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HAD TO REPOST so you can see what’s actually going on here. Alright, that’s it. Go watch the FULL video on YouTube! LINK IN BIO!
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Going all out on your own is a struggle. It is scary and most definitely you need to prepare for failure. If you embrace failure rather then fear it than it will change your life for the better. Just know you will have to endure the journey. You will learn not only a lot about business but about yourself.
Entrepreneurship is bigger than business, it allows you to find who you truly are on the inside and what it is you're meant for in the world. Just never give up and never stop believing in yourself. #DoMore #FearLess #Entrepreneurship

Tag friends at your gym you would do this with! 😜😜😍🤣 @gymnasts_relate 😜😜 #dominochallenge #grt

Are you crazy enough to jump? 😱
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Craziest and most ballsy two weeks of my life. Didn’t even plan to compete this year, did better. Was fierce and fearless in what i believed, against what they told me. Couldn’t have done it without @performaxlabs they’ve had my back since day one. Rocking vasomax now for fasted, a non stim pre, just because i rode the fuck outta caffeine going in. This gives me a nice channeled focus without being edgey and feeling goofy. @drteamhodge was ballsy in having my back, lol i don’t think he wanted to make any claims cause I’m such a loose cannon. I remember one year before jrs, protocol called for two shots to help dry out, got drunk and ate 100$ worth of junk food i had bought for after. Loose cannon. And i can’t forget @ifbb_emonet , haven’t said a word this whole time but teammate, i think?ok and friend, was there for me at the show when i had no one. I went by myself, so fucking scared. And she was like a sister, kindness I’ve never even seen before. Kinda makes my heart warm i didn’t know that existed, helped with tanning, posing, and overall good vibes. @herc89 can’t forget him, we’ve followed each other for years, cut from different cloth, similar adversities, we said we’d hug if we ever met, that’s how deep the passion goes. And we did, and it was like we were brothers, always will be now. He’s fucking fierce af! 3rd in light heavies, don’t know a tougher man. So much respect @markanthonyflex @andyvelcich @mryeshwah @_moxie_fitness_cle whether they know it or not, all huge roles to me, since i moved to Vegas a few@months ago, and my social anxiety at an all time high, I’ve been living the crazy cat lady hermit life. I love life’s adventure. Only i can break my stride. And only you can break yours. Flawed and broken, but fierce and fearless. Good day! #life #love #goals #dream #motivation #inspiration #adventure #fear #courage #fitspo #fitspi #fitness #fit #bodybuilding #athlete #hybrid #coach #writer #dreamer #kidlife #youthforever #recess #nerd #newday #newstart #infinite #forever

No filters, just me 😊
And yes I'll probably delete this selfie like I did with the last one 😂
So I realised I'd only played the Perseus Mandate dlc on pc but never on Xbox! So I'll be completing that today (hopefully) and I'm thinking of letting you guys vote for my next game tomorrow (or on Thursday)! RDR was so much fun and I was so motivated to complete it because you guys picked it for me 😄
What are you guys playing today? 😊
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"I've been raised in Pune, but moved to Bombay by myself since the past 3 years. It was a shift initially, the life in Bombay is so fast and everything happens so quickly...but once you get used to it, it's impossible to go back."
"What is your biggest fear?"
"Initially, I used to fear living by myself -- I used to wonder, 'how will I manage everything on my own?'. But the best thing I did was to not let that fear consume me -- I moved here and decided to take it, one day at a time and that has brought about such a big shift in my life. Earlier, I wouldn't be able to take any decision...even the small ones which aren't as important, but today I take massive life decisions by myself and have complete faith in them, without anyone's help. It's funny that we hear it so many times that we think of these lines as clichés, but I've lived it, so I say it with experience -- on the other side of fear, there is a life you never imagined. Don't ever let fear get bigger than the faith in yourself -- the fear is only as big as YOU make it."


#Fear taught me always hoping:)

Never let your fear decide your future 🏄🏻‍♀️
Thank you @uktieveryday for gifting me this 😻
And thanks to @innovative.photography for this picture😁

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