~ PEANUT FRINGED ~ 🥜 #FedeSurfbags • Want to know why this Mini Nomad is called Peanut? Well, it’s because the jute part comes from groceries around Sri Lanka. And the ones I get were used to transport peanuts 🥜🥜🥜 #MySaltyJourney
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~ SEABABE ~ @barbarabrigido is wearing our Peanut Fringed Mini Nomad. 🥜#FedeSurfbags#MySaltyJourney
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~ MINI NOMADs ~ The best travel companion. 🐚🐋Only few pieces left and this green color is gone 😇 #FedeSurfbags#MySaltyJourney
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~ SURF PLEASE ~ now! Looking forward for these spring waves! 🌼#surfinitaly#FedeSurfbags
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GRAZIE @fede_surfbags !! Arrivata e subito a spasso con me!! #fedesurfbags #top #facile #blondestrollsaround

~ MASSIVE THANK YOU ~ one week ago I was contacted by the lovely guys behind @wave_market , they propose me to open a Pop-Up Shop for the opening of the @outdoorfestivalroma in Rome. It was a last minute thing, that’s why I believe it was so special. Having a a space to showcase all my surf and travel related products... all in one place!!! I feel in heaven 😇. I want to thank all the lovely guys behind @wave_market that push me to make better and better. I usually go to few selected events per year, because for me it is really harsh... I mean, just the physical part... it’s like moving an entire house. One of these is Wave! I strongly recommend to all my artisan friends that want to grow. Here you can find the best vibes and people. I was so stoked by the feedback I had yesterday. I love you all. Moreover it was such a great opening of other events that are coming next months, I will update you soon about this. #FedeSurfbags #OnTheRoad #Season • A little note: I wish to open more Pop-Up shop all around the world, this is the best way for a nomadic brand like mine. So I’m open for booking of “Fede Pop-Up Shop” for the 2018 summer season and so on. So, please contact me if you are interested having me in your space. info@fedesurfbags.com
Europe is welcome ✈️ ☺️🌼 #togheterwearestronger #wavemarketfair2018
Next date: 29th April at Wave Market from 12:00 to 22:00 #wmf18 #PatrimoniInEvoluzione


~ BL🌼🌼M ~ This is our first release of the Bloom Collection. But we have more ‘sprouts’ coming out for you! #FedeSurfbags • The Bloom Mini Duffle is available just in 20 pieces and will be delivered in 4-8 weeks. So make sure to order yours now. This bag is a truly masterpiece!

~ BL🌼🌼M ~ Our One of a Kind Collection consists in curated vintage fabrics purchased responsibly. The Bloom fabric has lived a full life before being incorporated into your bag. These bags are a truly masterpiece! Order yours now at www.fedesurfbags.com
Learn more (link in bio) #FedeSurfbags
P.S. Next Sathurday the 14th we are in Rome for the @outdoorfestivalroma, come to see Bloom Collection and more bags. I will be there from 18:00 to 22:00 for the opening of @wave_market #meetthemaker

~ BLOOM~ [verb] to flourish in youthful beauty, freshness and excellence. #FedeSurfbags • 🌼Only 20 Bloom Mini Duffle available - Delivered in 4-8 weeks! Learn more (link in bio)🌼

Amici di Roma! 🙋‍♀️ Questo sabato, in occasione della giornata di apertura dell @outdoorfestivalroma , trovate le meraviglie di @fede_surfbags !! Vi porteremo il mare a Testaccio , quindi vi aspettiamo numerosi 🌊🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️ 😍 @wave_market

~ TROPICAL ~ purse is available now! #FedeSurfbags • P.S. Today is the last day to join the giveaway contest to win a Summer Blues trousse. 💙
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~ FUNDAY ~ All we need is having some fun. #FedeSurfbags • P.S. Have you check new blog post on Newquay, Cornwall? Find it on blog: www.fedesurfbags.com/blog

Repost @corinneevans ・・・
It only seems right to share a little throw back, from a time where then water was a lot warmer, my skin was a little darker and the ocean glistened like aquamarine. The surfing may be a little dodgy but I loved this surf. Sharing the waves with my brother at one of my favourite spots in Cornwall ... Summer dreaming 🏄🏽‍♀️

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~ BLUE BRUSHED ~ Let’s paint all the world in blue 💙🌊 #FedeSurfbags • P.S. These beauties are on sale now. Find them on shop www.fedesurfbags.com
Lei.. la "Bag" dell'estate, pratica, morbida, comoda, ottima per la spiaggia! 🌞

~ BLUE BRUSHED ~ Let’s paint all the world in blue 💙🌊 #FedeSurfbags • P.S. These beauties are on sale now. Find them on shop www.fedesurfbags.com

~ NEW BLOG POST ~ Surfing in cold water isn’t easy and you must have a inner strength and training to surf all year long. But living in Newquay, Cornwall is something priceless. Not only the weather, that is mildest compared to other parts of England, but also for the famous surfing spots, such as Fistral beach, where surfing is challenging all year long. Let’s have a glimpse in the busy-happy life of Corinne, a surfergirl from Newquay.
Read more at www.fedesurfbags.com/blog

#FedeSurfbags #MySaltyJourney

~ BLUE BRUSHED ~ Mini nomad is available now. #FedeSurfbags • Get your favorite travel companion on shop. #MySaltyJourney

~ CORINNE ~ ripping around 🌎🌊 #FedeSurfbags#MySaltyJourney

I came back from Portugal and i found this gift from a special person waiting for me , i feel so grateful to be surrounded by people who support me and believe in me , thank you @fede_surfbags , you are just amazing . Follow this girl , everything is handcrafted by her, I love my new surfbag so much 🌸☀✨
Oh , and happy Easter everyone!
Ph @vanessa_baions 💕
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~ CUSTOM ~ Surfbag made for @corinneevans 🎯Newquay #FedeSurfbags • P.S. Have you check Corinne’s review on our bags?

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