These moments, I will forever cherish. “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”-AS

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If I told you how crazy the last week and a half of our life has been... I am not sure that you would believe me. Well actually maybe, because I’ve literally dropped social media it seems like and when I put up an insta story last night... I think some people were just thankful I was still alive that they couldn’t even watch the amazing Anne Collins interpretive dancing that was going on🤣... But I am back and hopefully things are settling down and the crazy is over (it happened in threes... so I am counting on it) ... .
Let’s start back with the girl on the right rocking her fun run at school today! I remember when she was two, she peed in her pants at the start line... when she was three, kind of understood the concept and barely finished... but this year... she went all out! She’s my girl, and I love her so!

Some days you just want to hide under the duvet and stay there. That was me half an hour ago.

And instead of taking a shower and doing my morning yoga before my green juice, I scraped back my hair, walked straight into the kitchen and made two buttered crumpets and a cup of tea!
I’ve had my little moment of emotional comfort. But I’m not going to let that seep into the rest of my day.
I’m going to get my sorry butt into that shower, do my morning yoga and feel 98% better for doing so! Then I’m going to guzzle my sexy green juice and feel zero guilt about the crumpets I scoffed this morning.
Why? Because I’m human and everyone deserves a moment to feel all the feels before getting dressed and showing up to the world.
Peace ✌🏻 Love always,
Hayley xx

Chase what you love to do in life - it’ll be worth it in the end! Wise words from @andrewtufano. 🎶

Thank you to #rd2be Annie for these wise words!
“When we allow ourselves to feel, we are allowing ourselves to heal.”
Recovery is a process of feelings - certain emotions and sensations can often at first feel uncomfortable because we may have not let ourselves thoroughly feel. An eating disorder distracts, numbs, and imposes on these feelings by engaging in behaviors and urges. Finding words to describe what you are feeling whether it be anger, frustration, guilt, shame, sadness - can get lost in these disordered behaviors. Learning to feel is hard, it is scary, and it makes you vulnerable which can often feel exposing. But by allowing yourself to begin to feel and deal with life's experiences and the whirlwind of emotions, healing will happen. When we suppress tough emotions with behaviors we may not realize we are also suppressing the positive ones. With feeling comes immense healing. #rd2be #edrecovery #edrd #feelthefeels

This week’s journaling prompt
——————————— When you think about what you love and what you loathe, can you feel it in your body? Or is it a sensation that surrounds you? Does it come across like an extra person in the room?

However you feel it, what shape does it take, does it have texture, heaviness, does it make your ears ring or your heart thrum? Can you find a difference in the bodily places where happiness dances and anxiety dwells?

Take time to explore the senses of love and loathe. Feel into their differentiating qualities.


Let’s take a moment and talk about a little girl. This little girl, growing up reading about these vital characters, watching them in various animated series, or even owning merchandise. Imagine these characters show to this girl that being different is not only okay, but it’s encouraged. These characters and their stories help teach this girl that finding your unique attributes and utilizing it when a situation arises is so important.
Now imagine, after all of these years getting to finally see what you’ve imagined in your head in a live-action setting finally come to light. That this journey of going to midnight premieres and awaiting for any amount of information to be released come over a ten year process. Since the moment she found out about a certain actor was to grow a famous goatee, she knew that there was something bigger to come.
After all of these years, getting to this moment is emotional, and yes, these characters don’t actually exist and yes, you may think it’s a bit ridiculous. To this little girl, these people gave her inspiration and taught her valuable lessons. They acted as a role model to her outside of her immediate family. These stories mean so much to her.
I’m letting all of you know now that she’s been ready to see this battle take place in a large format for a long time, and she couldn’t be happier that it’s time.
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Stuffing our feelings keeps us stuck. It’s uncomfortable and frightening, yet feeling and facing those things is the key to moving forward 🔑 “for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭107:9‬ ‭NIV‬‬
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We make mistakes.
But what's important is -
We should learn from those mistakes
Erase them,
Correct them,
And never -
Repeat them.
Mistakes are a part of growth.
And we grow through our problems,
however, big or small -
issues, difficulties, struggles are a part of life.
No matter what,
Whoever you are -
We all have our own worries and anxieties,
just the flavours are different.
We don't laugh on the same joke again.
Do we ?
Why do we cry on the same problem again and again ?
That anxiety you see?
Kills someone every moment -
While the funeral pyre kills somebody once.
Yes, we all make mistakes
but what are we supposed to value is in your hand and your very own choice!
i.e. to say -
| The Relationship Or The Mistake |
And the willingness to correct them.
What would you choose?

