Roasted Curry Delicata Squash over a Spinach and Arugula salad with a Curry Vinaigrette (dressing recipe by @feastingnotfasting)
Does that sound weird or what?!?! But it is SOOOOOO GOOD!
I made this a few times and thought it was a really hearty meal!
Ingredients: (in order of appearance)
- 1/2 Delicata squash, halved with seeds removed and cut into half moon shapes
- Salt and pepper to taste
- 1/2 tsp curry powder
- Bed of greens (whatever kind you like and however much you will eat!)
- handful of toasted pepitas (gives a nice crunch)
- goat cheese (optional)
Toss your squash with the EVOO, salt, pepper and curry powder. Roast at 400F for about 15 min. Let cool a bit. Arrange them over your bed of greens and sprinkle with goat cheese and pepitas. Dressing below...
Dressing ingredients:
- 1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
- 1 Tbsp EVOO
- 2 tsp honey (or agave)
- 1 tsp curry powder
- 1 tsp dijon mustard
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 1/8 tsp fresh cracked pepper
- 1 Tbsp minced red onion
Whisk all ingredients together until fully combined. Sprinkle over your salad. Easily made vegan subbing the agave for honey and leaving out the goat cheese or subbing with a vegan cheese.

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I just pray better on a happy full stomach ! ❤️ Raghav and I doing our yearly KC ritual by stepping out for brekkie. And spending the day together! #createyourownritual #KarwaChauthIsForLove #feastingnotfasting

F E A S T I N G N O T F A S T I N G | To the love of cooking with special people @sallymunro | This was one scrumptious Sunday evening feast!!... | Chicken Mizore-Ae with Daikon and Ponzu from the Cibi cookbook...
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Cookie + Coffee
Breakfast’s Dessert (post eating my actual meal)
I’m so glad I can allow myself to eat a cookie at breakfast. I used to be so strict. No dairy, no bread, fake sugar everything, no cheese, no eating out, no dessert, low calorie everything the list goes ON. Monitoring every calorie. 1,200 a day.
Guess what? Now I eat everything. and guess what I’m just as strong as ever. and happier!
From my experience the body and metabolism does not do well in such an extreme calorie deficit. It thinks it’s starving and it holds onto everything. I haven’t used MyFitnessPal for OVER A YEAR! I used to track every calorie in and out.
Also, the body doesn’t process fake foods well. It’s like, “Did you feed me? I’m confused.” I’m still conscious of what I eat but I’m a much healthier mindset. I had one cookie, not four. I used to binge then feel bad. Now I do everything in moderation and I don’t have the impulse to shove as many in my mouth as possible.
I really don’t eat processed or fried foods. We cook most our meals. We’re fortunate enough to be able to afford high quality ingredients. Eat out 1-2x/week but usually somewhere with food that has balanced options. We (typically) don’t eat baked goods unless it’s home made. that just helps limit the urge to get a muffin with every coffee. If I eat bread, it’s with purpose. A really great sourdough with flavor. not just, “oh toast goes with eggs” or “a hamburger needs a bun”. If I want a hamburger bun, I eat it. But I eat one, not two. If I’m still hungry, the next burger goes bun-less.
I workout but it’s not extreme.
It’s calories in vs calories out. that’s how you gain weight, maintain, or lose. but I can eat a lot more when it’s wholesome food.

Eat or be eaten. Bak Bak 🐔

Crockpot pork tenderloin carnitas from @feastingnotfasting . Legit happiness on a plate. Took the extra time and shredded some pepper jack cheese fresh and it made a HUGE difference over the bagged stuff. I might be a convert! #tacowednesday #carnitas #crockpotrecipes #crockpot #runner #runnergirl #runnersofinstagram #otf #orangetheoryfitness #keepburning #balance #healthylifestyle #yoga #yogisofinstagram #mindfuleating #boston #progressnotperfection #healthymind #foodfreedom #feastingnotfasting

Wishing everyone a joyous and happy Eid! The blessed guest of Ramadan has departed, yet there's so much we've attained from its visit. So sad to know that it's over. May Allah accept our fasts and our deeds and allow us to stay steadfast and increase in the good that we've done.

Hope everyone gets to spend time with their loved ones and friends! From our family to yours, Eid Mubarak! 🌙

PS: Go easy on the treats!! 🍨🍦🍰 🍮🍤🍗🍕🍟
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Melon smoothies remind me of my childhood in the tropical islands of the Philippines where summers are hot and humid!! This is sooo refreshing!!!😍This drink is a must for any summer event, be it a picnic at the park, a day at the beach or just lounging at your backyard. Inside ~ fresh melons, crushed ice, rice milk and blue agave👍👌
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Enjoyed a farewell meal with the Nepali crew before heading East! Nepali custom prescribes that a newlywed couple separate for days or up to a month many months after getting married based on the recommendation of both sets of parents. They cannot see each other during this time so Srijana is also going away. Luckily for Yubraj its only for four days. Defacto both sets of parents believe they are doing very well together. I can attest to this too since I am their housemate and friend even though no one asked me. 😎🙏🇳🇵🇺🇸

Morning Ritual- find something amazing to eat. Sourdough bread, sausage, egg and cheese #delicious #breakfast #breakfastcreations #foodphotography #feastingnotfasting

Celebrating the advent of 1425 in the best way possible with luchi mangsho brunch (and lunch, because why not). #shubhonoboborsho everyone! #poilaboishak #bengalinewyear #muttoncurry #feastingnotfasting #home

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