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We've had a little homeware refresh in Notting Hill. Photo by @georgie.du and a moment to say a huge thank you to all of our team who help it all to happen #FeedYourBodyandMind 💚

Trail mixing 💚

Did you know that when you enjoy a meal, you absorb more nutritional value from it? So put down your smartphones and laptops and turn off the television. Enjoy your meal, revel in its natural flavours and your body will thank you for it #tipoftheday #turnitoff #FeedYourBodyandMind

Exercise is great and needed, (no doubt) but what's going inside our heads❓🤔💭 As corny as it seems for some, I had my clients say these out loud after the end of class. 🔅🔅🔅Don't Neglect a healthy Mind! 🔅🔅🔅 ‼️Exercise 💪🏻 it too‼️ 🍎Feed it what it needs to help you get through the hard times and keep you committed🥑


Monday Morning Grind.... Hope your not going into the Monday Blues cause today is a blessing!
I know most people are reaching for the extra large coffee on this Monday morning to get them through the day... But I want to challenge you to do something different on this Monday if you really want to get rid of the exhaustion, the "I can't wake up" effect you have every Monday, and try to change what you put in your body to help you combat those feelings naturally.
Most meal plans, diets, and deprivation plans are based on calorie dense foods...
They tell you to eat your calories, reduce these other calories, and so on...
But rarely do they teach you to intake {{NUTRIENT-DENSE}} foods.
When you concentrate on nutrient dense foods versus just counting calories...you'll actually be more satisfied.
That's why I start my mornings with a nutrient dense super food... It's not a protein shake...like everything else in the market...
It's not a calorie replacement, nor is it just some weight loss shake... (although it does help you to achieve that through other means)
When you start to fill the holes in your diet, even in the cleanest diet or meal plan, filling those holes we can't eat through the foods we eat now a days can make all the difference on your Monday mornings and every morning energy levels!
Can't ding something until you try it, and when you truly learn what our body needs to perform, you'll learn how to feed it what it really needs!
Food=Fuel... Live with that mindset...and you'll succeed long term!
Happy Monday Mommas... Get your Monday Grind on and feed your body what it NEEDS Vs what it WANTS!
#feedyourbodyandmind #getresults

And I'm not just talking about what you put into your body, I'm also talking about the things you say and think to yourself! A healthy and balanced diet definitely gives us that glow from the inside out radiance that can't be bought! But the things we say to ourselves about ourselves also have a huge impact on the way we feel and therefore how we look to others! So don't feed your body OR mind any crap! #mondaymusings #feedyourbodyandmind #powerofpositivity #beyourbiggestfan

We are pleased to announce that our sister company @DaylesfordFarm has released their very first e-Book with five of their most cherished soup and broth recipes to bring warmth, comfort and nourishment. Free to download on Daylesford.com/ebook.

I call this.. Multitasking. Killing two birds with one stone.
Feeding my body and my mind on my way to work morning. BOOM. Women just do it naturally. (Really liking my new book on audible!) #feedyourbodyandmind #multitasking #boom


It may look like I've just vomited this up but I assure you it was my very tasty lunch. If you have eggs in the house then you have a meal 😋 eggs scrambled with spinach and feta, served on slice of sourdough with a few leftover bits of salmon. All ready in 3mins. Even got all fancy pants and squeezed lemon on the top 🙌🙌 #quicklunch #balancedmeal #healthyfats #eatyourgreens #lovefood #feedyourbodyandmind

It’s exam day @danskostudios
Ava is ready and excited to show what she has learned so far this year😍
#ningxiared to energize, fortify and revitalize

About to get my run on!! Feeling grateful for many things. ❤️ #grateful #whataview #running #healthylifestyle #liveit #feedyourbodyandmind #hearthealth #cardio #socal

Romantic Night.....Alone 🙈🍷😳 Who reads Personal Deveolpment books?? Which is your favourite book?
Never stop growing people, feed your brain and your tummy 🤣🤣 I am about to start my newest book UNFU*K YOURSELF!
Remember the only thing standing in your way of living your best life is YOURSELF, Get out of your head and into your life! Unleash your OWN GREATNESS! @garyjohnbishop #unfuckyourself #getoutofyourheadandintoyourlife #wakeuptoyourtruepotentialworld #whatsstandinginyourway #youaretheonestandingonyourway #lifeyourbestlife #stopmakingexcuses #personaldevelopment #readmorebooks #feedyourbrain #feedyourbodyandmind #loveyourself #wineforone🍷 #cheeseplease #eatinggrapeslikeaboss #chocolatestawberriesaremyweakness #lemonwaterallday #girlboss #youmakeyourownluck #makeyourlifecount #itstotallypossible

On Sunday lets charge our battery for the week in the nature 🍃🍂🌱. Time also to make some herbal tea 🍵 to warm our bodies and to enjoy all good things herbs can provide us to prevent any kind of disease. Picture by @lindsay.zebier.photography at @pimprenellenutrition workshop.

