted seeds. (special thanks to @modelvillage.co 💓) #quinoa #salad #modelsdish

A summer favorite of mine : fresh crisp watermelon with a squeeze of passion fruit, coconut flakes and crunchy muesli 🍉

All stocked up 🌈🌿✨This haul gets us through 4 days making smoothies, epic salads, a large batch of lentil soup, cauli "steaks" with chimichurri & sweet potatoes, veggie wraps, mango salsa lettuce wraps, snacks & more 👅 As the years pass eating #plantbased, meal planning has become simpler as we have our go-to meals and center our diet around simple whole foods as much as possible 🥑💛#21earthydays #plantsoverprocessed

“I’m feeling worse then I did before I started the @medicalmedium protocols, I’m so fatigued, & experiencing worse symptoms then before, what’s going on?”
I get asked this a lot.
& although this is not the case for everyone Healing...
Most people feel better right away.
This can happen to many of us.
It happened to me.
So let’s talk about it.
First of all you can clear your precious mind of worry.
Because fruits & veggies are not hurting you 😍
Second, you have to be sure it isn’t you catching a flu or something like a stomach bug which so many get periodically.
& then because you are starting the @medicalmedium protocol you end up blaming it.
Third, is you might be mixing protocols by taking some other supplement or powder — or still be on some practitioners advice or program.
& reacting to that in a negative way as you are trying the @medicalmedium protocols.
But if you’re sure these aren’t involved, because you’re NOT doing other things.
OR coming down with a common bug going around then ...
What happens is when we have viruses & pathogens in the body, along with tons of toxins in the liver & blood, along with heavy metals...
& we have been eating a diet high in protein — which is actually high in FAT.
Along with animal proteins that actually acts as a steroid or immunosuppressant - (this will keep your immune system from reacting)
Meaning no reaction happening in the body to fight invaders — so you won’t feel the symptoms as much.
So basically the invaders — pathogens — are just doing what they want because your immune system is not awake & going after them.
& on top of eating all the foods like eggs, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, pork, canola oil — that feed pathogens, & even in the past when you ate them thru the years — these foods are stored up (even if you are not eating them now)
& make the pathogens stronger 💪🏻 & allowing them to create more toxic waste 💩 in your body.
Top it off with being mislead that it’s your body attacking itself or some other bogus label... _
This weakens your immune system further when you think 🤔 it’s your faulty genes or your body attacking itself.

Started my day with this absolute beautyyy🦋✔️☺️🙏🏻 (recipe below) .
Go check my stories for a closeup if you like 😜 hoping you all have a beautiful Monday! I have a lot of exciting projects in the works within the Healthstyle Emporium coming this week so stay tuned...including a giveaway, new blog posts and more🙊
Smoothie deets—> 2 frozen bananas + 1 cup frozen cherries + 1 scoop vegan vanilla wholefood protein + 1 cup coconut water + 1 tsp maca powder 🙌🏻🦋

i believe that what we choose to put into our bodies is a form of self-love. when we choose to nourish our bodies with healthy, whole foods we are showing ourselves immense respect and telling our bodies how much we appreciate them. i didn’t start loving myself until i began to take care of myself by eating vibrant + healthy plant foods. it changes everything! ••••••
1/2 cup quick oats
1 cup oat milk
locally grown nectarine
maple syrup🌿

23 km
34 ore sveglia (e ancora niente sonno)
4 ore a guardare le stelle e a fare le prime prove con la macchina nuova📷
1 sacco a pelo inutile
un cielo stellato magnifico
ho perso il conto di quante stelle cadenti
e un'alba mozzafiato

Notturna sul Pasubio...
...la rifarei anche stasera!
23 km
34 hours I'm awake and still not tired
4 hours watching the stars and trying my new camera
1 useless sleeping bag
a magnificent starry sky
countless shooting stars
and a breathtaking sunrise

Night walk... ... wanna do it again tonight! xP

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For me, the only escape I found from the darkness was to let go. It was to follow my instinct and the voice, MY real voice, inside me. It was about trusting in myself and creating the change I always knew needed to happen.

I changed everything; my perspective, my relationships and my environment. I changed my diet, my routines and my habits. I made sure to get outside everyday, meditate and move my body. I started living a version of my life I never thought possible. I stopped listening to the words of others in what’s ‘normal’ and what is ‘needed’ to essentially recover and free myself from the demons.

I researched, I learnt. I knew what I loved and I stopped letting anyone stop me from making my own choices. Through my own path I have found balance. I’m healthier than ever, happier than ever. By making my own choices I finally overcame the voices in my head and became free. I also found my purpose.
Trust yourself, your soul. Deep down it will lead you to where you need to go. •

#vegan #veganism #feelthelean #healthy #cleaneating #fitness #wellbeing #plantbased #runner

Danke für dieses tolle, erfolgreiche Wochenende, birdies! Sollen wir bald wieder einen YOGA BRUNCH veranstalten?🌱🍃🧘🏼‍♀️
That was pop-up brunch no.4 this year and I am so proud and happy and can‘t believe how many people came by! 💕 happy Monday! Have a great week ahead!

64oz of mint infused watermelon juice. Perfect for a hot day. Lately it's all I've been wanting.

Freedom is loving all the parts of yourself that you once shamed.

can you love your shadow as much as your light?

can you love your quarks as much as your kindness?

can you love your sadness as much as your joy?

can you love your lessons as much as your successes?

it is in the learning to love the once unlovable where your fear dissipates, your trust strengthens, and your manifestations appear like magic. 💫

comment below: 👇what is one thing about yourself that you dislike that you are deciding to love?👇

🍵Crema de zapallo calientita, perfecta para la hora de la cena🧡
Super llenadora!! Ingredientes:
1 zapallo butternut
1 cdta de aceite de coco
2 zanahorias y media
1 cebolla chica
1 puñado grande de apio
1 taza de leche de coco
Trocito de pimentón rojo
1 diente de ajo
1/2 cdta de cúrcuma
Jengibre (opcional) 🔸Corta el zapallo a lo largo y con una cuchara quita las semillas y reparte el aceite de coco entre los dos trozos. 🔸Lleva al horno a 180 grados por 45 minutos a 1 hora ( yo lo dejé 50’) 🔸Mientras, en una olla pon a cocer a partir de agua fría las zanahorias y cebolla. 🔸Cuando ya estén a punto echa el apio y pimentón para que se ablanden un poquito (se puede sofreír todo también hasta que se ablanden un poquito)
🔸Cuando el zapallo esté listo, quita toda la pulpa con una cuchara y lleva a una licuadora con las verduras y los aliños que gustes ( si te gusta mas dulzona que picante, omite el jengibre) 🔸Procesa hasta tener la consistencia tipo crema y listo!

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