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HOT SAUCES !!!! 😍#hotsauces,#feelingspicy

#Repost @mamasboybrands πŸ’€
Tomorrow. #feelingspicy

Ready to spice things up?! Stop in today & get the perfect sauce to add a ZING to your meat! #feelingspicy #thebutchery #orangecounty

Throwback to Rapunzel days!
#lusciouslocks #dracula #redcape #feelingspicy

The sun has has been out, I spent time with a good friend yesterday, my new apartment has windows, I ate ice cream, and i'm on my last print for my show. WHAT a weekend !! #feelingspicy 😈


Introducing our newest Mama's Boy Brands Tequila adventure! A pre-made four pack of Spicy Island Margaritas! Just pour over ice and enjoy! www.mamasboybrands.com #mamasboy #brands #mamasboybrands #tequila #fruit #infusion #feelingspicy #margarita #summer #summertime #beach #beachtime #picoftheday @mamasboysean @mamasboybrands

Feeling the red lips today! πŸ’„πŸ’‹ Love my #flygirl it's my FAVORITE all around #lipsense to wear! 😻😻 Let's just say I have an obsession! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Again @sine.studio

The most beautiful @sine.studio

Sometimes you just need some comfort food! Vagharelo baath, super quick, easy and yummy! Can't beat it!
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Ocean kinda feelings.

What are the most important lessons you have learnt so far, in your career or life journey? This could be anything from very simple small lessons, too much larger bigger lessons.
@sine.studio: Don’t be afraid to take risks.
Be flexible and open to new opportunities yet make sure they are always in line with your larger goals.
Make things happen for yourself- don’t wait around for others to. They will never be as invested in your goals as much as you are.
Pinpoint the basic key elements that make you happy and grounded in life and make a point to always nurture those. Forgetting to do so can lead to unhappiness and imbalance.
Don’t underestimate stress.

You spent a few years perfecting your craft, could you tell me a bit about that? The good and the bad.
@sine.studio: I’m not a traditionally trained jewelry designer so making the transition into the field involved a steep learning curve. It was a little rough at first (heck it still can be) with lots of hours and an unstable income but I was motivated to make it work.
In the beginning I did jewelry courses, workshops, and an internship that led to in-house and contract roles for a few brands. The experience I gained in those years was incredible. There’s nothing like being in challenging creative environments to help you grow.
Since then I continue to research new materials and techniques, seek inspiration, and learn from the expert craftsmen I work with. There’s always more to learn no matter what field you’re in.

Hello Monday. Today we introduce you to @sine.studio who specializes in making beautiful jewelry that makes all the ladies feel lovely. Stay tuned as Beckie shares her story with us.

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