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Detail shot of one of our (@la_mcdougall ) sets for a private Halloween event by the electric @maria_lax_ 🙌🏾 aided by a stellar team @daisyazis @porgiem @capo_fefe @ciaraaaaah @joeknightuk @jackbryant247 ⚡️⚡️#spheretv #favouriteprop

Testing out the gemfan 5152 3 blades and they quickly became a favourite! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5stars) #gemfanprops #5152 #favouriteprop #smoothasbutter #quadcopter #drone #propellers #freestyle #likecomentfollow #wingnutfpv

Hi every single person reading this out there! I haven't uploaded anything in 4 days and I missed here!
The reason I haven't uploaded anything is I am currently on a boat trip with my family and you know, I took a lot, A LOT of pictures before but guess what? I don't know why but they did not looked like upload-worthy ( yas! I love english (!)) Finally, I decided this was good enough so here you go! The book in the pic is one of my all time favourites and I'll be doing some tags today because I'm in a RS and I haven't read nearly anything.
#chapter17 / From: the kite runner
1. Elves ( I miss Dobby the Free elf.) 2. Thestherals
3. Unicorns
4. Merepeople
5. Dragons
6. Fairies/Pixies
7. Werewolves
8. Hobbits
9. Centaurs
10. Hippogriffs ( More like buckbeak) ~ And one more. Does animagi counts?
#favouriteprop / The handmade wand that is in every picture I post. I love it SO MUCH. I have like 10 of them and I use them to write because THEY ARE ALSO PENCILS! It's really easy to make and you just need 3 items. If anybody wants I can post it in another post. •

Merhaba bu postu okuyan insanlar! 4 gündür hiç bir şey yüklemedim ve burayı özlemişim. Nedeni, şu an ailemle bir tekne gezisindeyim ve daha önce çektiğim fotoğrafları beğenmedim 😂 Herneyse, yukarıda bazı tagleri yaptım etiketlenen ve yapmak isteyen herkes davetlidir!!

Love my rocking chair ♥ the perfect place for my nursing mums to sit comfortably in the beautiful great outdoors or to snuggle up for bedtime stories! #rockingchair #favouriteprop #chairaddict #outdoorphotographer #childportraits #naturalchildportraits#momtogs #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingphotographer #bedtimestories #eveninglight #goldenhour #mother #motherhood #saraheverettphotography

🌿 I feel like a six out of ten
I gotta get up early tomorrow again

What goes on behind the words?
Is there pity for the plain girl? 🌿 .
I haven't been feeling too well and I'm just listening to Dodie's new EP on repeat, but I didn't read at all this week. So I decided to do some tags since there's so many that people tagged me and I haven't done:
#onewordtitle / @maru.books / I really want to read Silmarillion soon, I missed the Middle Earth!
#maleauthors / @maru.books /
#favouriteprop / @sneirrbooks / I think I have to say flowers!
The credit of this photo basically goes to @bookdreams__ because I was inspired by one of their photos (they're all AMAZING💙) .
🇹🇷 Merhabaa son bir haftadır neredeyse hiç okumadım (Korkuyu Beklerken'den iki hikaye sadece) o yüzden biraz tag lerde geri kaldığımı da farkedip tag yapmaya karar verdim.
#favouriteprop (kullanmayı en sevdiğim fotoğraf prop'u (aksesuarı?) kuru çiçekler çünkü fazla güzeller💙
Etiketliler davetlidir ama yapmak isteyen varsa kendinizi etiketlenmiş sayın,
İyi haftasonları💙

Sues succulents ( @uanfink1 ) are ready to rehome and are potted in whimsical discarded and vintage homewares. They are lovely around the shop and would be lovely in your home or office too 🌱 We are open 10-3pm tomorrow.

So I attempted to make cookies. The important thing is they taste good. Minor detail is that they look like flat cakes...
I finished reading WildThorn yesterday; ideal for anyone who is looking for lgbtq books or loves American Horror Story as it's set in an asylum. Wasn't quite what I thought it would be; for some reason I thought it was some Victorian aristocratic affair between two women... alas, 'twas not.
Next read potentially Six of Crows; unless any other recommendations comes in?
Tag time!
From @bridget.reads #favouriteprop flowers! Or my tattoo if that works?🌺🌻
From @bumblingaboutbooks
#firstinseries six of crows!
#femaleauthors @lbardugo 🖤
From: London 🇬🇧
When did I start; march 2017
Author or Publisher; author!👩🏼‍🎓
Standalone or series; Series!📗📘📙
Where in the world do you want to travel; Scandinavia 🏔
Authors who inspire you; @therealsjmaas @therealrobinhobb and sarah Waters 💁🏻🙋🏼🙆🏽
Cats or dogs; cats 🐱
Favourite film; Moulin Rouge 💃🏼
Biggest fear; whales.🐋
1. A highly anticipated book sucking
2. Bad adaptations
3. Love triangles. I hate them. They suck.
4. Books that promote un-feminist values
5. Authors dying mid series
#bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #bookblogger #bookstagram #sixofcrows #readersofinstagram #readwomen #girlswithink #leighbardugo #fantasybooks

