Red goes with everything and red goes with nothing ❤️❤️❤️
The absolutely gorgeous Genny @gennyyosco
Photography by Boim @bommyunnie .

Yes, every fearful though or action is a cry for Love. It’s who we REALLY are. It’s where we came from and where we are going. 😇🙌

You painted a beautiful one for us to see last night cowboy. Love ya miss ya buddy #fearless #cowboy #amazing

Nem sempre tenho razões para sorrir, mas sorrio mesmo assim!
Cada um sabe das coisas que carrega em seu ❤. Mas força sempre e muita fé!
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Whether it’s street violence due to a red or blue rag, whether it’s over jewelry, whether it’s over a woman, whether it’s over jealousy, whether it’s over hatred, I want to know really what’s going on, it’s hard enough being a minority that trying to make it out the hood, and yet we kill each other over materialistic things that we can’t take to Heaven with us... @xxxtentacion Bro, my daughter literally was bumping “Moonlight” & “Jocelyn Flores” in the car last night on our way home, and we both were praising your lyrics and how talented you are, I never got the chance to meet you personally, but at work on my desk today I did shed a few tears.... this senseless act of violence needs to stop, there’s way too many people not making it to the age of 25 over evil spirits who can’t get the mental health they need, they rather take lives of others that have families and friends, we strive so hard to make it in this music industry each and every day, whether you’re talented artist, a hard-working Music manager, an executive who wants the world to hear a person of independence glow to the masses, and last but not least a dreamer who just wants to make a change in this world through his/or her vocals that can impact positivity, I fear for all my little cousins who have to worry about their livelihood each and every day, my daughters who have to worry about me pursuing my dream in this industry but not knowing if someone will try to take me because of A assumption that I have it all when I’m struggling just like the next man, God is real, We got to believe in him wow these demons tried to destroy us, though the world may be clouded with hurt and fear, sunny days will arise again 🙏🏾

fearless is honestly one of my fav albums from Taylor and it’s so underrated. It’s sooo good!!! Ugh give it more credit ppl like. #taylorswift #swifties #swiftie #taylor #swift #fearless #tswift #tayswift

I #dance like this at home, alone, with the lights out. 💃🏾 I need to take a #tip from this #kid. Do you see her face!? When was the last time you were feelin your #moves that hard? #fearless child. #fierce #child. 💪🏼

I like to think deep thoughts. About snacks.


Let me first start with a light topic and share that this crop (( as seen in green on my story )) was $2.99 at H&M and I lived in it all weekend. The bathing suit bottoms, also H&M, were like $4.99.....I’m very satisfied by these purchases guysssss lol

Alright now that that’s cleared up 😂 let’s talk about body image 🙈🙈

Ever since I was little, for some “crazy” reason, I hated being in bathing suits. I was the girl that would only wear the shorts style (( 90s kid AF )) and just tried to avoid it all together. I’ve always been a decently slender gal, but in MY mind, the moment I stepped outside in that suit everyone instantly started noticing all the things wrong with my body ☠️

At the time, I took this issue at face value. My body needed work and if it wasn’t “perfect”, I just wouldn’t show it off 🤦‍♀️

Knowing what I know now, it’s OH SO MUCH deeper. It had nothing to do with my physical appearance. I could’ve had an 8 pack and still thought everyone was judging my every move.

Well let’s just fast forward to now. Once I was able to acknowledge this harmful thinking, I began to conquer it.

Of course working out and eating clean, healthy foods will reflect physically. But what I think is overlooked WAY more than it should be is the mental growth within this health & fitness journey.

Realizing how strong (mentally and physically)I am, choosing to educate myself on foods that are actually fueling my health, feeling confident within my workouts and the personal development I have chosen to embark on is what has made me f*cking love my body exactly where it is and shut those shitty negative thoughts RIGHT UP!!!

• •

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What if I fail?
What if they are right?
What if this?
What if that?
Quit letting negative “what ifs” dictate your life
Stop letting the boogeyman that doesn’t exist paralyse you! Go make some moves!👊🏽

♡Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire ♡

Be FEARLESS. Just look at this beauty. #Ayutthaya #Thailand #VincentTravels18

For a kid who didn’t want to go my 1st born had a blast!!! My diva is #fearless going down the slide ⛱💦 poolside #splashtime #voluteerluau

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