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Found this online and found it very comforting😌🌱 Tag a friend!

I see my mother in a new light as I watch my daughter sleeping.✨ Still. Quiet. Perfect.
I imagine how she must have watched me dream a thousand times over. I suspect she cringed as I fell. And leaped as I smiled. In this very moment my heart rips open as I anticipate the day my daughter slams the door or says she hates me. I've done both to my mother. And for the life of me, I couldn't possibly imagine this child not understanding the depths I would go for her. The love that splits me in two as I watch her breath. One day, she will hold her own babe against her chest for the first time. And when her heart swells and the seams nearly burst, I pray she understands in that very moment, how I've felt her entire life. 💕

Self care is messy.
Downright gross at times.
If you had a bird’s eye view at some of the moments that shaped you, I can almost guarantee they aren’t all sitting and getting a mani/pedi with a glass of champagne.
I saw an article once about self-care not being just bubble baths and drinking wine with friends.
As much as I agree with that, I also disagree with it as a blanket statement. Here’s why.
The first thing I did after my moms passing was run a bubble bath as I shared with friends and family about her passing.
Yes, I was in a bubble bath while on the phone with friends and family. From a bird’s eyes view that would look quite glamorous. But from my inner being, I needed a way to calm my body during what I felt was the most stressful/traumatic time in my life.
A few days after my moms passing, I was on a couch drinking wine with my hometown girlfriends.
Again, from a bird’s eye view it looked like a great time and something that any millennial woman would want to be apart of. But in my inner soul, I was soothing my nerves to share what I thought was very hard truths with all of them.
See, this thing called self-care can be fun and it can also be messy. But for it to be done, it has to be on your terms and your rules. No one else’s.
If you feel therapy is your self-care. Do it.
If you feel grabbing coffee and a pedi is your self-care. Do it.
If you feel reading a book daily to expand your mind is self-care. Do it.
My only advice, JUST DO SOMETHING.
There are too many opinions and beliefs in this ever evolving world for us to NOT DO IT. And we need to be ready for whatever life throws at it. Because life will. We don’t have control over it, that’s for sure. Be prepared and you will do the best that you can. I promise you. Much love today and everyday following.
What’s your best practices for self-care? Please share below 👇🏻 I believe we all need more ideas to use when we need/want them. TIA 🙏🏻❤️

It's been a few days since the tragedy in uptown Toronto. I took some time to reflect and in that noticed something so beautiful.
The outpouring of love and support, the grieving, the honouring of those who lost their lives with a prayer walk, the wall of remembrance visited by many leaving flowers and wishes, coming together as people in solidarity; as human beings sharing the moment, experiencing versions of the same feelings.
It makes me feel happy and proud to witness, I also stand in solidarity with humanness but also in sadness and sorrow all at the same time. We have the power to do unthinkable things, but we also have the power to rise up and overcome challenging times together.
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Just like that, we are one month into life with little man. It’s like the newborn fog takes over and you blink and all of a sudden there are new tiny leg rolls on your itty bitty newborn. Happy one month, sweet boy. #mccoygrows

Ever wake up feeling enlightened 🙄 like, you’ve been over complicating something, and now 💥BOOM💥 It all makes sense 🌈🌈 I was following every fit god and goddess I saw 💪🏼💪🏼 problem with that? Every time I got on IG I hated myself for every way I didn’t measure up to them 😖 it made me realize every imperfection on my body, it didn’t make me feel good...
Further more, I use my social media to help people...and I can’t help them lol I need their help 🤪😂 so first I unfollowed anyone who gave my soul a bad vibe...they weren’t bad people just not my tribe 🖤
Then I still wondered why owning my business made me feel so out of control 🌪🌪 like, it’s literally mine but why did I feel so lost in expectation?! Because I was putting too much pressure on myself to fit in a mold...to do what the other girls were doing (man-I have LITERALLY never been good at following the “in” crowd) what the actual fuck Savannah?!?! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I am DONE!! I am DONE messaging anyone who likes my post- in hopes that
A I don’t annoy tf out of them
B I make a sale
I am just gonna be me-I’m gonna do what I came here to do! Find the mamas who run on curse words and flip their kids of behind their backs to keep their sanity, the mamas who want to feel like themselves again, and not give up Bud Light and pizza (because who wants to do that) my tribe is the weirdos...the ones who don’t fit in and don’t fucking want to! And deleting all those who made me feel like that wasn’t good enough, made me feel like me again! There is a new fire in me and my team and we are ready to change our lives and help others change theirs again!! But this time....the right people!! You in or nah?! #weirdosforlife #workoutforpizza

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