Hope must be cultivated, it never arrives and stays.

I don’t know that I understood this reality until the last few years. Never would I have expected it to take so much work to keep hope alive in my life. I have to remind myself of the truths of God - daily, hourly, moment by moment. But lately I feel hope coming easier again. My circumstances haven’t necessarily changed, but my belief in God’s sovereignty is growing. He is good, even when the world is bleak and cold around you. He is good, even when the plans you held dear come apart. He is good.

Hope without truth to ground it withers. Wherever you are today, remind yourself of the truth of God’s love for you, and take hope.


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We have to be aware of the small daily habits that recruit our affections and become idols such that we end up serving other gods. We have to exercise counter-formative practices that shape our culture rather than allowing cultural norms to sculpt us. - A Creative Minority #postthepeople #themoonwalkers

God is real and about saving sinners. Period. @kb_hga #kb #reachrecords #116 #friendsinmyfeed #postthepeople #lowlightleague

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Do you ever have days you just wish God was here, in the flesh, so you could just have a normal conversation with Him? For months now it feels like I just don’t know what to say to God when I spend time with Him. I feel all out of words. He knows my heart and my struggles. It’s so easy to just want answers, clarity, peace, things to go as planned. But when I look, I don’t see a God that owes us these things. I see a God that calls for faith, for trust. That doesn’t mean that He won’t ever provide those things, just that we’re not owed them. So God, I pray that you help me to trust You with the unknowns. If you find yourself frustrated with life, maybe a dose of trust will go further than answers. #postthepeople #makeportraitsmag #friendsinmyfeed #themoonwalkers

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