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@maceyphillipsfit: "She πŸ‘ˆπŸ» was scared and ashamed and unhealthy on all levels - mentally, emotionally & physically. If I could go back, I'd tell her that everything was going to be okay. I'd tell her that she was stronger than she ever knew. I'd tell her that He was working all things for her good 🌻" _____________________
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Happy #UnfatFriday use the hashtag to post your transformation today. I will choose three photos to repost, so make sure the caption says what you want people to know about your progress!! About my personal progress, it still is and will forever be in motion. I've been living this lifestyle change for 6 years, ups and downs. Just about all of it I've showcased on social media. One thing about having so many eyes on me that don't understand the process of losing and maintaining weight, is they expect this to be a perfect journey. That's easy to believe when you see so many before and after pics with progress you want to mimic, but not many share the struggles that happened in between pics to make you realize there was hard work, dedication and sacrifice involved. Understand, this lifestyle takes work! It's not a perfect journey, it's actually a ugly and lonely one. You get frustrated, you back track, you take time off, but at the end of the day you realize that you can't stop because nobody can get these results for you but YOU!! Just keep that in mind when you're going on through a struggle. Your current situation isn't your final destination. Keep working to get to where you want to be and beyond! #ThePlusSizeTrainer @taimcqueen

When you looking like a thick ass snack! πŸ˜›#PrettyHealthyAndThick
Photo πŸ“·: @on_a_wavv
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Tag Someone That’s Making a Fitness Transformation πŸ’ͺ She said:"Pck I threw a lot of thing in the move but my fetish swimwear are still there. I no longer announce my weight because it does not move 78kg but I show you my body at the moment. Photo taken this morning, I continue nicely to trace me. I no longer need to give my weight every week. I really want to dry but for that I would have to really pay attention to my diet and I feel so at peace with my diet and my sporting rhythm that I think I will frustrate more than anything else. I certainly have some physical ambitions but I do not want it to be morals so we'll see it in September. I made a quick topo I measure 1 " I weighed 104kg can be a little more.Jnai took my life in hand and I ' Ate balanced and made a lot of sport quite simply. 30% in the 70% trim in the head. The will is success. " ______________________________________________ Tag your friends to inspire & motivate! πŸ’ž ______________________________________________

There comes a time where you step out of your comfort zone and let your wings soar! It took so much courage to take this photo and even more courage to post it. I'm no longer a prisoner in my body.
Grateful for this journey.

Changing my life little my little everyday has been the best decision of my life!!

Operation #goaljeans underway. This is a little over a month and a half. They definitely come up higher over my butt for sure. Just have to keep pushing forward. #veganweightloss

Remember how far you've come, not just how far you have to go.
You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be. πŸ’™

12.11.13 I decided enough was enough & I wasn't meant to be anything I didn't want to be #Determined2satisfied πŸ‘€ 255 vs 170s πŸ‘Š
Almost 4 years & still pushing to hit my ultimate goal 135lbs #NeverGiveup #BWLW


Saturday was a day of go-go-go. Slept in (a little), ate fast breakfast and then hopped on the bus to get the train, so I could make the gym. Usually Saturday is for Ms. Tina but there was a sub today, who worked out my body out, which caused me to get my life together before heading up to the Bronx. This was my first real trip up there to visit and celebrate with a friend. It was a good time, her place is quite great and a small group of us headed out to the Untermeyer Conservancy for some photos, walking and Russian dance troupe stuff. Not my usual kind of Saturday but it was nice to get out of Brooklyn and see different things!


Chicken bowl I made for Savvy...little miss picky only ate the πŸ₯‘πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ teething is hard and it makes her cranky and not hungry. So I finished off the rest, then grabbed more beans, chicken, cheese and sour cream. Was pretty yummy! #12weeks #babycnumber2 #firsttrimester #babynumber2 #momlife #healthymama #hotmamatobe #onestepatatime #onedayatatime #healthynotskinny #strongnotskinny #fckbeingfat #foodisfuel #lifestylechange #followmyjourney

Just a couple of things for this week's meals.
Taco Salad Bowel | ground turkey | Cauliflower Rice | black beans | corn | spinach | tomatoes | onion | black olives | half avocado.
Chicken Salad | organic spring mix | shredded chicken | hard boiled egg | black olives .
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Sometimes you forget how beautiful the world can be. Stop and take a moment to enjoy that even if it's just outside your door. #vegan

Express Core Class is 30 minutes of hardcore abs training πŸ’ͺ🏾 10 am Every Saturday at Downriver YMCA taught by yours truly! Wanna come next week? Shoot me a message 😁 #ExpressCore #AbsChallenge

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Trying my hand at finding my own vegan cheese recipe. This definitely was not it. HOWEVER it was very tasty. Cooked up some sushi rice and sided with spinach. Made the sauce out of butternut squash, coconut aminos, nutritional yeast, and plain unsweetened almond milk. I was surprised how the taste came out. #veganweightloss

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