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Aquí la fiesta de Ean en nuestras vacaciones familiares en nuestra República Dominicana. 🎉🎉🎉 El resto del vídeo en mi Facebook 🎉🎉🎉@eanhorford #Acumplir2Años #MyBabyBoy #MiBebote #Feb23 #TakeMeBackHome Gracias mami por ayudarme con las manualidades 😘#TakeMeBackHome

About to go pick up a certain wifey from the airport. 🍍✌🏼#birthdayweekshenanigans #abouttobegin #feb23 #isthebigday #teampisces

“Nobody cares.” That’s what you said to that “sort of” friend in middle school when you wanted them to stop talking. What you say now when that one friend that won’t stop suggesting Arby’s for lunch. That’s what you say when you accidentally stole a pen from work. What you say when you intentionally stole a pen from work. It’s what you say when you’re disinterested and aloof. When you don’t get enough sleep. Haven’t eaten yet. When you’re pretty tired—really tired—even exhausted…
You say it when you feel unnoticed—when you’re hiding envy. You say it when you feel behind. When the money doesn’t come and you place your worth on a dollar sign, contract, or a blog post. When the memory of the real connections you’ve made and the joy you’ve experienced starts to fade with “sorry, it’s been declined.” When you feel like giving up—out of rationale or defeat. When you’re convinced you’ve done the right thing the right way and it means nothing because "nobody cares.“
"Nobody cares” is what I say when I am dead wrong about everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll see you soon. - Chance

#chainreaction #feb23 #thankyou

So this is the most accurate portrait of me so far 😀
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I wanna wish my two brothers a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Growth. Focus. Love. & Loyalty will get you where you need to be... #PUSH #Feb16 #Feb23

Just because it's my day #birthdaygirl #feb23 👗by me ofcourse! (I still can't believe I have time to make a new dress) #okbye #medicodesigner

HBD mom 🎈 I love and miss you so much! @queenbdq 21 never looked so good #feb23 #bouncer #mainsqueeze

Working my ass off #feb23 is my day it's gonna be a successful night #BADDAZZ #HARDWORKDEDICATION#TMT #striveforgreatness


Witness The Murder of Laura Palmer in our specially built train car at the Twin Peaks UK Festival! Be prepared to step into the dark and immerse yourself in the horror of that fateful night! VIPs and BLUE DIAMOND ticket holders are guaranteed entry. Tickets on sale now www.twinpeaksukfest.com

The Day we said I DO. #Feb23

Celebrate your special day in style at @gurshadubai with Ethiopian food and drinks 🍹
#Repost @nadiabirhanu
Thank you all for the birthday wishes ! .
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Happy four months gorda 🌸 #feb23

Happy 16 months baby girl 🎈
Can't believe another month has gone by. Her little personality is just the cutest. She's a girly girl that loves shoes and clothes, but wants to play with all the boys things in the house. She loves loves loves playing with her brothers, one bro in particular (R boy 😉) smothers her just a little too much. She definitely has a voice when she's had enough of him, lol! She talks a lot- just not in a language we understand. Her English words are: Momma, Dada, Ro Ro, Thank you, Uh-oh, Ice, Cheese (picture taking 😜), Whoa, Ow and signs "more", I may be missing some! She has a strong love for 3 specific blankies and her baby, which must come out of the crib with her every morning! She thinks she's big enough to WALK down the stairs, which she totally can do, but it makes me soooo nervous. She has learned how to climb up on everything but isn't so good at getting down! She's had around 10 haircuts in her short little life, and is getting so good with the routine- girls got some hair! We went to the pool today and she loved it, this girl is one brave chicka. Daring- I'm in trouble! We've been so blessed having her little lady presents in our home. I still can't believe I have a daughter. I was SO used to the boy thing that I was nervous to have a girl. But the adjustment has been a breeze. She's the blessing I never knew I needed! #babyi We love you so!!!! #16monthsold #feb23
@yellowbirdie33 We had a blast at your pool, thanks again for inviting us to come play 💗

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