Want to start the morning with Monet's Garden at Argenteuil or The Dahlias. 1873. Enjoy the riot of flowers but also look at sky...
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What did you want to be when you were younger? .
I wanted to be an artist and I still do love art from Seurat (painting pictured), Monet, Manet, Turner, Van Gogh and Escher to name a few. .
So when we had the opportunity to visit the @national_gallery in London on Sunday I jumped at the chance. To be able to see these original paintings up close in all their glory... breathtaking.

THIS IS A FUCKING MESS I KNOW ;_; Today I'm so exhausted, I couldn't make a better version. Here's my version of the #artvshero
1. Charles Zembillas
2. Pierre Alary
3. Valentina Brancati (Captain Bra)
4. Marta Marini (Capomontone)
5. Giorgio Cavazzano
6. Glen Keane
7. Carlotta Dicataldo (Inimeitiel)
8. Akira Toriyama
9. Silvia Ziche
10. Stefano Turconi
11. Jin Kim
12. Alessandro Barbucci (+ Barbara Canepa for the colors)
13. Jordi Lafebre
14. Tony Fucile
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Claude Monet owned more than 200 Japanese prints & once told a critic, “If you insist on forcing me into an affiliation with anyone else … then compare me with the old Japanese masters; their exquisite taste has always delighted me.” Vincent van Gogh thought of Japan, a country he had never visited, as a paradise where everyone loved art and lived in brotherhood — a situation he hoped to replicate in his south-of-France studio.
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Joining in with this #artvshero thingy thats going around. These are just some of my favourite artists, I spent so long trying to pick! And I have so many more that I could have included.
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Vor anderthalb Stunden bin ich endlich zu Hause angekommen. Und endlich kann ich meine Errungenschaften auspacken und bestaunen 😍😍😀🎨🖼
Durch #dokomi2018 konnte ich endlich einige meiner Lieblingskünstler persönlich treffen und sogar neue kennenlernen. 😆😍 Schade das ich keine neuen Leute bei #dokomi kennenlernen konnte...ich muss echt mal meine Schüchternheit überwinden. 😅😅 Ich habe mich gefühlt wie Alice in Wunderland. Trotz das ich nicht genug Geld dabei hatte konnte ich durch mein Glück heute einige tolle Sachen gewinnen und signieren lassen😁😆 Ich fühle mich heute gesegnet mit Glück und Zufriedenheit. Danke Danke an die grossartigen Künstler die mir den Tag perfekt gemacht haben. ❤💋🙈😭 Ich werde alles Einrahmen und schön an meine Wand hängen 😁😺 .
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'The Secret Gallery of Lady Clementine'
I love this pen and ink study by @smhermolle

Seeing as so many of you enjoyed my last fantasy art post here is another favourite artist Chris Achilleos, been a fan since the late 80s when my cousin David had his book Sirens. @sirensachilleos is his username here

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Hey babes! I am so nearly finished this piece now, I've been posting its progress on my daily stories & highlights if you wanna watch its completion 😍 I'm doing a kind of art physio, building up from 10 minutes, with an aim to be able to draw all day again. I'm on 18 minutes tomorrow 😍

It is very difficult to stop drawing when my time is up, as I get lost in the process. Whisked away to a land of dreams for 17 minutes. Time is so precious and yet so under-appreciated. It is only when time becomes heavily restricted that you realise what your true priorities are in life. When every second suddenly counts, you begin to appreciate every moment you have, to do what you love in life, with the people you love the most. It is paradoxical, however, that it is this feeling of appreciation that can make a fleeting moment last forever. True presence transforming a simple moment into a precious memory, to be forever embedded in our soul.

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The Musician, Tamara De Lempicka. One my of favourite artists, it’s her 120th birthday today. #tamaradelempicka #themusican #artdeco #favouriteartists #madonnaopenyourheart #jazzage

Hey guys, hope you are having fun 😍! This is a close-up pic of my limited edition print, "Touched". I posted its brain-counterpart "Touched Two" recently and again I want to try to show you the detail a little closer! Feel free to zoom in 🤓. These bold prints are printed on German Etching paper, so they have a beautiful, subtle texture. The two pieces are on my website, I'll post them together soon to show u :-) xx
*Love leaves an everlasting mark on our hearts. As we come together as one, we begin to share our lives, our experiences, our stories, our bodies..
As we take in all there is to see, we notice more and more each day, and our love expands and deepens. With every moment, we create a new shared memory, our auras leisurely filtering into one another. With every grasp and squeeze, we seem to grasp and squeeze our very brain, our heart, our soul. With every touch we feel the sensation deep within our heart, pressing against its hot surface and gently reminding us, we are protected.
As fingertips gently touch upon the surface of our hearts, they create a tingling sensation like a subtle rush of electric running through our veins. They gently squeeze, continuously reminding us of their presence and forever leaving an imprint on our soul. Over time, their hand holds more firmly, allowing them to feel for themselves every pulse, and experience every ounce of desire running through our veins.
Full of strong colour to represent strong emotion, this piece portrays the firm grasp love has on our hearts. I have enhanced every detail to highlight the depth and intensity we feel with each heartbeat. As you stare into its depths I hope you can feel a sense of the true love I have put into its creation.*

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