Who would like to learn more about YL essential oils? I’m teaching a FB class tonight. PM me to be added!

Seumur umur ngajar, ini pertama kalinya ngajar 12 hari berturut-turut dikelas yg sama, yg biasanya kuliah 12 minggu jadi 12 hari 😆 (kelas pemadatan yg mau lanjut kuliah ke cina + thailand) 😁 awalnya yg dipikirin cuma satu, hmm ngajar anak beasiswa yg notabene nya rajin belajar itu nge'boring'in gak ya 🤔 bakalan kaku kaya kanebo kering gak ya 🤔 hahaha 🤣 dan ternyataaa...mereka memang pintar2, team work nya bagus, diajarin'nya cepet nangkep dan yg pst mereka gokil plus menyenangkan, itu yg paling penting 🤗😂 thx all of you guys, suksess ya buat lanjutin kuliah disana 😊😉🤗

Oh Thieves, how you’ve changed my life and rocked my world.💕 You,
+Boot my immune system💪🏻
+Freshen the air
+Support my health
+Clean all the things
+And smell like Christmas😍
And tomorrow night on FB I am hosting a class where we will learn all the ways to incorporate this bottle of plant magic into our everyday lives by getting our kiddos off to school!! .
BACK TO SCHOOL FB CLASS: teaching you all the ways to keep your kids healthy, calm, focused and ready for this new school year!📓✏️📖
+comment or message me for an invite!
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今天星期日 我跑来上课进修自己💪
学习设计广告文案 辛苦我的么么哒老公

这次的课程真的很棒 学了好多好多

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Hey friends. I’m doing a back to school series on FB on how to keep your child above the wellness line and prevent those sick days. It will be starting August 13th and end with a live video on August 19th. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll send you an invite #fbclass #backtoschool #healthylife #nomoresickdays #essentially_you_oils

Want to attend my Loyalty Rewards Program Mini Class?? Tonight at 9 CST! Fb event link in my bio.... all who mark as “Going” and participate will be entered to win a bottle of @doterra Peppermint!

Coming up this Saturday at 11:00 AM! I'll be teaching my first FB class on essential oils! If you purchased any during BOGO week last week, we'll be going over what you can use them for.
If you didn't participate - no worries! You'll also get a lot out of this class as we'll also talk about essential oils in general - how to use them safely, how we source our oils so they are pure and I'll be available to answer all your questions! We'll also have great DIY recipes to make safe and non-toxic blends for you to use everyday. Sign up today by going to this link: http://pureessentially.synduit.com/JEED0001 or click the link in my profile!

I'm getting really excited about my Savvy Minerals Makeup class coming up tonight at 830pm EST on FB!!! I hated wearing makeup until I found out how nice it could make my face feel 😍

Check the comments for an invite ... Who's coming??! 🤗🤗

Dias 21 e 22/07

Com as Mentes Mais Brilhantes do MKT Digital.

O Maior Evento Sobre Funil Infinito no Brasil.

Eu e meus amigos
Copywriters Pro

Da Sociedade Brasileira de Copywriring,

Estaremos presente dando uma Força pra Você! 💪😉 🙏 Gratidão por fazer parte desse time!

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I’m hosting a class tonight allll about using essential oils with babies, kids, and during pregnancy! It’s all in Facebook so you don’t even have to put on makeup or clothes to attend. I will also be giving away one of my favorite sleepy time oils to one lucky person!! 🎉 let me know if you want an invite! #youngliving #theoilylife #oilsafety #fbclass

The count down is on tonight fb live on the basic 101 of essential oils. Look in the comments to join the group!! Can’t wait to see you there

Hop on over to my Facebook page for this recipe and more details about my giveaway ✨✨

Today is the day!

Science class starts tonight at 7pm! Dont miss it, its gonna be EPIC!
#FBEvent #FBclass #onlineclass #scienceofessentialoils #epic #getyourlearnon #itstonight #dontmissout #donthavefomo #FOMO

This weeks class is TONIGHT!! 🤓

The Abundant Oily Mama fb page @ 7:30. I’ll be going LIVE for a few then it’s time to get our learn on.

If you have been looking to ditch and switch the products you are currently using in your home than THIS is the class for you! 👊🏻

Learn about NATURAL options that you and your family can begin using right now! Everything from cleaning products to personal care products. 🏡

#yearofabundance #theabundantoilymama #youngliving #essentialoils #fbclass #summerfun #getyourlearnon #recipes #diy #nontoxicliving #momboss #becauseofyoungliving

Thanks for the last 12 weeks guys 🤗 thanks for this fun class! Really enjoy it 😉😎🤗

Not my fave shift ever! 😑 But, In the end they can make me laugh so hard..hahahaha 😎😃😉 Thanks for these 12 weeks 🤗 #mystudents#fbclass#lastweek

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