All NEW Supersoft Color Block.

I did this thing.
It changed me.
It changed my posture. It changed my mental battle with food. It changed my body. It changed my mind. It showed me that I can step up to a challenge. It showed me the power of people. It showed me that I am possible!
For several years I’ve been digging this working out thing. I may have just found my soulmate workout. It challenged me and changed me. It was stubborn, but so am I.
I won.

Ya’ll I’ve been meaning to tell you that these sweats are EVERYTHING. From J Crew.
Super soft.
Super NOT fitted (wtf is up w/all the fitted sweats?!) Super comf.
If you need me, I’ll be in these sweats. All day. Kthanksbye.
ps.I am making this face because someone I don’t know tried to video call me on FB while I was taking the pic. Ummmm no.

stars. supersoft. super cute.

Eat that Whataburger, wing that liner, shoot some guns.. do whatever it takes to be happy. But, don't EVER skip leg day!!! #DayTwo #1_2_2018 #LegDay #DontSkip #FavoriteSweats #LegExtensions #TooColdOutside #WhatABurger #BeHappy #IveGotGoals

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So much happiness in just one picture. #lovebeingamama #favoritesweats #christmas #gorgeouscoffeecup @amylynnmanion thank you for my sweet gift!

Not even worried that my feet are uncovered cause I have feejays on, so far they’ve lasted a year with no complaints!😛 #feejays #favoritesweats #slippers #sweats

Favorite sweats. They are 12 years old. Who else still has theirs?❤💛 🦁

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the snake which cannot cast its skin has to die — nietzsche

You know those moments when you see your kids and just want to freeze time? I had one of those last nite. Watching Laney dangle her feet at the table and realizing her little legs are getting closer and closer to touching the ground, I just wanted to stop time. It’s bittersweet realizing that she will never be this little again. Soon, her legs won’t dangle. Her feet will touch the ground. She’ll forget that there was ever a time when she couldn’t reach. But not me, I’ll remember ❤️

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7 day’s of black and white

Somedays you just need a bed day. Today was that day.😴 #SnapFilter #reindeer #selfie #TheLipChick #ThisChicksLife #blondie #stylist

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