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I’m now 30 weeks pregnant with our sweet kingly Arthur. My natural state of ultra sensitivity has heightened into a deep space sensitivity. I feel like I feel every-single-thing. And, I move slower. Think slower. Create slower. Respond slower. And, I, by just tuning in, can feel, taste and touch just how busy human life around me is. I prefer this pace. My pace. (I’m never going back). It’s like I’m sitting within the eye of a storm, or walking the shore of a calm beach witnessing a storm that will never reach land. Some of my close friends haven’t checked in in ages. For a moment, it made me sad. What happened to our heart contract? But, at this speed, I can sense the mountains they’re climbing, so I will stay here, in the depths of this slow moving cavern. I can feel some friends descending into their personal darkness with heroic courage, with a new sense of aliveness, with a new focus on what’s important to them. It’s those heads that surface just to send love. They empower me. Perhaps they can sense all of my fears dancing on the surface of my skin. It’s vulnerability at her best, and courage’s greatest test. Great change can be lonely, but I know, I know I’m held in the arms of Grace. I know, I know, I’m being supported by Mother Earth. I know, I know, I’m being guided by this angel, this light within. #arthur #mama #motherearth #feelingvulnerable #slowmoving #theangelwithin #guidedbylight

7 things I love about you babe: 1- You love to cook for me - at least if you don’t love it you’re so good at hiding it bc you look happy when you’re doing it & that makes me feel so loved and good! 2- You always give me a kiss & tell me you love me before you leave home. 3- You fight for us in a way I’ve never seen anyone fight for me before 4- You’re sooo romantic that my 15 -year- old self wouldn’t believe her eyes & that is something that she wrote that she wanted in her future man one day! (No people we’re not engaged or married relaxxxx lol but I speak the truth about that’s a quality in a man I asked God for & I also prayed that I was ready before I met him!) 5- You support me 100% in everything ... 6- You trust me 7- You love talking to me & I love talking to you!- I love words and I feel really expressive with tons to say all the time! ❤️ #iloveyou #happyvalentinesdaylatepost #bfappreciationpost #valentinesdayoutting #valentinesday2018❤️ #myhero besides #jesus & my family lol 😆🤣 okay I’ll stop lol! #therealmvp #allyouneedislove #jesusgirls #christiancommunity #jesuscommunity #loveisallyouneed ❤️✨🌙 #iloveus how did you become my #loveteacher too?!😭😍🤧lol okay done being a softy ♥️♥️♥️♥️#feelingvulnerable #heartwideopen❤️ #ifeelscaredtopost lol #learninghowtolove #thewait #iprayedforhim #mymiracle & I didn’t even know it! #thankyougod #thankyoujesus ♥️😍✨

🗣incredibly vulnerable post alert🚨 sooo it’s taken me a long long time to even find a photo from this time in my life..because I never let people take photos of me, and I sure as heck wasn’t taking selfies.
I’m not going to write too much here in a caption because, it might seem silly, but it’s actually incredibly difficult for me to do without getting very emotional. Why? Because I do not, and never did, identify with the girl on the left. And that might have been the hardest part for me back then.
I’m planning a youtube video to go over my whole fitness journey & background, so stay tuned for that. 🎥🎥
The left photo was taken in April 2015. This was during ~6 months of my life when I had NO IDEA what was wrong, why my body was changing so much and so fast, why I couldn’t “fix” it, I was trying everything (so I thought). It didn’t make sense, I was so insecure, embarrassed, miserable. I never wanted to do anything, go out with friends or my boyfriend at the time, put on a bathing suit...or even try to go clothes shopping - because “this isn’t me, I’m not going to give in by buying clothes that fit this body, it’s not staying” - so I was always in sweatpants, baggy shirts, etc.
Honestly, some people who I’ve known for a very long time may not even know this was ever a phase of my life🤷🏼‍♀️ because they didn’t see me during that time...
Stick around and I’ll open up more about my mental state, how it effected my family, my social life, what I learned about my health, etc.
The tears are coming so I’m stopping here xoxo
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It's time to get a bit out of my comfort zone into a vulnerable spot and show a workout I did with Robert tonight. (Robert KILLED our workout!)
Life changes aren't easy. They're freaking hard. I have given things up including people and places in my life so I could get to this point. I'm not even close to where I want to be, but to see myself accomplish this exercise not 1x but 3x! That my friends is progress! 30 days ago....I wouldn't have been able to hold myself up!
Every drop of sweat (which I've been told it makes me glisten) lol is helping me let go of a bad habit! I don't crave soda, fast food, or alcohol anymore! Yes, I treat myself, don't worry!
Don't wait for your husband, wife, friend to exercise, this is you time! If they join you that's awesome, but remember you're making these life changes for yourself and no one else!
Get off your tushy and make this happen!
#feelingvulnerable #themurph2019 #igotthis #iamapriority #stilllovethegym #addictedtothegym #mefirst #dontwait #makeithappen #28poundsgone

