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"Before and after #fbabs and #fbbooty. Work in progress". Another awesome #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter from our app. Are you working out today or resting?

4 weeks of progress working out and eating healthy. Completed one round of @fitnessblender #fbbooty am halfway through #fbfit.
Aesthetics should only be one part of being healthy, but it's always nice to see the changes and see your hard work paying off. So, what you don't see in this picture is how much more energy I have. I've gained muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. Having a positive outlook comes so much easier now. I'm more confident. I'm not hungry all the time, so I'm not eating when I'm bored. I focus better. I do not crave sugar so I don't binge, and don't feel the immense guilt that comes with it. I sleep better at night. Combatting anxiety and depression is much easier. I haven't had a panic attack since starting. I'm eating more food more often than ever, and I give myself one cheat meal a week when socializing with friends or family.
I'm not starving myself, I'm not jumping on the scale. I don't know how much I weigh, and I don't want to. I am so much happier when I am taking care of my body and fueling it with REAL food.
Wherever you are on your fitness journey, remember it's not about the numbers and measurements, but how you feel, and what you can do. Listen to your body, and it will thank you. 💜

Gonna be so so sore tomorrow! Last week of #FBabs and #fbbooty round two is here! I nearly always snap my workouts and links to them :) follow me there 👻: playinghouse #workoutcomplete

#wcw goes to the lovely @kellisegars of FitnessBlender ❤️ There's a lot of things I could say about her. She's inspirational, motivational, gorgeous, and the best online workout partner I could ask for! #fitnessblender #fbbooty #fbabs 💕💕

Another one cause I burnt my hot pants in the dryer and this is their last hurrah #myshadowissassierthanme #itsmyfriday #fbbooty

What does the fox say? WORK OUT! 😅✌🏻️ || Fitnessblender Booty-Bootcamp Round 2 - Day 2 😁💪🏼🐘 #workout #FBbooty

When she hugs me, she takes my breath away. LITERALLY!!!#mixedwrestling #dontgetbodied #fbb #fbbooty


My last day of my 4 week #FBbooty program is done!! So, so proud of myself for completing it. I followed my workout with another run, beating my time from yesterday! #workoutcomplete #programcomplete #fitnessblender #mapmyrun

When she hugs me, she takes my breath away. LITERALLY!!!#mixedwrestling #dontgetbodied #fbb #fbbooty

I told myself all day that I would do today's #FBbooty workout later... as in tomorrow. After getting home from a 12 hr shift, I sat on the couch. Exercising was the last thing I wanted to after being on my feet all day. But, I slowly got up off the couch and dragged my ass into my room to do my workout. It is my second last workout of my 4 week program!! 💪😊 #fitnessblender #gotitdone

Super exhausted but the boys wanna play outside. Hoping my mocha latte flavored #bcaas from #idealfit help me not only recover from being sore the last few days but maybe wake me up a bit! #fbbooty #thightattoo

Pretty excited about this. Prepped steel cut oats with almond milk, honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg! These should help me for a grab and go breakfast after my #fbbooty... I have a 52 minute lifting session planned for tomorrow morning 😱@fitnessblender Now time for #yogaeverydamnday round 2 before dinner and the @packers game. #yogagirlchallenge @yoga_girl

#lunch before I jump right into #fbbooty . I'm excited about this next four weeks to see how much stronger my legs will be as well as my 🍑!!!

Awwww! Woke up with a sweetest note from someone in IG! 😭😭 😍❤ it made my day to hear something positive and it came in the right time. I was not feeling well in the past few days and seeing your message made me to push to keep going no matter what I am feeling. Dress up and show up. Thank you for making my day much brighter with your sweet post. @fitbabesig17 #godbless#thankfulthursday#mademesmile#thankyou#keepinspiring#fitnessmotivation#thankyou
-------------------------------------------------REPOST from @fitbabesig17 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
@rfoxie21_ruby has been my number 1 favorite fitness model for a long while. She continues to amaze me day in and day out. Not only based on her outstanding looks and perfect body, which are both absolutely amazing, but because of her hard work ethic and her unrelenting drive to push herself and stay at the peak! Kudos to her! I'm a fan for life! 💕💕💪😘 💕💪 #goddess #fitness #fbbooty #fbb #ifbb #ifbbpro #fitfam #glutesthatsalute #glutes #bodybuilding #babeoftheday #npc #npcbikini #npcfigurecompetitor #arnoldclassic #fitnessmotivation #fitspo

Day 1 of @fitnessblender 4 week booty boot camp round 2 and day 11 of #yogagirlchallenge ! 16 minutes of HIIT and 25 minutes of weight lifting followed by yoga cool down and stretch. I even managed to make myself breakfast before running out the door for another week of the grind. Now that is a win. #yogaeverydamnday #fbbooty #workoutcomplete @yoga_girl

Ready to start week 3 of #FBbooty round 2! #fitnessblender #underarmour

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