I peep game no half steppin SNEAK DADDY KANE' I came wit that raw uncut no need to explain shit on these Lamez @sneaksintra #flyboiafflieat #fbaallday #uncut 💪🔥🔥🔥💨💨💨👆

Spending quality time with one of my neglected kids today. All week the fleshy ones have been getting all of my focus. Got to show AZ some love 💕 📦 #fbaallday

Off to an amazing start! 😁 Hitting the magic round number of 10 VERIFIED REVIEWS is very, very important in the launch process. Make sure you have a system in place. Amazon FBA is not just about finding a product. In fact, the easiest part is finding a product. The real fun starts once your inventory arrives at the warehouse. Don’t give up, keep pushing!

When the Amazon guru likes your post!!! Thank you @reezyresells!! I’m a huge supporter so this is special for me! 😁

Wow!! Now it’s time to make the most of the momentum. Getting the ball rolling is the hard part but as long you follow the right recipe, the results are sure to follow! It’s so cool seeing yourself on @junglescout_ at the top of the list! 👆🏼😆

30 day sales in our UK market, happy with how our first month selling on amazon went, definitely room for improvement and more effort needed! #amazonfba #amazonseller #fba #seller #sellingaccount #fbaallday #reezyresells #watchmeamazon #entrepreneur #money #profit #forex #fxtraining #shopify #redbubble

Our FBA inventory made it all the way from China to Dallas in 2 days flat! Amazing! A huge thank you to @Fedex for making this possible!
We used delivery by air because the cost was fairly reasonable compared to delivery by sea. After all fees it was about $1 dollar per piece to have it delivered by air which is very affordable and still leaves room for big profit margins.
We are now in the launch stage! Excited to climb the Amazon BSR ranks!

Product photography day!
This was an exciting learning step because I had no idea how to “properly” use a camera. I watched a few tutorials on how to set up the perfect white backdrop to get clean images and the perfect settings to use.
You can choose to have this done professionally but it will cost you anywhere between $80-$400 and isn’t really affordable.
Luckily I have some decent photoshop skills so I was able to edit the pictures and the results came out amazing! Will definitely give the ad a slight edge over the competitors.

Celebrating small accomplishments! My Chinese plug says the packs are ready to move!

“I can’t entertain what others aren’t doing, I’m too busy working on getting us to the top”💯 #ComeGetYouSome

Today is a special day. It's the start of something great.
I invite all entrepreneurs and Amazon Sellers to join my journey in my first year as an FBA private label seller. I know that this is definitely a path less traveled but I know that it's also a fruitful one! I will be sharing all the trials and tribulations of my journey. I am ready to make 2018 my year!

€90 of sales on our first day, great achievement. From just an idea to a live online business. The hard work starts now! #amazonfba #fba #fbaamazon #fbaallday #amazonseller #ecommerce #onlinebusiness #money #motivation #garyvee #2018flipchallenge #goals #selling #profit #investing #investinyourself #reezyresells #watchmeamazon @paddyprofits

Last nights action taken flight I was nice @sneaksintra #flyboiafflieat #floatteam #fbaallday

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