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Bruce Ludington, facility manager at Palisades Dam and Powerplant, is the 2016 top honor recipient of the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS) Hydro Hero award. Ludington started working at Palisades Dam and Powerplant, located on the Snake River about 55 miles southeast of Idaho Falls, Idaho, in August 2000. During his time there he frequently volunteered the facility for new pilot programs, instituted apprentice programs, and mentored supervisors and journeyman from the region. Ludington’s efforts had lead him to be nominated and selected for the 2016 FCRPS “Best of the Best” awards. Read more here:

Pictured from left to right is Roland Springer, area manager for the Snake River Area Office; Bruce Ludington, award recipient and facility manager at Palisades Dam and Powerplant; and Regional Director Lorri Lee of Pacific Northwest. #fcrps #bp #palisadesdam

By now, you have probably heard steelhead returns to the Columbia are well below the most recent ten-year average. As a result, places like the Methow River will not be open to steelhead angling this fall.

In short, that is a bummer.

Although there is value in trying to identify the cause of the decline, there are a couple things to remember. First, the run is not over yet and so we don’t have all of the information on both fish abundance and the survival of different age classes. To fully understand the problem, we will also need to look to next year’s two-salt steelhead to see if they show the same relatively poor survival as this year’s one-salt fish.

This is a complex issue and you can read more about our impressions through the link in our profile while we all wait to see what the future holds for Columbia River steelhead. #sciencefriday #wildsteelhead #fcrps

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Moving between fresh and saltwater environments would kill the vast majority of fish species on this planet, yet salmonids have developed a strategy known as smoltification to deal with this physiological challenge. A buildup of the enzyme ATPase in gill tissues has been linked to migratory behavior and signals that juvenile salmonids are entering the smolt stage. This enzyme allows them to maintain osmotic balance when entering salty sea water, and if levels drop too low they will not survive the transition. ATPase levels are tightly linked to water temperature and research suggests the threshold for maintaining elevated levels is a surprisingly cool 13°C (55°F). Interestingly, fish that reared in cold water are able to maintain elevated ATPase levels longer than fish reared in warm water providing them with a longer window to complete their transition. Photoperiod also plays into this equation as migratory behavior significantly decreases by the summer solstice in mid-June. Smolts generally begin their migration in early spring and are aided by late winter rains and high flows. For coastal fish this is a relatively easy task as they may only have to swim a few miles. Inland summer steelhead face additional challenges on their many hundreds of miles long journey and any hindrance can mean they do not reach the ocean within their optimal physiological window, likely resulting in death. This has implications for climate change which is predicted to increase temperatures in headwater streams and in watersheds with large impoundments which increase surface water temps and slow juvenile migrations. #sciencefriday #wildsteelhead #fcrps

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F' CRPS! F' CANCER! F' DYSTONIA!! I GOT THIS!! #beastmode#fcancer #fcrps #dontstop

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