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About last night... Amazing turn out at the third annual #FEEDSupper at @king.newyork

Smiling just thinking of the incredible work @laurenblauren does through @feedprojects. Anyone can throw a FEED Supper for their friends. Proven here in a #tbt to last Sunday night and the 28,633 meals provided by a single inspiring evening spent with 25 ladies @yves.nyc. So get your friends together and throw a dinner party not just for the sake of it but for the sake of a great cause. Link in Profile #tenoverten #feedsupper #feedprojects

Before the sun went down last night.. this magical setting for @feedprojects thanks to @laurenblauren for all you do and @sprinklescandace @jennikayne 🙏🏻 #feedprojects #regram XoRZ

Made some pretty cool friends today.
#framez #alexamini #feedprojects #mozambique

Mission: feed and educate children in need❤️ #feedprojects #fightinghunger

change starts 📍#feedprojects ✌🏼️🌏

Thank you to this incredible pair for coming out to support #GIFF2017 and leading the charge to #MakeAnImpact each and every day. The work you do with @globalhealthcorps & @feed, respectively, is truly inspiring! @laurenblauren #greenwichfilm #feedprojects #globalhealth

We LOVE the feature up on @mydomaine today of an amazing alfresco #FEEDsupper by some of our favorite LA event people + our #westelm @feedprojects product. Inspiring design for a great cause! #mywestelm #feedprojects #falltable

"PURPLE" say goodbye #feedprojects 🙋
designer : @herlisdadari collabs with @paypaypow
Selamat, @ronnialdini! Fotomu terpilih menjadi foto terbaik minggu ini. Tetap semangArt dalam berkarya ya...
Pastikan selalu gunakan hashtag #karmaftg atau #ftg_polimedia pada foto kalian. Agar dapat terpilih menjadi foto terbaik setiap minggunya. SemangArt!


Spotlight: F E E D 🍂
Whenever I can, I try to be a conscious consumer so my consumer dollars will make the most difference. This is why I absolutely love @FEED Projects!

Founded in 2007 by Lauren Bush Lauren, the idea behind FEED is simple: create good products that help feed the world.
Hunger is a solvable problem, and every time you buy a FEED product, you are participating in the solution.
Every one of their products has a number stamped on it that signifies the amount of meals or micronutrient packets provided with its purchase. It's a way for people to get engaged in the fight against hunger in a tangible way!
FEED is a social business. That is why all their products are produced in fair-labor conditions and made using environmentally friendly materials. Through sale of their artisan-made products, they provide meals in the countries where they are produced, providing sustainable livelihoods to underserved communities.
As a FEED bag peddler, it makes me happy to know I'm investing in better futures for children and families around the world, one bag at a time.

Website: feedprojects.com

On a mission to #FEED the world. @feed @nihaonewyork #feedprojects

Being a tourist and feeding the children as well. #feedprojects feedprojects.com

For every 2 products purchased from 17th to 30th September, Clarins will donate 10 meals to FEED charity and you will receive a free purse with 5 free products. #clarins #clarinsuk #feed #feed10 #feedprojects #feedtheworld #charity #gift #giftwithpurpose #giftwithpurchase

This is how I felt all day long today after the #run10feed10 race...strong! Kept the moment with a quick Grit Strength workout and walk in the park with my son later in the day! 💪🏽

THRILLED to finally be able to visit the FEED Shop + Cafe here in DUMBO, Brooklyn! Since their opening in May, I told myself I'd visit the next time I was in New York. The time is now!
Consistent with everything done at @feed, this store gives back. Every in-store purchase, from the coffee and nibbles to the products, will donate meals to children and families in need. The shop also features their newest products, special in-store exclusives, plus a rotating curation of other socially conscious finds.
Excited to take these back home to Seattle!

This morning, I ran a 10K in New York to feed 10 people in Seattle!
Whether we ran 7 minute miles or 13 minute miles, they all mattered. With each step, we moved closer to a world where every person has the nutrition he or she needs to grow, learn and thrive!

Back in New York so I can run a 10K to feed 10 people in Seattle.
Why @RUN10FEED10? For three reasons:
1) Anyone who knows me knows I love @FEED and am a major FEED bag peddler;
2) Hunger is the world's greatest solvable problem, and it's an issue I'm passionate to help end. Right now, 42 million Americans are going hungry - they don't know when they will get their next meal. The reality is there IS enough food produced each year in the world today for everyone on the planet to get the nourishment they need for a healthy and productive life; and
3) I love running! Just by running, I can make an impact with other hunger advocates and help make meaningful progress toward a hunger-free America.
See you at the starting line, New York!

Getting ready for the weekend. Just another reminder that proceeds from @feed wares are currently benefiting hurricane relief efforts as well as providing meals for children around the world.#feedprojects #feed #blueandgreen (background, clockwise from top left: vintage rug, Allen Arthur, #katazome @srithreads, #cordoba paisley @schuylersampertontextiles, bamako @zakandfox, #africanbeads

Look good, do good, feel good. @blaireadiebee and @feed have teamed up to design the most adorable crossbody that also gives back. For every bag purchased they'll donate 50 meals to families in need. So basically go buy one now, totally guilt a free
#atlanticpacific #feed #feedprojects #shoppingforacause #nyfw #fallfashion

#RocketLP chillin at the fountain

We were so excited to discover FEED Projects, started by Lauren Bush Lauren. She designs "good products that help feed the world." When we dream of a gift shop in our new feed store space, these are exactly the type of products we'd love to offer. With every purchase of a tote, bag, tee, etc, you are literally providing meals to children in need around the world. And this month, $5 from every purchase also goes straight to Hurricane Harvey relief. Go check them out at feedprojects.com! #feedprojects #restorethefeedstore

A bag with purpose. #feedprojects providing 10 school meals in exchange for my gorgeous new purchase. ❤️ this business. #feed #givingback #positiveimpact #relax #lifestyle #mindfulness #paceoflife #peaceofmind #takeitslow #slowliving #pause #pausetime

Relax + sip on some #coffee at the @FEED café ☕️

Did you know @graciegreenebag helps a child in need? Enjoy this leather tote for yourself while helping a child around the world!

She is the granddaughter of former president George W. Bush and niece of former President George W. Bush. She created FEED Projects. She launched FEED Projects, a social business to fight world hunger on behalf of the UN World Food Programme. FEED Projects donated 95 million meals to kids in need. Because of FEED, She named one of Fortune's most powerful women Entrepreneurs in 2009 & 2010. She has a fashion label called "Lauren Pierce". She is a vegetarian since she is 4 years old. #LaurenBushLauren #inspiringwomen #Feedprojects #v2kdesigners

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