Want to make your own natural products? Better for your skin and for the environment and so easy to make 🌱👌🏻! Come to our natural retreat (more info online) to try this workshop ! Picture by @lindsay.zebier.photography

It’s getting cold now... Prepare yourself this delicious soup made of lentils, carrots and coco cream today to get warm... 🥕🍜 And appreciate the beautiful color in your bowl. Picture by @viviphamphotography

What if you start your day with some yoga practice 🤸🏻‍♂️? Only a few breathe and some asanas and you will already feel your mind more peaceful and clearer... 🌱! Have a good Monday! Picture by @travelandtwinkle

Evening #workout (long)
Assisted pull ups x10
Single leg dead lift x 15 each side
Assisted pull ups x10
Hanging abs. Bent knees raises x 15
Bench press x 10
Heel raise x 20
Bench press x 15
Hanging abs straight leg raises x 15
Squat machine x 15
Bicep curls x 15
Squat machine x 15
Side lunge x 15 each
Lat pull down x 10 jump
Bridge x 20
Lat pull down x 10

Physioball roll out x 20
Physioball triple threat x 20 each
Physioball side plank (elbow on ball) hip dips x10 each
Physioball bridge March x 20 (each leg. Back on ball)
Physioball bridge x 20 (Back on ball)
Physioball like x15
Plank with alternating rows (light wt) x 10 each arm
Plank with alternating leg lift x 10 each leg
Plank with alternating fwd arm lift (light wt) x 10 each
Plank with alternating leg lift to side x10 each
Plank with alternating arm lift to side x10 ea (lt wt)
Plank with alternating leg lift diagonal wide x10 each
Plank with alternating arm lift straight back x10 each (light wt)
Plank with alternating knee to chest x10 each
Kneeling. Buti core. Hips front to back (*tummy pulled in tight) x 20
Kneeling Buti core. Arms over head. Chest front to back x 20. Then clock wise x20, counter clock x20
L arm hold wt over head. R leg forward lunge x 10
*other side x 10

#cardio as fast as can
(Owed from volleyball* and football* included in taps below)

Push up x20*
Jump squat x15* +5
Jump jack x 14 + 36
Lunge jump x2 + 18
Mountain climbers x7+ 23
Plank jack x7 + 23
Side plank hip dips x7+ 13 ( each side)
Bridge March x7+ 13
Star jump x 25
High knees x 25 (each leg)
Butt kicks x25 (each leg)
Skaters x25 (each)
Jump rope x25
March in place x25 (each)

#fueledbyisagenix #getmoving #motivation #doitforyou #feedyourbodyandmind #sweat #bodyweight #bands

Enjoy some time in the nature to look at every plants and flowers that are around you 🌱. They all have the power to protect and heal us if we treat them well 🍃🌿. Here is a picture of a great walk in the nature lead by @pimprenellenutrition a few weeks ago at a teambuilding event we organized... we will tell you more later about it 😉! Picture by @lindsay.zebier.photography

Take some time for yourself this morning to enjoy a good breakfast ... Here is some homemade granola with goat yogurt and homemade almond milk 🥛🌰! You can prepare a big bowl of granola in advance so you can eat it whenever you want 👌🏻! A good and easy way to start the weekend... Picture taken by @lindsay.zebier.photography.

No more ideas to make good, new & healthy meals for you and your family ? Come cook with us and let yourself inspire by all these new recipes ! Easy, fast and so delicious 🙈🥕🌶🍅! Of course every product we use is organic, local and seasonal ☺️! Enjoy... Link in the bio for more info. Picture by @travelandtwinkle

Welcome in November🍁Lets set new intentions & objectives for this month ✨#wellnessexperience

All natural product & beautiful colours are what we love the most in this buddha bowl 🌿🍲 ! Join us in one month for our natural retreat to take care of yourself 🙌🏻✨Picture by @travelandtwinkle

Happy Halloween day 🎃! Instead of candies 🍭 lets enjoy this raw cheese cake with mandarine 🍊 coulis on top! A delicious & healthy treat without refined sugar & fat. Come to our dessert cooking class next Thursday to learn some alternatives to your sugar desserts 👌🏻! Picture by @serenelladipity

Breathe & relax 🙌🏻Such a great workshop about sophrology at our last retreat in August. Back again in December to make you feel peaceful before the end of the year✨. Picture by @travelandtwinkle