Duk ngoya la pulokk dio ni 😂😂
Sebab best sangat, boleh ke nak minum teamix je satu hari? Jawapan 👉🏻 TAK BOLEH. Kena balance jugak dengan air masak. Ikut je guide coach bagi.
Satu je pasal teamix ni, Ya Allahhhh sape yang pernah rasa tak pernah cakap teamix ni tak sedap. Kalau shake yang banyak flavour tu pon, yang picky eater tu kadang selective jugak. Teamix tak pernah!
I even ada loyal customer yang order nya teamixxxx je everytime, lain tak nak. Tapi sorry yaaaa teamix tak boleh buat kurus, badan memang rasa best gila la but if nak kurus memang kena shake 😅
Berat naik time raya? We're still accepting new intake for Program Kurus 30 Hari Sesi Julai ‼️
#herbalifeteamix #favouriteprop #teamsurikurus #sorryulanggambarsama #schooldaynotimeforootd #nophotographertoo #imissmysisters #adikpuekite

Hiiii!! Tagged by @dreamless.eternity to do #bookandmug (that's a tea cup but stay with me!) #favouriteprop and #girlonthecover (that's a girl on the chapter head)
Also #longesttitle
Question: Anyone have any pets?
Sumaiya has a 🐈 kitty . Sabah has nothing bc strict parents

Book: The Girl In 6E by by #AlessandraTorre
Buy: http://amzn.to/2q54oj3
See blurb in comment.
This dish is called #NasiLemak. I believe anyone who ever been to Malaysia would be familiar with this dish. It is an unofficial national dish of my country. It's rice (cooked with coconut milk) served with sambal (in this case anchovies sambal, but can also be with prawn, cuttlefish or cockles), hard boiled egg and fried anchovies. Typically, it is also served with roasted peanuts and sliced cucumber but we didn't have those in stock lol!
This is the basic set. Sometimes people add meat like fried chicken or rendang (chicken or beef). Nasi lemak is a breakfast food (yes a heavy one lol!), but it is also eaten throughout the day.
📷 #PhotoChallenge: Day 22
#AmpersandMay17: Lady (Fave female character) - Deanna Madden
Deanna Madden is one of my top favorite female character. She's a badass cam girl from Deanna Madden series - an erotic thriller series.
#FanaticalBirdMay: Favorite Quote
One of my fave from this book:
"Disappointment in others is tough. But disappointment in yourself is far worse."
★ Book Tag ★
Thank @sophie_greek_girl_reading for #bookandprops & #favouriteprop tags.
Food 🍨🍰🥘🍝 has always been my fave prop, especially local food because I like to share my culture with the world 😁,
[May 22, 2017]
#WarhawkesVault #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookblog #bookblogger #bookworm #booklover #bibliophile #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookporn #bookstagramchallenge #bookphotochallenge #maychallenge #bookishfeatures #bookstagramfeature #igreads #bookphotography #TheGirlIn6E #foodphotography #foodgasm #foodporn #MalaysianFood

"Let people feel the weight of who you really are, and let them fucking deal with it."
Hey book babes!! How are you? I can't wait for my 2 days off after Monday. Hopefully I'll have time to finish 'Fallen Crest Forever', take some photos and maybe also start 'Before I Ever Met You' by Karina Halle. 📚
Do you guys have an author that you admire as a person but you're also intimidated, so you haven't read any of her books yet? For me that's Tarryn Fisher. I KNOW I'm gonna love her books but everytime I say I'm gonna pick one of them I always chicken out. I want to read 'Mud Vein' the most but if you have read her books which one do you think is a good starting point? Cause you and me, @tarrynfisher it's happening this year😛
Challenge DAY 20.
#alliwantformayisabook : #shoutoutsaturday
There are so many accounts that inspire me and I know I'm gonna miss some but here they are...
@miss.fiction, @jessycamber, @beautyandthebeastlybooks, @warriorfae, @strandedinbooks, @bookstorefinds, @coffeeanbooks, @angelicasbookhaven, @bookishbakes. They're photos are seriously stunning so if you're not following get on that!! A big part of my #bookstagram is my bestie @sophie_greek_girl_reading, Thank you for all your help💜💜 You guys should definitely check her out😉
Thank you @angelicasbookhaven for the #unreadbooks tag.
Thank you @sophie_greek_girl_reading for the #bookandprops & #favouriteprop tags. 📚
"You shouldn’t have to convince anyone to choose you. There is no real choice in love."

HELLO THERE! I don't know why I'm shouting, I may be excited or hyper. I come in peace anyway 😄

How did you spend Mother's Day? Did you do anything special? Me and my sister bought this small bouquet of flowers for our mom & she liked them so yay! 🤗

I'm currently reading The Mother Road by Meghan Quinn and I love that it's about a family road trip tradition in honour of their dead mother.
One more time a big thank you to @alleskelle for my signed copy ❤ .

Day 15: Spring Court= books & florals .
Thank you for the #booksandflowers tag @giota_the_reader & @beautyandthebeastlybooks 🌺
#yabooks #bookandprops & #favouriteprop by @meiiandbooks

Ok... I think I'm going make it official and say that Tutus and Tiaras is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE sparkle Gel 😍😍😍 #jamberry #tutusandtiarasjn #trushinegel #cascadeoflovejn #babyhands #favouriteprop

Bringing back the balls this week #favouriteprop #kidslovethem

If you love what you are doing, you won't need any reason to do it.
#livinglife #lovinglife #dance #handkerchief #favouriteprop #chinese #roadtoPeTA

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