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Mamaslay all day. 👩‍👦The booty pump was way real today!

IFBB Pro Asha Hadley as Wonder Woman


Two years exactly ➡️ Now. I still have so much to work on, but man looking at old pictures definitely make me want to continue to push my self harder each day. I have been trying new stuff when it comes to lifting, mostly light weights with more reps and less of a rest time between sets vs. lifting heavy (I used to when I lifted with my boyfriend i always had a spotter) lol. I hope everyone starts their morning tomorrow super motivated because I know I am! 💪🏽

Let the bulking season begin 😎. Time to add size and become a true beast 💪🏽. For those of you who like to tell me to NOT add anymore size , please don't waste your breath 😘. I have goals I'm going to reach with or without you!! 😊 #2020

@missdeev can you tell im impatient for next weekend. I keep scrolling past these and have nothing less than pure pride in your work!! Cant wait to finally pull you out of chronic dieting and make you a metabolic machine on a strength complexities program!!!

5 meals today this was number 4 lolll
There was nutella and ricecakes and chobani added too and peaches

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