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Have you ever done this by accident? I have. #fbstalker

#catfishhello 😅😡 #fbstalker please do not except any friend request from this person nor reply to any of his/her messages , thanks 🙌

<-----the love of my life♡ I am so unbelievably proud to walk by your side! Everyday with you is a blessing! I love you xxx #love#girlfriend#FBstalker#partner#physio

Good morning world! Getting the day started off right with a little cardio sweat session. Feels amazing to get the hardest part of my day out of the way first thing!

Today's workout was awesome. Half cardio and half yoga. Perfect! I needed a little stretch!
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Probably the best graduation gift I've ever thought of. If you know why this is funny, you know why this is awesome. Love you @atothebrown!!! #GRADUATED #fbstalker

I ♡ erica's comment on one of my images. I'm a comment stalker when my clients post their photos. Heehee. These make me happy. #fbstalker #lovereadingthecomments

I'm so thankful to have these wonderful people in my life. @syaoran__stinkytron @binaoehl #besties #fbstalker #love #friendsforlife


YES!!!! He ALWAYS unblocks me when he wants to check up on me out of (as he says "curiosity". I was alerted when he accidently clicked something on my page. Him and his new fiancé are both stalking me on Facebook and instagram. Why? If he really wants me out of his life he would keep me blocked right? Well now he's unblocked me that means 'I' can now block 'HIM' FINALLY!!!! I blocked his fiancé when she kept messaging me abuse telling me my illness is faked (she's never met me so it's clear where she got that information from). Now he wants to see how I'm doing in my life (like he did before when he wanted to get back with me) the person I blocked before him was his fiancé, now I've blocked him today I'm finally free from him spying on my life and again trying to get between me and my husband. He is top of my Facebook block list. When someone blocks you on Facebook you can't find them to block them. Thank God he mucked up and clicked on my profile alerting me he was looking through my pictures. You made your bed now lie in it! Your poor, gullible fiancé is celebrating "one year of happiness" with you thinking you're happy and you're unblocking your ex's Facebook profile to see what she's up to? You might fool her into thinking you're happy whilst skulking around on dating sites and unblocking me (when I'm sure you told her you want nothing to do with me) but you don't fool me. Stick to her because I'll NEVER take you back. Got it?
Goodbye Barry. I told you. We are DONE!!! #idiotex #exbf #exboyfriend #stalker #fbstalker #narcissist #narcissistrecovery #troubleinparadise #moveonwithyourlife #seekyourownhappiness #reboundengagement #dontuseotherswhilstyourefindingyourself #user #abuser #liar

Hi there "Luna Lina", thanks for liking 😂 What's your breakfast "Luna Lina"? Stalking this early? Seriously? #stalker #stalkpamore #seeyoulaterLunaLina #DamiTimeNiLunaLina #igstalker #fbstalker #linkedinstalker #TulogPaAgaPa #sanakayaninmohuh

Ala Verga!!! Braddah @pj505customs itd almost that time. Our yearly ritual. See your gonzo nose lookn ass in a few weeks. #808n505 #Hilifekustomz #pjays505customs #trurydazhawaii #trurydaznewmexico #fbstalker #wivesstayinghome

Not everyone facebook “stalks,” lets get that straight... but the internet sure makes it easy to learn a lot of things you just shouldn’t know! 🤣👀 Ask yourself, “Do I really wanna know??” 🤔
#sexstuffwithkristin #privateinvestigator #fbstalker #exes #youcanlearnanything #utoh #backoff #waytooeasy

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