Her excellency describes herself and inspiration as follows "I was born in South Dakota. I'm 25 years old. I started journaling poetry when I was young in middle school. I didn't know it was poetry until I went to college. I was working on an oral history project and started to learn more from poets at my school. When I listen to some of the women's stories in my community of refugees from East Africa, I needed away to express how emotional it all made me feel. My family were refugees to the U.S. Many people don't know how hard that life is, when you
dont speak English, or have a degree, and are Black in the U.S. So I started to write poetry as I would listen to my mother & father's stories.
I am inspired by the elders who still know so much of their own stories they learned when they were kids. I'm inspired by my mothers & fathers stories. I'm inspired by my community's stories. I think that it is the power of poetry & storytelling. You can see & celebrate the hero in the "ordinary" person and their extra-ordinary triumphs. For me poetry is a way of celebrating as well as a way of grieving what we have lost. "

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