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I have the most beautiful memories with you @Shoaib2078. Today, you just gave me the most precious one. I feel truly blessed to have you in my life. I can't thank you enough for giving me this special moment. #StarPlus #NachBaliye8 #StayTuned #FeelingBlessed

Intensity, aggresion, passion , attitude, expression .... Just can't control ourselves when music starts... We try to give our best... Just love dancing... Thanks to all my followers who loved me n my dance always for so many years.... #goodmorning #feelingblessed #nachbaliye8 #tonight #starplus 8pm #mustwatch #lastact 👏🏻

you know #lifeisgood when the hardest decision you have to make is what #headwrap to wear #thewraplife #korah #melanin #queenthings #feelingblessed #iamlocd #livelongandprosper #loveyourself 🏾♥️

😚 Babe showed up at the Meet & Greet also 😍 #emauta #meetandgreet #nyx #feelingblessed #makeupartist #life

What an week! Our horses were fantastic at ISICUP, Smári got 7.77 in the T1 preliminaries and was the leader in the A final we got 7.83 and ended up on the second place, Drós was amazing she got 6.80 in the F1 preliminaries and was on a shared second place in the finals we got the right hand that is the wrong round for us but she did her best and we ended up as number three with 6.83. Halastjarna was also doing amazing job she got 7.07 in the T1 preliminaries and 6.73 in the V1 preliminaries and third place,in the A final she was doing very well except she did not think she had time to walk so we ended up as number five with 6.77. I also got to borrow Arn från Stenlia from Bosse and Kerstin Engström, I haven't ridden on him for over a year but we decided that I will test him in PP1 and P3, this was Arns first competition in his life and we qualified directly to the Swedish championships in both classes! Daniel did also a fantastic job with his horses , Sörli is always improving and got 6.50 in the preliminaries in V2 and shared lead into the finals, in the finals he was doing a good job getting 6.63 and third position, Dimmi was of pitched this weekend but did one fantastic sprint in the PP1 getting points up to 8.5 and a time of 8.3 , we can't wait until that day when everything will be on it's place! Daniel had also with him our 5 year old training horse in F2 where they were doing a very good job, Yrma was scoring several 6.0 for her gaits and we believe she has a bright future a head. Finally but not least I want to thank all the fantastic volunteers, judges, Montan family,sponsors and riders that made this competition so amazing, hope to see you next year again 🙏 #isicupmhof #icehorseevent #dkicelandichorses #trikem #equsana #hrimnir #teamhrimnir #mårtenssonsbilimalmö #werlabs #feelingblessed

"From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never explain it." Yesterday I did something I never thought I'd be able to say...be the first one in my family to graduate college. Thank you St. John's for giving me four of the best years of my life and for allowing me to make lifelong relationships that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way and for everyone who has been there with me through it all. As I look toward the next step of my life, grad school, I can only reflect on the many opportunities and achievements that I have been a part of at this university and the great people that have been with me on this journey. #graduated #sjualum #mamathisonesforyou #feelingblessed

Behind the scenes: Always thankful to everyone for working so hard behind the scenes from the tv station, producers, directors, casting group, scriptwriters, editors, wardrobe, makeup, styling team to each and every single one of the technical & camera crew for being the reason why I'm able to walk on the red carpet today. There's so many more people that I didn't bump into that night to thank them in person and have a photo with. Still, a big thank you to everyone for all the opportunities, help & advice I've been given throughout the years. Feeling blessed! 😘

#goldenawards2017 #金视奖2017 #redcarpet #ntv7chinese #ntv7 #feelingblessed

Azerbaïdjan was great! Now to our next stop!
아제르바이잔 너무 재밌었어여! 이제 두번째 나라로 고고싱! 🙏🏻

Maturity is to know what to let go and what to hold on #FeelingBlessed 👩


She is so precious! Always happy, smiling and dancing. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Thank you for choosing me as your mum! I love you sooooooooooo much❤

#mafille #mesenfantsmesamours #purelove #mydaughter #love #happy #feelingblessed #motherlove #motheranddaughter

Feeling a real shift in who i was and who i want to be 😊👌 Time to set some new goals, feeling a good serg to refocus and be motivated to smash my goals and make some good progress by the end of the day. Always aim to be a aset and not a liability 💯📈🛠👌💪 #feelingblessed #lovinglife #love #music #refocus #realshit #bodybuilding #fitness #lifestyle #life #focus #workforit

Onise Iyanu You are God of awesome wonders I've tasted of your power.
Onise Iyanu You have shown me so much mercy much more than I deserve.
Thank you for your many blessings, I can never take them for granted. Someone asked me how do I feel today, all I could say is that I feel #blessed. #happybirthdaytome🎉 #feelingblessed #grateful
Rocking my @hausofabeni @dianskii_apparel and thanks @naturesgentletouch for hair and the birthday freebie😘

Was happy to celebrate my German's 30th Birthday this weekend. Ever since receiving this German 14 years ago from the Norfolk Sister Cities programme I have been thoroughly satisfied. Germans make loyal and surprisingly clean housepets and I would recommend them to any one considering such an addition to their family.
#feelingblessed #kassel #animallover #whv4life

About last Sunday night. My two Thai roommates invited me to eat local food with them. We exchanged our meaning of the word "spicy" which seems to be quiet different !! Hahaaaa 😂

Thanks a lot girls ❤ I definitely recommend this hostel, check it out it's called Yen Yoo Pen Sook Hostel.
#yenyoopensookhostel #bangkokhostel #thaifood #livewiththelocals #feelingblessed #bangkok #chatuchak #spicyhot

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