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Still dreaming of White Negroni's during Aperitif hour yesterday @King.newyork

first you ramen, then you conquer. fuel up with a bowl full of goodness #delivery #whereiwagamama

👆👆This "Miami Roll" rocks everybody's 🛥!! Beetroot infused spicy mayo seriously takes this 🍣 to the next level. #klassykrave #miamigrub #sushi #feedyousoull #nomcitybetch

Our smoked hot dog is topped with house-made giardiniera + mustard. #SalvationBurger

Swooning over this Swine Burger! What's in it? Short Rib, Brisket, Chuck Blend and it gets better! They put house-smoked Pork Belly just because they can! Thanks, Ninz! Tag your tasty shots w/ #MyFab5!
📷 by @ninser_the_foodie
📍 at @ybsouthern
📝 by @hei02miyachi


New to brunch at @fowlerandwells: the Foie Graffle, foie gras pressed into sourdough waffle batter topped with huckleberries 📷: @swain_abby

fuel for finals #thewagamamaway


Still dreaming of White Negroni's during Aperitif hour yesterday @King.newyork

first you ramen, then you conquer. fuel up with a bowl full of goodness #delivery #whereiwagamama

our new pad thai salad | ginger chicken + prawns over mixed greens, snow peas, plum tomatoes, topped with fried shallots and dressed with peanuts + nuoc cham dressing #wagamamasummer

Morning Honey 😍🍯 For my friends who prefer a sweet start to the day ➡️try honey. Mixed here with @siggisdairy, sliced almonds & dried organic mulberries from @navitasorganics to add a little taste of sugar to the morning breakfast bowl. While it is, indeed a sugar, it is a preferred "clean eating sugar" that actually packs a pretty nutritional punch. One of the benefits being probiotic bacteria for the belly....but aim to buy raw honey to avoid the benefits from being removed 👍🏻 For those of you counting containers and working towards health goals.....keep in mind it IS still a sugar and therefore can't get a total free pass. Stick to 1-2 teaspoons each day and avoid the pre-packaged parfaits you may find out there that may contain an excessive amount with the yogurt.

brunch is better with bacon in your ramen #thewagamamaway

Currently wishing this was already made 😩 Time to make dinner happen for the humans here...in the meantime enjoy these shrimp tacos with Swiss Chard, plantain chips (thanks to @thugkitchen 👌🏻) and roasted parsnip "fries" with a side of fruit. Cheers to summer and Friday 👊🏻

Per gustos els colors i per St Joan les coques, cada casa te la seva preferida. De crema, de fruita, de pinyons, de xocolata, de full, de cabell d'angel... Que passeu una feliç revetlla!! Gracies una vegada mes per confiar-nos les vostres coques de St Joan💥
#stjoan #revetlla #verbena #coques #pastisseria #artesa #homemade #pastry #bakery #juny #junio #recipe #sweet #dolç #feedyousoull #picoftheday #photography

I'm the three C's. Crabby, corny, and cray-sea 😬
Crab boil 🦀🌽

Eggplant cups....who knew?🤷🏻‍♀️ An easy way to fill up your dinner plate and an alternative to stuffing peppers (which I can't eat) or tomatoes (which B can't eat). These are filled with a quinoa mix from @greenchef with tomato sauce, feta, olives and the chopped flesh of the eggplant that was scooped out 👏🏻👏🏻Could also fill with greens or give eggplant Parmesan a healthier makeover 🙌🏻

Ice scream for ice cream in this 90 degree weather 🍦

hot + ready to head out into the world #delivery

Happy Hour with Moniki Tonight 🔥🔥🔥

@FloraBarnyc’s outdoor garden is now open + we kicked things off last night with oysters, wine + a tour of the @MetBreuer.

🎶 Let's taco about sex, baby
Let's taco about you and me 🎶😉
Fish tacos 🌮

Celebrating the first day of summer at @GrandBanksnyc with oysters + cocktails 🍸

DRINK YOUR WATER 💦💦(even if it takes you all the way through dinner to meet your goal). Aim for 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day as a minimum. I walked around for YEARS dehydrated and had no idea the difference I could feel. Helps with controlling snacking (ya might be thirsty, not hungry), headaches, energy, etc. Don't waste your calories on sugary liquids....hydrate!! **paired here with a Brussels & kale raw salad, turkey burger & white bean dressing**

You wanna fuckin (man)go? 👊🏼
Green mangos with homemade jaew (dipping sauce) 🔥
I'm drooling as I'm writing this 👅💦

You're one fine mother clucker 😍
Chicken mcgriddle 🥞

Adoring @satisfeed pic of our Truffle Rice Balls 😍😍😍

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