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See beauty around you and enjoy #germany #munich #feelgermany

Венеция в Германии тоже есть. С деревенским отливом и собственным языком, с полями огурцов и миллионом рецептов их приготовления🍵🥗🥒🍸#Шпреевальд #Брандербург #Германия

🎼Weird inside: Nothing

Beautiful picture mad by @austriacoglobal 📸😍
❄️ Use #snowalps for a chance to be featured 👌🏻 Check my bio if you want to collaborate 😏


🎼Mura Masa: Miss you

I don't like to post pictures of my food, but this salad was simply amazing! The best one I have ever had. Try something new today! Because if you never try you never know! Have a nice day!

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Нет ничего более притягательного, чем человек, с наслаждением и любовью занимающийся своим делом 💎

I don’t know. I’m just kind of more concerned with what you can do with sounds. I think it’s just the way sounds can sort of interact. It’s all about juxtaposition. I mean you can get a sound that’s seemingly abstract, but, depending upon what you put against it, it can suddenly take on a shape or a context or a tune. That’s kind of what I’m more interested in: finding rhythm and harmony and melody in abstract shapes 🖤 ©Bonobo

Обожаю фразу из фильма Revolutionary Road: „If you don’t try at anything, you can’t fail.. it takes back bone to lead the life you want“, и не обожаю, когда мне не хватает той самой back bone

Немного о моей жизни за последние .. два года ☀️Эта фотография - из Франкфурта, где я была три недели назад после Сан-Франциско и я ее публикую в Вене, куда прилетела из Кишинева и сейчас направляюсь в Кёльн, чтобы завтра поехать в Дортмунд. При этом уже купила билеты в Ростов из Берлина, а из Ростова я намереваюсь полететь обратно в Кёльн с остановками в Будапеште и опять же в Берлине 🌪 Спасибо, мне все очень нравится и я хочу продолжения 🖤

I didn't realize a little detail on this picture until I took a second look at it later. Also I didn't notice it as I walked through the street.
This is a part of the oldtown of Düsseldorf, with some of its pubs and restaurants. In the background, a few steps above the buildings, you can find the detail I didn't noticed. 😅👌🍻

Cologne cathedral by night. Wasn't able to took any better picture after a night out with bff.
There are many good bars around the are of the cathedral. Also it is very easy to reach it with the central railway station right in front of its doors. ⛪🍻🚅

Remembering the trip to Düsseldorf a view weeks ago. There's a fantastic old town to explore.
In Germany there is a song, that the longest bar in the world could be found in Düsseldorf. Seems like, they are right. 🍻🍷🍹

🇩🇪 The town of Quedlinburg is known to have existed since at least the early 9th century, when there was a settlement known as Gross Orden on the eastern bank of the River Bode. It was first mentioned as a town in 922 as part of a donation by King Henry the Fowler (Heinrich der Vogler). #quedlinburg #altstadtquedlinburg #sachsenanhalt #stadtcafé #fachwerkhaus #fachwerkstraße #germanytourism #visitgermany #sharegermany #discovergermany #altstadt #bode #harzstadt #topgermanyphoto #tyskland #deutschland #feelgermany #unlimitedgermany #ig_deutschland #halftimbered #straßencafé #deutschland_greatshots

🇩🇪 In 1697, Elector Frederick Augustus I of Saxony sold his rights to Quedlinburg to Elector Frederick III of Brandenburg for 240,000 thalers. Quedlinburg Abbey contested Brandenburg-Prussia's claims throughout the 18th century, however. The abbey was secularized in 1802 during the German Mediatisation, and Quedlinburg passed to the Kingdom of Prussia as part of the Principality of Quedlinburg. Part of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Westphalia from 1807–13, it was included within the new Prussian Province of Saxony in 1815. In all this time, ladies ruled Quedlinburg as abbesses without "taking the veil"; they were free to marry. The last of these ladies was a Swedish princess, an early fighter for women's rights, Sofia Albertina.

In Berlin🌿✨
#lategram Хорошо там, и отопление уже включили🤧

#latergram Немножко контрастной заброшки🏭
Вообще, #prenzlauerberg - must see for hipsters😉

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