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Caught in action using my sleek @cherrymobileph #flares6selfie — the perfect smartphone that fits my lifestyle 💛🇹🇭 | 📷 @sophiemos #CMgoestoBKK #Cherryficselfie

Living in my dreams

Color blocking 💙❤️💛🖤 (tap for details ✨)

alexis ren?

A rare photo of me smiling. Made possible by @quakeroatsph •
Early quick break from shoot today with the new #QuakerGoodStart Chocolate Hazelnut Drink 🍫 now I’m obsessed and can’t go out without it 🙈 try this rich and deliciously smooth chocolate on-the-go drink, it also comes in Mocha Chocolate Flavor!!! @quakeroatsph

If you haven’t seen my new coffee talk video you should! I talk about a lot of updates in my life, including my new pet!
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Perks of having a photographer friend 😌💁🏻‍♂️. Right @whoisesaar ?
Thank you so much @official_shikhasworld for the fairy lights. It is beautiful!


it’s only tuesday??? it feels like monday went on forever?????

Apart from our in-house collections, we also have unique pieces which we’ve sourced during our travels around the world. These gorgeous pink stone dangling earrings come all the way from Dubai.

P.S. Watch our IG story to see it when worn.

how long has this been going on, you've been acting so shady.
i've been feeling it lately bb

Gimme some unpopular opinions 👇👇
I think beyoncé is overrated 🙊🙊

I got a pocket full of dreams 🇺🇸 #NewYork


Let your feet wander, your eyes marvel & your soul ignite ✨ •
My model: @s.u.m.a.y.y.a.h ❤️ // Photography by me 🙃

-sel 💖

Colors are complimenting 🇭🇰

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