Najwspanialsze słowa jakie można usłyszeć od partnera-fotografa: „Podoba mi się to, że możemy jeździć w różne miejsca i wyszukiwać kadry do kolejnych zdjęć.” Może i modelka ze mnie średnia, ale dużo frajdy sprawia nam spędzanie czasu razem przy robieniu rzeczy, które nas oboje interesują. I to jest najważniejsze - wspólne pasje, zainteresowania i błysk w oku.
Miłego poniedziałku! 🙋🏻‍♀️🌿
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Oh Monday - hello again!
Hope you get a good start to the week!

Gestern prasselte fast ununterbrochen der Regen auf unsere Dachfenster...eigentlich grmütlich, aber den ganzen Tag? Fast 24 Stunden. Es war doch grad noch Sommer... So wie vor einem Monat, als der Kleine mit Papa „biken“ war. Das werde ich nächsten Sommer auch wieder machen! Man kann sich den Herbst ja sonst mit Herbstmode schmackhaft machen. Fail, denn so richtig groß einkaufen mag ich nicht. Bis jetzt konnte ich meine normalen Sachen tragen. Sommer halt... Müssen wohl bis zum Winter die oversize Strickjacken und Pullis herhalten. Gut, dass mir meine Schuhe noch passen😂 #allethemenmaleinmalangerissen#thekidsareallright#pregnancy#pregnamt#schwnager#fürmehrrealitätaufinstagram#goodmorning#momtobe#feelfreefeed#letgrow#growwild#littlebiker#toddler#woombikes#woom#boysmom#momlife#lebenmitkindern#momday#herbst#kleinerfeinerfeed#bikeaddictedfamily#Fatherandson#mtb# @woombikes

I’m taking my princess to the @littlegirlsinspirecollective which is only 3 weeks away! I can’t recommend this beautiful boutique event highly enough. October 13th - high tea, live art performance & encouragement from @linzicarterart who will speak to the girls about purpose and identity, see girls their own age dance, be loaded up with a goodie bag of amazing things as well as meet new friends, journal and scrapbook and so much more!! Limited tickets left. 😘

Good morning, everyone! A new week full of possibilities. Have a good Monday! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Huomenta kaikille! Uusi viikko täynnä uusia mahdollisuuksia. Ja ihana raikas syyssää. 🍁🍂 Kivaa maanantaita! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
P.S. Ehdit vielä osallistua @elevenfi :n arvontaan profiilissani tänään ja huomenna. ✨
📷 @camillabloom 💛
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I broke my foot yesterday. 😭🌿😂

Fright Fest with the best today 🦇🧟‍♂️

On the way here, we listened to a podcast called the rewatchables where some guys geek out on the best rewatchable movies. We listened to the Mission Impossible episode and now we’re on 3 of 6 in the franchise.

Happy 추석 (chuseok/Korean Thanksgiving) to those who celebrate this holiday. To everyone else back at home, I hope you all have a good week 😊

Please enjoy a picture of this mermaid cake and #milktea I took last year cause everything is literally closed today 😭

“I just love him so much.” Danielle turned to me and said those six words more times than I can count, and it set the tone for the day - a day overflowing with love. From a first look under their favorite tree in Forsyth to vows spoken in front of the Lafayette fountain to an epic dance party at Soho South, Danielle and Paul kicked off their marriage adventure with romance, joy and a ridiculous amount of fun with their favorite people. ❤️

/// creating bucketlists help me to cultivate hope. they have big impossible fun things in the mix but the small things bring me life too! like new pjs, autumn walks through the woods to the lake, watching The Dead Poets Society and salted caramel mocha lattes. flippin white-girl baloney stuff but it makes me to keep dreaming and enjoying life ✌🏼 as Mr. Keating would say "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary."

Happy Sunday, friends 💛 I just published my most vulnerable blog post to date - in it, I talk about my experience coming off of hormonal birth control; why I did it, how it affected my health, and what I learned throughout the whole process. It’s a little nerve-wracking to share all these details, but I know that beautiful things happen when you speak your truth, so I’m also really excited to put myself out there. The link to the post is in my bio for those interested in reading it ✨💻

I've heard that a good nighttime routine is important to your mental and physical health. Tonite, I wanted to share my nighttime routine with you. Here's 7 things I do every night before bed. I understand now that it is most likely PTSD from the abuse, which for a long time I never knew could happen. I know that I'll need to seek therapy of some form to overcome this but I wanted to give you a glimpse of what just one survivor does every night as a side effect of abuse. This is what one survivor does every night just to feel a sense of safety and be able to sleep.
✨✨ First, I check all the windows and doors (all 3 locks on each door) and make sure they are locked...then check again. After that, I set up my "obstacles" in front of each door. Something that would make it harder to open if they got through the lock. I then set up a couple "obstacles" on the path to the bedroom. Something loud enough it would wake me up if it was walked into. I turn off EVERY light in the house and close all the inside doors. I put the stepper (my workout stair stepper) in front of the boys room (I've said before I sleep in their room to feel safer). I lock the bedroom door, check the bedroom windows AGAIN to make sure they are locked, pull the train table in front of the door and I'm off to bed.
There have been nights I have tried to skip some of these, slowly try to overcome the fear but it never works. I suppose once you have had someone stalk you. Sit outside your apartment and watch who comes and goes with the intention of "kicking the shit" out of any guy. It changes you. The Judge on our DV case said he wouldn't recommend trying to move out of my moms house again for my safety.
I am passionate about Building2rebuild because I understand, I know and I relate to the terror that comes from abuse. Both during and after. I will never stop trying but I beg you to head to our #gofundme and donate even a dollar. Let's do this together and help make families feel safe!! #building2rebuild 💜🏡
How are YOU Rebuilding?
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Lukey loves his grampa. So thankful we were able to see the family tonight have dinner and some ice cream. 😍

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