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#feellikeawinner ™ ↕️💎

So proud of this cutie Simon for being so amazing at the horse show today 😇 no photo can truly show how much I love this guy💞💞 if only I had the money I would buy him in a heartbeat 😌thank you for everyone who came to support me ❤️ #feellikeawinner #cutestcouple

Yes my plaster is hanging off 😂 #FeelLikeAWinner

Første semester på masteren er gjennomført, og eg har hatt siste dag på jobb i Bergen i dag.
Med andre ord, eg tar ein velfortjent juleferie etter ein knallhard høst!💪😄
God jul alle sammen☺
#feellikeawinner #klarformatogsøvn #familiekos #jul #heimtilmamsen

Make sure to visit the Randox Health Zone at @aintreeracecourse for exclusive #health shots! #FeelLikeAWinner #RHGN17

Sometimes you gotta go at this thing Alone!

Was so excited to come 2nd for my Jazz solo today!! #2nd #feellikeawinner #happy #teamboppa @bopperformingarts


再次被upgrade的小朋友 😍 x 再次被遺棄的小朋友 🙄
#seeyaback #upgrade #business #feellikeawinner #wahahha #sohappy #happybunny #timetoleave #bye #untilnexttime

All the good ideas are thanks to @janapantoja. Where would we be without fun GIFs on a Saturday afternoon? #thanks #bestwife #feellikeawinner

Finally converted the wife to Nando's!!
#lifegoals #feellikeawinner #chickenrun

Winning. 💜💎 You know that feeling when you start your day right and just feel like "F#%! Yes, I am winning at today!" .

That's what a regular everyday should feel like when your saying YES to the things that light you up! .

I've swapped stress for systems, Im getting up when I say I will and it feels amazing! .

We are sharing our best #tricks and #lifehacks over in The Luscious Living Podcast (FREE) Facebook Group 👉🏻👉🏻 Join Party + Make your 'everyday' feel like you're Winning! 🙋🏼💎💜🎧 Link In Bio 📲

York Races, £20 up on bets £70 down on beer #falseeconomy #feellikeawinner #yorkraces #york #horseracing

Took me a couple days to reflect on the Anguilla Bodybuilding show this past weekend. Those who know me, knows that one of my goals is to win the Mr Anguilla Mens Physique Title and this is no easy task. Having assumed the Presidency of The Anguilla BodyBuilding Association, This year my show preparations faced many challenges both physical and psychological, as I struggled with workouts, diet, sleep and time. However I was determined not to give up and to step on stage this year looking as best as I can. Being part of organizing committee also made the last couple days very hectic trying to ensure the success of the show but with Gods help i managed to pull through for my supporters and clients. I live by this mantra, you have to #BelieveIt for you to #AchieveIt.
I won my class but lost the overall showdown to the defending champion. This might sound cliché but I honestly #FeelLikeAWinner having accomplished putting on a great show and also demonstrating that which hard work and dedication can achieve.
Special #ThankYou to everyone who played apart in the success of the show, to everyone who offered words of encouragement along my way, to my clients for your patience and support, to all my friends, supporters and well wishers. Every comment, critique, advice, pat on the back is appreciated and ignites the passion that enables me to continue pushing on.
Your 2017 #Anguilla #MensPhysique #ShortClass #Winner #ProudMoments #MexicoHereWeCome #TeamAXA #KeepWorking #NoExcuses #PushItToTheLimit

Kiire päivä kohta takana! Pari kauppaa, automyyjän ammattitutkinnon näyttökoe tehty ja nyt vielä yhden auton luovutus Oulussa! #feellikeaboss #feellikeawinner #tts #automyyjänarki #raahe #oulu #seat #leonfr #pörhö #pörhönautoliike #pörhönautoliikeraahe

So not sure I can say that I win today. Yep I made it to Leeds. Yep I did my HIIT workout at 6am as planned. Yep I smashed two of my three goals. But come on...98 fucking percent of the last one is fucking irritating. Still on balance I feel like a winner so I'm calling it. Fuck you Tuesday I win 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

My girl Pam and me working on our golf game - I'm wearing a @jofit_apparel outfit - love the color - stretchy material - and they got my size #FeelLikeAWinner

I didn't imagine when I entered this competition that not one, but TWO of my images would be in the running for the 'People's Choice' award (👈🏻 for second image, IG has cropped sorry). I only recently made the commitment to start entering my images in competitions, something I am not comfortable doing. This just goes to show that even where I am on my photographic journey, I have images worthy of contention! LINK IN BIO and feel free to show some love while you're there - each 👍🏻 is a little 'pat on the back' of encouragement!!! 😉👍🏻🙏🏻

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