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Hanging in beautiful San Diego. I'm up in the mountains this time and the weather is cloudy, foggy, and delicious. Last night thick fog rolled in and whenever I looked outside, tall epic sunflowers were standing stoically, facing my window, looking for all the world like fairy kin waiting to talk to me. The experience was startlingly clear and repeated throughout the evening.
I love these quiet days! I've been recording videos for the upcoming LA Goddess workshop (7/2/18, registration to come) and to touch base with the Starseed Wilding book too, which is flowing more than ever lately.
I haven't been on social media as much because my reality has consistently pulled me in to the physical here-and-now.
But I think of you guys! I feel your love and send mine back. Did you know I infuse my online sharings with Reiki to calm and heal you? To assist with whatever path you're on by offering encouragement and support? It's fun experimenting what can travel through tech 💫🌸💖 Epic space crystal unicorn leggings by @faywithlove
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The day you plant the seed, is not the day you eat the fruit. ✨ #patience #faywithlove #cactus

All of it.. it is all within you. ✨ #loveyourself #embraceyourself #faywithlove

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We drove for hours up the coast. Reveling in the luxury of the back seat, I first let myself be enchanted by the Pacific Ocean to the left, fading in variations of blue into a bright sky. Eventually our road meandered inland and I found my mind drifting. Soft mountains covered with yellow grass and dotted with ancient oaks called to me the same way they always do. I observed a single oak atop a gentle hill, wondering if it ever felt loneliness, up there so far from its fellows. I understood how one can feel so connected and so apart all at once. I often do. As tends to happen along this landscape, I discovered again that familiar knowledge of this soul of mine that comes from far away and long ago (or perhaps long to come - who can tell?) Lately I've felt more otherworldly than ever, feeling waves of Starseeded kindred spirits awakening in this place, holding our invisible golden grid secure as more and more of us arrive on our Earth home in our human bodies. What a life this is! The tenderness and fragility of the human condition alchemizing with our eternal consciousness. I'm remembering more all the time from both the past and the future. I'm gaining a deeper awareness of this funny "job" I have, to hold the spaces for conditions both brand new and ancient beyond imagining. To keep walking a path that I can't see but that I can FEEL, step by step and mile by mile. To gaze into eternity with new eyes. To come home again and again. To hold integrity through the storms whipping our world into a frenzy. To be steady in the midst of unpredictable change. It's not easy but I wouldn't change it. And sometimes a glass of wine, snuggled up under an oak tree, is the highest honor and the most delicious treat I could ask for. 🌀🔮💫 #starseed #musings #california #oak #takethelongview #evolution #og #holdingspace #ascendedadornment #soulfamily #earthlife
Dress by @faywithlove #faywithlove - so comfy and filled with the most lovely, sweet energy.

The keys to your success are always within! My favourite mala from @faywithlove

Nature, romance and feminity are the inspiration behind our summer collection. Launching this June 🌾 #faywithlove #womenwholove

Loving my watch since I have it and new bracelets!!! #faywithlove

New wrap dresses coming this summer 🌼✨ #faywithlove

J'ai retrouvé mes bracelets @enzokay et @faywithlove, juste à temps pour le printemps! Ça me fait sourire et mon samedi aussi 💕💫 #bracelets #spring #enzokay #faywithlove #faith #livelovelaugh

Always choose love over fear. In truth, choosing love over fear is a key part in all of our lives, to feel centered, grounded, and peaceful. We just don’t always realize it, as we get off-track, stop tuning-in, or feel like we’re not worthy enough to do it.

You are.

And once you start choosing love over fear, I promise your world will become infinitely more safe, loving, and open, so you can in fact, do what your heart most desires and grow more into your person. All it takes is an open heart, a willing mind, and the desire to feel more love. #faywithlove #chooselove #LOVE

Petit avant-goût de la nouvelle collection qui sera bientôt disponible dans les succursales Brunet 💕
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To był piękny weekend! Wrocław powoli mnie w sobie rozkochuje... nie wracam! 🌹🙈 #goodtime #good #freetime #weekend #happy #happytime #river #kayak #wrocław #wroclove #green #blue #water #insta #instagood #photooftheday #faywithlove #withfrends #sky

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