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Dey laffed at us wen we was at da bottom

NO 🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯2018 TILL 4EVA ™

Can’t tell u bout how many times we starvd. Can’t tell u how many times we went to no bed cold N hungry. Built from da ground up on my own stayd hungry n refused to give up. Dey wanted to see me fail but we prevaild ®

Said she wanna fuck w a real 1

Ima make her start thinkn bout kids #yadatsaycalabasas #knoyaniggaaintgotdiz

Calabasas drp 🤒🤧

Shoulda been n calabasas Wearin all diz calabasas...... no 🚯🚯🚯🚯®

Da city 🌃

Need these 🚯🚯🚯🚯®

Wnt my summa views lookn like dis 🏝

I deserve some accolades too @charles_okocha 📸: @creativesix

Vintage Slipknot 1999
Size XL Detail Swipe
Interest Dm me..

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