Damn! I just realized I didn't type out all the information 😔 In short it talks about how kids would go play his and seek with these masks. •


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If you're not informed of the events that are taking place in North Dakota I ask that you take a few minutes to look into it.
The Standing Rock Sioux tribe says the 1,172-mile pipeline, which would come within a half mile of their reservation, would adversely impact drinking water and destroy sacred sites where many of their ancestors are buried.

Water is #life, those sacred grounds are owned by the indigenous people and have been since 1851; (The 1851 Fort LaramieTreaty. ... nd.gov - The Official Portal for North Dakota State Government.)... We must take action to help prevent another genocide of not only Native Americans but also our own cultures #FlintMIWaterCrisis. No one's off limits when it comes to corporate greed.
#Fearfulfact - did you know that WE could be supporting the very corporation's that are responsible for the placement of this pipeline.
By banking with one of the listed: Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and list goes on (research it), we're helping to fund #projectpipeline.
This was brought to my attention by actress/activist Susan Sarandon when interviewed by host Cenk Uygur from @theyoungturks. I urge you to check out the interview and get involved.

It's better to die for something than to live for nothing #fearfulfact

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