Love trying new looks. Fab skincare and awesome make up gives me so much confidence. Denim day today Happy Sunday do what u love and love what u do 💋 #limelifebyalcone #denimday#selfie#makeupkent#skincare#sundayfunday #lazyday#makeupmorning#kent#dover#selflove#confidence#feelgoodintheskinyourein #perfectfoundation#coverage#

Feelin' the beat this morning...

Thank you @dotsmilesortho for making this process so smooth! It’s never too late to fix your smile! It’s official, I’m a brace face!! If you need braces-Dr. J is the best!

I have to say that this is one of the most uplifting films I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m not afraid to say that I cried. @amyschumer is incredible and the message that this film had is so so needed in todays society.
I find it hard to see how people have panned it as “offensive” who gives a shit if she’s a blonde white female that’s just not the point.
“When we are little girls we have all the confidence in the world, we let our bellies hang out and we just dance and play and pick our wedgies and then these things happen to make that question ourselves somebody say something mean to you in the playground and then we grow up and You doubt yourself over and over again until you lose all that confidence, all that self-esteem, all the faith you started with is gone. But what if we didn’t let those moments get to us?What if we were stronger than that?What if we didn’t care about how we looked or how we sounded? What if we never lost that little girl confidence? What if someone tells us that we aren’t good, or thin, or pretty enough we have strength and the wisdom to say what I am is better than all that? Because what I am is me. I’m me and I’m proud to be me.”
You are beautiful, you are everything ♥️

you left, i live. i live, i live.

Week One - Micro Needling with PRP is HALF OFF

Micro Needling with PRP is such a great way to replenish skin, boost the production of collagen and even out your skin tone while helping diminish fine lines/wrinkles and acne scarring. Don’t miss out in this special-it’s only until Friday. #12weeksthroughtheholidays #beavampire #smoothyourlines #holisticfacial #beflawless #lookrefreshed #feelgoodintheskinyourein #holidaysarehere #medspa #microneedling #prp #plateletrichplasma #specials #prepay #giveasagift #medicalspa #estheticianservices

A huge theme for my upcoming Rocktober Online Bootcamp is all about feeling good in the skin you are in.
I can’t wait to pour into this new group of ladies.
Don’t worry there are still 3 spots
available!! For more info link is in my bio.

What if I told you, you actually have a choice? #becauseyoudo #choosehappiness #choosethebest #feelgoodintheskinyourein

I don’t know if I’m brave or stupid for posting this. However I’m starting to get confidence in my body again after only 3 days of being on a lean programme I am starting to see changes like less bloating! Say what you want about this but it’s just the start and I’m definitely going to carry on 😁#feelgoodintheskinyourein

I did something a bit new today. It’s just hair, but somehow, I feel more like myself today than I have in a long time. Thank you so much, @lindseyblakehair 🖤 you always make me feel so beautiful!!! #loveyourself #feelgoodintheskinyourein
#hairbeauty #newdo

#WDTB @movemeant Another amazing day where we all came together to empower each other & ride for an awesome cause, #positivebodyimage #feelgoodintheskinyourein #loveyourself #youareEnough ❤️❤️❤️ @lisa_talent @susegold #daretobare #ayconicsoul

Tuesday mornings learn some self care practices, ball rolling acupressure release, joint mobilization and long held restorative postures. Boost your vitality and strength your immunity, release tension and unwind. Feel good in the skin you’re in! Flow and restore @layaspayoga 9:30-10:30am every Tuesday. Be well! ✌🏽#namaste #grace #peace #savasana #restorativeyoga #jointmobilization #accupressure #reducestress #easesorebodies #calmyourmind #sootheyoursoul #success #boostimmunity #boostvitality #improvesleep #insomnia #selfcare #empath #higherawakening #manifestyourdreams #manifestation #feelgoodintheskinyourein #journeyinwards #tunein #yogatuneup #movementisessential #movementasmedicine #holistichealing #autoimmunedisease

Yay stitch fix arrived! Got some nice pieces! One was damaged so we will now see how they handle exchanging items as I loved the sweater. I wasn’t a fan of the red silky top so returning that one but keeping everything else! Still loving @stitchfix! If you are looking to try and want to get a discount DM me and I will send you a referral code! #stitchfix #newclothes #feelgoodintheskinyourein

This has been a 3 year journey! A journey of a few changes over time and the effects of those becoming part of a lifestyle. I started first just adding extra nutrition, cardio, various supplements, skincare, Keto, and lastly weightlifting. I’m nowhere near finished but my health goals are a moving target. If I can do this, a 43 y.o. woman with MS, you can do it. Small changes make a big impact in the long run. Find what works for you. If you don’t even know where to start or you have trouble finding what works ,ask me ,I’d love to help you meet some health goals. I still enjoy eating and even can have a few drinks, I just had to learn what worked for me. #ageisonlyanumber #feelgoodintheskinyourein #goals #lifestyle #healthylife #fums #mswarrior #weightlifting #youcandoit

Welcome to my new Followers. I'm Alex. I help people get Incredible looking skin. When people I work with see the difference in the mirror and get compliments from those around them, it helps them feel good and be their best.

I also work with people who want something more from life but feel they are on the endless cycle of going to work, just getting by whilst seeing one month roll into the next, without really doing what they want with their lives.
Welcome to @alexrussolive

It’s crazy how these pictures are only 4 months apart! My lovely mum when she was undergoing chemotherapy lost all her hair, this included her eyelashes & eyebrows.. it’s incredible with a bit of makeup how you can give the illusion of a lash line with eyeliner & a very light colour with gentle fingertip you can give the illusion of eyebrows... as you can see in the top right and bottom, 4 months on mums eyelashes are starting to grow, as well as her hair and eyebrows. It’s just amazing how little things make such a different!
#makeup #illusion #breastcanceruk #foundation #eyeliner #eyebrows #feelgoodintheskinyourein #lipstick #proud 💕

I can’t believe we have almost hit the middle of September?? Whaaattt?? Craziness! We are in the last quarter of the year 😳 but it’s not too late to make changes THIS week to end THIS year stronger and healthier than we started. If you are like me, you are thinking “I don’t have time to workout”, “there’s too much to do”, “the house is a mess”, “the kids schedule is too busy”, etc. If these thoughts have stopped you from reaching out, then let me just share- I speak from LOTS of experience 😜-there is no “perfect” time to start taking care of you and your body. You are right- the struggle is real- there will always be a mess or too much to do or not enough time, or one other thing that needs you. BUT it is worth jumping in now to learn how to be healthier so you can tackle your “to dos” and feel better in your skin. Drop a ❤️ or message me so we can talk about how to do this sooner rather than later! #allthethings #workingmomlife #balancedliving #feelgoodintheskinyourein #timeforyou #momofgirls #parentlife #fitmamas #lastquarteroftheyear

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