I may or may not have overreacted to something I saw on Insta today. Check my story and see for yourself. FOH feel free to share your demeaning experiences regarding your choice of work below!👇🏼

Just like pens, if you leave supplier gifts lying around at work for too long, I’m going to take them home. Thanks @coffee_supreme for the goodies, and yes I’m that asshole who has eight pens in her bag and five in her pocket, none of them sourced independently.

This holiday season, consider your humble service industry workers. Chefs, dishies, waiters, baristas, bartenders - we’re actually all just people. Yes we choose these professions/jobs knowing the hours, the frustrations (personal and professional), and of course the benefits. But help us help you: don’t stack your plates, don’t put old or foreign coins in the tip jar, don’t seat yourself, and don’t be a cunt. We might run out of your first choice of wine, we might miss one of the mains off your docket, and you might catch a waiter off guard. But for the most part these are anomalies in the midst of the busiest time of year where we out here trying to be the best versions of our hospo selves and living our best professional lives. I suspect most people seeing this will either be hospo or hospo-sympathetic but we all know someone who could do with a friendly reminder. This is it. Happy holidays 🥂

I already toot my own horn about this cocktail in stories but gimme one more shot because damn if this isn’t my dream drink - boozey, sweet, milky, made to be consumed at breakfast...

This might be *the* best staff meal I’ve ever had. Despite being consumed at a dusty table inside a car park, surrounded by restaurant detritus, this is the flashest fucking saveloy I’ve had the pleasure of mashing in my gob. Made by local butchers Wild Game Salami’s offshoot brand Beard Brothers, neither of whom have an Instagram or a website. If you see these saussies floating around HB hook a girl up with the intel because one (and then another the next day to my delight) just wasn’t enough and baby likes her sausages.

I don’t know how best to express the pure joy a change of season’s fresh produce brings except to say that I fucking LOVE IT. I may have a total bone for sugar and fried things but I also like to jizz all over a good bit of ripe fruit. Metaphorically, obvi 😏

This isn’t the same one but I totally ate a rogue bun off the floor at work last night ✌🏼

This would be a good name and profile image for the FEED podcast I haven’t got around to fleshing out yet. I did record one once but the audio was corrupt and the camera stopped filming and my bf said he could tell we were done from the other room when the convo started to flow and we stopped talking awkwardly 😬

There’s a song on one of the work playlists with a bit that sounds exactly like the intro to My Way by Limp Bizkit. As soon as my ears pricked this early 30s male knew exactly what I was talking about. One of the joys of working hospo is the people you meet - of all ages - but the further from 20 I get the more I appreciate working with people my age because of our relative shared histories and life stages, even if this particular person my age thinks blogging about work is unprofessional 😂

Last night I went to my first ever latte art throwdown hosted by @laffare and @ujazicafe. I didn’t compete (or know what to expect) but watching my peers, workmates, ex-workmates, and friends compete against one another made for surprisingly compelling viewing. You can get a piece of the action in today’s story. If you’re local you’ll probably see someone you know! I’d also like to mention that I filtered this image in 100% crema as a joke to myself but I’m not sure that anyone else will pick up on it so please feel free to appreciate the added layer of quite specifically nerdy yet extremely vague comedy now that it’s been pointed out to you.

I’ve been wanting to offer more commentary on the food scene for a while but didn’t really know how or what I had to say until I saw this post by @tommymillions 🍕
This sentiment that NZ eateries charge too much is rife as far as I can see. And by that I mean in the @nzstuff comments section of any food/restaurant related article. Raw ingredients aren’t always (flour), but often are (dairy) expensive. Wages are FUCKING expensive. Just because a place is busy, and looks like it’s turning over a lot of money, doesn’t mean they’re MAKING that much money. What the general public don’t understand is the true cost of goods when they’re produced by a local market on a small scale in an industry where overheads/compliance costs are high and margins are tight. Want a $5 pizza? Go to Dominos.

She’s a slow road getting back on the blogging horse after an extended break but in my defence I just started a new job and I’m not one of those hyper motivated ambitious types that can force myself into productivity - as you’ll see in today’s story. Small steps though, and this is one of them. Watch now!

The commercial kitchen doesn't get much more glamorous than this... unless you're applying gold leaf to a semi naked wedding cake, by some miracle your staffie is Champagne, or you work @elephanthill - their kitchen has an automatic door 🚪✨
If haven't seen it yet, this week @nzhviva got all up in HB's grills (literally), including with my old boss in my old kitchen with my old workmates. Too many spots to mention by name but it's cool to see our region getting some coverage in the lead up to our hospo high season.

Blackboard game tight @hapinz 🍌🍒✨
If this was a tshirt I'd buy it immediately. I'm back on home turf taking it unnecessarily easy, stories and blog will be up and running again soon!

Today in stories I'm sharing a very special place with you all. I've been coming here for the past 4 - 5 years and I've done my due diligence (in other words, a lot of drinking at a lot of other bars), but this remains one of my ultimate all time favourites. Pictured is a Rose Negroni (and it was amazing) but if you want to see what else I drank @ishinohana_bar and why I love it so much, check out today's story.
Ishinohana has had some notable press, most famously appearing on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations but I never came for the hype. This bar is intimate, unpretentious, welcoming, and comfortable. I mean, if a plebe like me in sneaks and a $10 dress can feel at home here, so can you.

Been on the hearty home cook buzz this week. I may not know how to prepare traditional Japanese dishes but I DO know how to make the most out of leftovers, domestic mis, and turnt veg. Check out today's story to see how easy it is! Also, moment of appreciation for condiments and toppings, the true heroes when it comes to recycling food 🏆

Got another #cookwithfeed on Instagram Stories so get all up in it and watch how an uber-pro ex-trainee-chef really gets it done 😉 Does this count as fusion because it's a Japanised version of a Chinese dish (aka all spiciness completely extracted) from a packet bought at a 7-Eleven owned supermarket made by a hafu (Japanese for dirty fucking half cast)? FUN FACT: 7-Eleven is JAPANESE OWNED, even in the US! #themoreyouknow

I made yaki soba with vegetable jelly noodles the other night. You might have seen them in my stories but if not, they'll pop up on FB where I'm posting catch up stories for historical reference (and the two or three people who aren't on 'gram). For the next three weeks I'm living the slow(ish) life as a part time language student so you can expect more #cookwithfeed along with other more focussed capsule-type stories. Got something you want me to investigate? Eat, see, drink (👈🏼😉), do? HMU!

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