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Fearless Surrender

I felt lost with no direction.
I hated the girl in the mirrors reflection.
She was flawed, imperfect, unworthy of love.
Filled with fear that she could never be enough.
So I looked away and closed my eyes.
And through the voices of fear and lies,
I hear Your voice in a whisper so tender,
"My daughter, let go and fearlessly surrender.

Surrender your pain, surrender your fears.
Surrender your dreams, surrender your tears.
Watch and see what I can do.
I have such beautiful plans for you." So with open hands, Lord I surrender my heart.
The good and the bad- every part.
Letting go of the fears in my head.
Taking hold of your promises instead.
#fearlesslysurrender #poemsoftheheart #Godalwaysknowsbest #lessonslearned

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