Sunday, Brunch day! Pancake anyone ? 🥞🍒Picture by @travelandtwinkle at @les_ateliers_de_la_bastide 🌿

Enjoy the weekend and take some time to walk in the nature 🌳🌲picture by @delphineleriche

Who would not dare to try this delicious lemon pie with us 🍋🍋🙈? Check online our different cooking class (👆🏻link in the bio)! Picture by @travelandtwinkle

Good morning everyone! Missing some ideas for your breakfast 🥞🍯? Join us on the 16th of november for a special cooking class @zita_brussels ! More info online (👆🏻link in the bio). Picture by @travelandtwinkle

Our mantra of the week thanks to @greatful_kitchen for this inspiration 🙏🏻☺️

Welcome to Yudra, our Guest chef ready to share her wellkept secrets about vegetarian food🥗🥙🥕🥑 on Thursday 26th of october @zita_brussels 👉just few spots left, Hurry up!

Monday Mantra:
'I'm focused on what I desire and greatful for what I have'
Focus on what you desire but feel rooted in what you already have💕

By showing up for ourselves daily, we are able to create a massive clearing in our lives to make room for abundance and well being.

We create an incredible and inspiring energy field around us that attracts more of what we desire. It allows us to move forward faster towards our goals.

By bringing the emotion and our true authentic selves into our everyday lives this is truly how we receive more.
When we focus on what we want to be in everything we are doing and doing it with passion, that's when the massive abundant blessings show up. 💕🙏🏻❤️ #createyourhappy #bodyblissproject #lhworkouts #lhtribe #blisstribe #showupforyourself #dailyinspiration #dailyhabits #feedyourbodyandmind #bodyandsoul

The pain and soreness is only temporary- the strength, power, determination, and sense of accomplishment is something that will stay with you forever.
You may hold yourself back from starting your health and fitness journey because you are afraid, scared of the hard work again and do not know what to do.
Don't hold yourself back- stop putting the self doubt in the way and get to work, start today, get moving and make one small change that's all it takes- you will love the end result!
Sore and tired for one day or strong, happy and healthy for a lifetime??? You choose!! #letsgo #issacpt #strong #determined #healthy #fitlifestyle #runhartford2017 #hotyoga #liftweights #muscles #healhylifestyle #balance #foodie #feedyourbodyandmind #sorestodaystrongtomorrow 🙌🏻🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏻🏋🏼‍♀️🙏🏻

Next cooking class is about healthy desserts 🎂🍡🍪without refined sugar, gluten & lactose free, made with good ingredients and nothing else! 📆Start at 6.30pm the 9th of november @zita_brussels 📝register 📩info@wellness-experience.be 📸@travelandtwinkle

Craving some comfort food by this cold weather 🍁🌰? Come to our cooking class with our guest chef 👨‍🍳 @fouettmagic this thursday 12th of October @zita_brussels ! ➿info wellness-experience.be Picture by @lindsay.zebier.photography

Our mantra for this Friday ✨do what you love and you will never work a day in you life 😉! Happy Friday everyone ✌🏻

Culinary team building experience with the Girls from @lescupinn was greaaaat👩‍🍳Wanna spend Nice time with your colleagues and learn stuff about wellness 🙏and good food 🥗👉contact @wellness_experience to build your évent!

Oh my yummy goodness today... made some carrot ginger soup with some carrots from my garden! I forgot how good it tastes 😍😋🤗
#carrotgingersoup #norecipe #ijustwingit #alwaysworksoutforme #carrots #foodporn #soyummy #cleaneating #healthy #eatgoodfeelgood #nourishyoursoul #feedyourbodyandmind #yogateacher #namaste #shanti #energyhealing

Come & enjoy our cooking class about cereals & legumes next thursday @zita_brussels ! On the menu : risotto, lentils soup, houmous, cereals salad with seasonal products 🍂🍁! Still a few spot available : info@wellness-experience.be. Picture by @travelandtwinkle

Cooking class with our Guest chef Meggan from @fouettmagic is about comfort food 🍵and will take place at @zita_brussels on the 12th of october. Wanna join us? 📩info@wellness-experience.be

Ready for the sunny☀️ lunch box cooking class @wellness_experience

Next cooking class is about legumes🌽 & cereals🌮 on the 5th of october @zita_brussels . Few spots left👉register 📩info@wellness-experience.be

You want to cook with us and learn how to make easy and healthy recipes 🥒🍆🍅? Visit our website to know our different class (👉🏻link in the bio) Picture by @travelandtwinkle

