Hello friends!!! Do you like my new accessory? My vet told me to wear it for next 10 days because I scratched my leg pretty badly 🙀😿but I will be fine😢hopefully soon🌸💖

Replacing a hand with "Nope" seems a good way deter random conversations. Hold it up all the time.

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Art Credit: @verynotgoodart
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glowing from the sunset
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Glad to announce that KPC has been featured in the in-flight magazine of SpiceJet Airlines - SpiceRoute Magazine - in its July 2018 issue.

It is always a great feeling to witness our photographers being published in leading journals/ publications. It will provide a visibility and recognition boost to the photographers due to the huge reader base of the publication.

We have always maintained that our members make us – so it’s something for all of us to be proud of. For all the fantastic images that are shared on this forum, we are gaining popularity and getting noticed. We aim to use this for recognizing our talent base and enriching them technically.

Special special thanks to our dear Sajad Rafeeq, who was the person behind this!

You can read a copy of the magazine here:

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Attached below are the images of the publication were we featured.
Zartab Abid

Golden hour🌅

Thanks to @diynetwork #Ihatemyyard & #yardcrashers breaking down the steps, I built this rain curtain fountain in my back yard. I spray painted the PVC pipe with chrome paint before drilling the holes (every 1/4" which, I'll be honest, took some patience.) If you have noise to cover up this is the fountain for you. I upgraded the original fountain pump from 6.5' height (290 gal/hr) to 8.2' (430 gal/hr.) It was about $43 @homedepot. On the low setting, it's strong enough to "complete" the curtain across and provide a tranquil sound. If the outside noise factor goes up, you can just crank the pressure up. Sounds more like a good rain at that level but you can cozy up on your deck bench with a glass of wine & a book instead of the noise driving you inside. Note: I also made a medium sized fountain in my front yard a few years ago. I have to add water every morning...more maintenance than I anticipated. Since I used a 100 gal galvanized steel container ($109 @acehardware) in back, I may have to top it off once a week if it's really hot. If you're just building the fountain, all the supplies should cost under $225. I should mention the fountain motor prices go up as you increase the height (number of gal/hr.) Mine is about 3' with a 4' wide curtain so a total of 7+/- feet. If you can find the wood & tub at a salvage store it would significantly bring your costs down. An old clawfoot tub would also look pretty cool but you would need to cap the holes, spray the outside with auto body rust neutralizer followed by a UV rated paint. #DIYproject #affordable #DIY #outdoor #fountain #water #feature #steel #easypeasy #landscape #design #salvagelove #instagram #instavideo

Teaser trailer del film "ANANSI" escrito, producido y dirigido por GABRIEL GHIGGERI
realizado de manera independiente en CHACO, Argentina en el año 2018.
Soundtrack realizado por VLADIMIR VAGABCULOW
Masterizacion de audio por MARTIN EBEL
Edicion y fotografia por GABRIEL GHIGGERI
Titulo diseñado por LARA MAIDANA
Asistencia en produccion, arte y FX gracias a LUCIA CASACCIA

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