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Day #8: O Jeito Disney de Encantar Clientes

Tema do Vídeo: A Janela do Futuro

Acompanhe os outros vídeos da série em www.facebook.com/faceclass

FB Class a todo vapor! Assunto da aula de hj "Mkt de conteúdo - Táticas práticas para o seu negócio". Acesse em www.fbclass.com.br / transmissao-fbclass. #mktdigital #empreendedorismodigital #fbclass #facebookpratico

Hj termino e hj eu lanço , promessa é dívida! Vamos fazer arte !🤘🤘🤘 #tattoobsb #brasiliadf #oldschooltattoo #tattoofeminina #fbclass

Turma Básico Ponta tarde 😍 #FBclass

Depois de 12horas de conteudo, uma pausa para selfie com ele: Thalles Quinderé #fbclass #facebook #marketingdigital #facebookads #8pslive2017

Enquanto alguns está descansando eu estou estudando para poder descansar na hora que todos estiverem Trabalhando! - com @tallesquindere


ครูของเราคือเหล้า #fb #fbclass #apdi #kbu #mocktail


This Sunday 7 pm EST on Facebook we will be talking about essential oils and your furry babies. Post below or DM to be added to the online class. #facebookpetsclass #onlineclass #furbabies #petsandoils #oilythriver

Dica Instagram 👏👏👏👏👏

Less than 3 hours until my FB class! Can't wait to see who will win THIS travel glass bottle PLUS a #free 5ml bottle of Grapefruit Essential Oil. What a perfect way to celebrate Summer coming to an end!
Comment below and I'll add you to the class! Learn about essential oils from your couch in a fun, casual setting! 👏🏼💧
#oilygiveaway #FBclass #comejointhefun

Bom dia!💎💎💎💎💎

Is Free one of this trigger words for FB to hide you?!!! I don't care! I'm shouting it from the rooftops! Healthy Happy Woman is here in FB class format for Free! It's my sacred mission to pass on the tools and gifts passed on to me from other women, healers and teachers that have lifted me up out of the muck. That's stuck place where I felt grey everyday. Slugging my body. Forcing a smile. Fighting through tears. Calling into work sick. Hiding in my bedroom with the doors locked. Picking myself up out of bed to make it to the car to pick up my kid from school on time. Listen lady this is your time. We're gonna move through this together. Email kleinessentials@gmail.com to register and let's let that glow shine through. I promise I won't leave you behind. With all my heart. Xo. ✨

#empath #essentialoils #kleinandkind #doterra #health #natural #healing #yourtime #fbclass #free #empowerment #tools #sharingstories #endthestigma #glow #momma

Que seja uma semana cheia de saúde, sabedoria, superação "SUPER/AÇÃO", e sucesso!✌💪🍀

My September online Facebook class schedule!! 🍂🙌🏻🍁 All classes are free!! 🙌🏻 Members of my team or those who are not yet YL members are welcome!! ✨✨ If you'd like to attend just drop an emoji in the comments or shoot me a DM!! 💛 I can't wait!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
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When I got my first box of oils I was super excited! I had gone to two classes and couldn't wait to read my reference book (like cover to cover! Nerdy girl.) and open every bottle! I had a feeling that they'd be game changers for me. I was very right! It wasn't magic for sure, but sometimes when I look back it feels like magic. My story is kind of long, maybe I'll tell the whole thing sometime. I need to watch Brene Brown's "Vulnerability" TED talk a few more times.
I never planned on doing a NWM business, but here I am, and love it. Whenever someone I've helped tells me their game changer story I get goosebumps, knowing that the hard parts are worth it! I know not everyone understands what we do and that's ok. If you're looking for something and think for a second that oils or could help, then its worth the try.

We love doing our classes and have an online one tomorrow evening at 8pm on Facebook. Here is the link to our public event. Everyone is welcome, oilers and nonoilers alike!


Tonight I have an essential oil class at 8pm pst. Link is in bio! Come learn about the basics of essential oils and how one little kit can replace SOOOOOO much!
#eolife #educationisthekey #themoreyouknow #fbclass #oilyrisers #ouroilwell

Bom diaaa!!!!
EM FRENTE!!!😉 🙏👍💪✌🍀❤

When you're single mom-ing it and you have a #fbclass tonight 😜. If you would like to join me tonight the class is on Mom-to-be and babies! Class link in comments... #breakfastfordinner #multitaskingatitsbest


O cafezinho vem em uma xícara e pires com cores super alegres, mas a tampinha de louça dessa xícara desperta realmente vontade de levar tudo isso p casa!❤
Não é só um café, é um café com um CAPRICHO que jamais passa despercebido!
Faz ou não faz diferença agregar valor a sua marca ou produto???

Curious about essential oils? I'm excited to share what I've been learning with you! I'm doing an Intro to Essential Oils class on FB, Wednesday at 8pm CST. Comment below if you'd like an invite. 😘 #introtoessentialoils #fbclass

Curious about essential oils? I'm excited to share what I've been learning with you! I'm doing an Intro to Essential Oils class on FB, Wednesday at 8pm CST. Comment below if you'd like an invite. 😘#introtoessentialoils #fbclass

Quem NÃO PLANEJA, não pode esperar RESULTADOS!!!! As vezes eu fico pensando, como pode alguém almejar sucesso sem ter ao menos um objetivo???

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