Once again Redbird Farmacy rocked the chicken teriyaki with brown rice and organic, free range chicken. Unlimited fresh fruits and vegetables!
They even do meal planning for busy parents!
#archdioceseofsanantonio @redbirdfarmacy @catholicschoolsrock @the_bread_box @

Snickers and bountys are ready 🍫🙏🏻🙈at @les.momes pop up store whole afternoon !✨

Throw back to this summer in Provence at @les_ateliers_de_la_bastide picking fruits 🍑 directly from the tree 🌱🍃. Our next retreats are online, check them out on our website (👉🏻link in the bio). Picture by @travelandtwinkle

Every day. I supplement everyday to make sure my body is getting the nutrients it needs because unfortunately, even days my diet is close to perfect, our food sourcing is not anymore.
Travel and changes in altitude makes this even more vital to keep me feeling good mentally and physically.
Read the testimony below.
#lifelongvitalitypack #doterra #feedyourbodyandmind #knowwhatyouconsume #empowered

Come & meet us on Saturday at @les.momes first pop up store 100% ecologic clothes for your little kids 🙌🏻♻️! We will make you taste some healthy snacks 🍫. See the event on Facebook. Picture by @xavier_lejeune_photography at the last @creativesunday

Having a super late lunch with an amazing man! 😜 Reading some John Maxwell, trying a avocado dressing on my salad today! Life is about choices and the results of those choices! #mobilealabama #momboss #johnmaxwell #leadership #bossbabe #salad #healthy #personaldevelopment #feedyourbodyandmind #entrepreneur

Lets start this new month with healthy habits for our lunchbox 🥗! Cooking class on the 21st of September at @zita_brussels ! ✍🏻info wellness-experience.be 🙌🏻 picture by @travelandtwinkle

Ready to start a new month with new objectives 👊🏻? 🔝Come & join us for our next "yoga & run" retreat end of October in the beautiful place of @fermedebalingue 🍃. Our new retreats are online (👉🏻link in the bio)! Picture by @delphineleriche

Exercise is great and needed, (no doubt) but what's going inside our heads❓🤔💭 As corny as it seems for some, I had my clients say these out loud after the end of class. 🔅🔅🔅Don't Neglect a healthy Mind! 🔅🔅🔅 ‼️Exercise 💪🏻 it too‼️ 🍎Feed it what it needs to help you get through the hard times and keep you committed🥑


Something to think about dancers during our break! ⭐️ #Repost @marcelua ・・・
Ballet class is not only to keep training your body and get it ready for rehearsals and performances . For me it's also a way tune out the world and have a therapeutic moment for the mind and just think of dancing . #dancersareblessed #keepgrowing #takeballetclass #feedyourbodyandmind thanks to #olgaevreinoff @chinaibcc

Sabias palabras de un grande! 🙌🏻 #TakeBalletClass
#Repost @marcelua (@get_repost)
Ballet class is not only to keep training your body and get it ready for rehearsals and performances . For me it's also a way tune out the world and have a therapeutic moment for the mind and just think of dancing . #dancersareblessed #keepgrowing #takeballetclass #feedyourbodyandmind thanks to #olgaevreinoff @chinaibcc

#Repost @marcelua (@get_repost)
Ballet class is not only to keep training your body and get it ready for rehearsals and performances . For me it's also a way tune out the world and have a therapeutic moment for the mind and just think of dancing . #dancersareblessed #keepgrowing #takeballetclass #feedyourbodyandmind thanks to #olgaevreinoff @chinaibcc

Marcelo Gomes of American Ballet Theater

Ballet class is not only to keep training your body and get it ready for rehearsals and performances . For me it's also a way tune out the world and have a therapeutic moment for the mind and just think of dancing . #dancersareblessed #keepgrowing #takeballetclass #feedyourbodyandmind thanks to #olgaevreinoff @chinaibcc

Such a great retreat again and so many things we learned 🙏🏻Yoga, sophrology with Nadia, tai ji with Thierry, Mudras with Ines, stones with Pierre and Marie, natural products and slow cosmetics with Genevieve from les Ateliers de Gen, aroma, hydrolats with Vero, massages from our faithful partner @geraldinedlv and so many other things ✨! Thank you to our precious Anouchka from @detoxpack for her great help in the kitchen as always 👌🏻and last but not least a big THANK to Véronique le Boulengé for this great collaboration, her conferences, her precious tips and her unbelievable knowledge 🌿🌱🍃🙏🏻! We are so proud for the great harmony created this weekend and of course we are already so excited to see the beautiful pictures of our great photographer Vivi @travelandtwinkle ☘️☘️! See you soon for a next one 🔆

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