This is the next step on the background of this piece. I used a mixture of titanium white and Naples yellow with Liquitex Glazing Medium to “tone down” some of the darker areas of the background. I want to ensure a cohesive, dreamy feel, keeping in mind that I don’t want to get too attached to the background. Next, on to the focal point in this painting! 😊 #donnamartinart

Feeling tired, emotional and stressed. I’ve suffered a loss in my family this week, I have a lot of homework to catch up and overall I am feeling a little down #feelingvulnerable. Emotional eating is something I’ve always done without second thought. Until now. I wanted to eat all the bad things SO much these last couple days. Instead I am focusing on nourishing my body with the sustenance it needs during these times. There’s nothing wrong with balance or having treats; I’m just learning to deal with the “low” times using other positive methods. Today’s late lunch includes- cubed steak, 2 eggs, fresh arugula greens, broccoli sprouts, celery, yellow squash, red peppers, broccolini and some brussel sprouts. Self love to me is about treating myself with love and respect. Everyday I strive to feel less shame and guilt about wanting to eat chocolate or have some whiskey. I continuously learn about balance. Life is short and I will never give up my love for food and flavors. Today is all about rest and taking in all these veggies and power greens. 🥦🥒🌶🐓 #keto #organic #sustenance #nourishyourbody #confessions #healthjourney #bodypositive #highsandlows

Let’s see where this journey takes us!!! I’ve decided to start following a long-lost passion of mine. I’m a lover of Mother Nature, and often spend hours in the forest, soaking in all the goodness she has to offer. Flowers keep resurfacing in my life - and pressed flowers were literally falling into my lap when I opened old books! Life kept throwing pebbles, and then it threw bricks! 🤣 It seems as though this is my path, and so I’ve chosen to explore it. It’s a slow and messy process, but I’m learning to surrender, to let go, and to embrace my soul/feminine side; researching, learning, creating, and remaining curious. . I will be opening this little Instagram shop to sell my pressed flower art, as well as candles (using soy wax & essential oils only!!), and to show the world the beauty of nature. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I love creating it!! 🌿🌹🌼🌸🌼🌹🌿. “Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.” - Alice Walker. . #pressedflowers #pressedflowerart #petalsandglass #botanicalart #spiritualpractice #creativityisspirituality #feelingvulnerable

Posting some real time flow for the first time in a while 🤭😬 #yogalife #realtimeflow #feelingvulnerable #mondaymoods

“ CaN I LaY BY YoUR SiDE, nExT To YoU, You? AnD MaKE SuRe YoU’rE AlRiGhT” #love #broken #missingyou #movingon #samsmith #laymedown #music #feelingvulnerable #loveyourself #breathe

Tira...help me with my trust issues Yah, help me with my apprehension toward human beings in Yeshua name amen👏 #feelingvulnerable #disrobing #bam 🙌💅 #isurrender #takeitoff #strip #igottrustissues 🗣️👏 🤜🤛🤝 #godisahealertho 🙋🙃😀

I’ve done the full house, done the washing, watched two movies, watched an episode of Greys and now left with just my thoughts because there’s nothing else to do. #godimbored #notallowedinwork #feelingvulnerable

Ok, y’all. I decided to do something brave on this snowy day and post my 1st little video snippet. I hope there’s not too much laughing going on out there - I hope to do a better job as I learn. I am working on this big ‘ol painting. I started off by glueing down vintage papers and text on the canvas. This video consists of working on my next layer, adding glazes of white and Naples yellow. I will post more progress photos later. #donnamartinfineart

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