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>>>Ewige Jugend🤔<<< ⠀

Heute möchte ich Ihnen von einem wunderbaren älteren Herrn erzählen, der im Alter von 89 Jahren entschieden hat, dass er besser joggen geht als depressiv und alt zu sein. Wenn Sie noch nicht um die 90 sind, dann haben Sie noch nicht alles verloren, und vielleicht werden Sie bis zu seinen 107 (!) Jahren)))) leben.😳 ⠀

Im Jahr 2011 trat Fauja Singh als ältester Marathonläufer ins Guinness-Buch der Rekorde ein und führte im Alter von 100 Jahren einen vollen Marathon durch. Am Tag rennt er 16 km, isst einmal am Tag ein paar Gemüse mit Ingwer und Curry und trinkt Tee. Er trank nie Alkohol und rauchte nicht, er versuchte sich nicht mit schlechten Menschen zu beschäftigen, die negative Dinge ins Leben bringen und ganz wichtig immer lächeln. Er ist weiterhin fröhlich, positiv und hilft den Menschen. "Wenn es Dinge gibt, die du nicht ändern kannst, hör auf, dir Sorgen um sie zu machen", sagt Fauja Singh.
Bei unserer täglichen Ernährung ist auch das Positive und die Freude ein fester Bestandteil, und genauso eine Tasse Tee von Sagan Dalya🍵, die Energie verleiht, betört und belebt. Nach ihr ist es auch nicht beängstigend einen Marathon zu laufen. ⠀

Fühlen Sie sich auch so energetisch und jung?

#FaujaSingh, 107 and running ! What’s your excuse !

Another great example of it's never too late to achieve victory. Fauja Singh is a British Sikh from Punjabi Indian descent.
He ran long distance run in Hong Kong at the age of 101 and finished the event in one hour 32 minutes, 28 seconds.
Honored with British Empire Medal in 2015.
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Fauja Singh just turned up at my mum and dad’s house warming!! He’s 107 and still runs marathons! Bow down to the turbaned tornado! The best bit is his cheeky sense of humour. Right where’s my microphone. #sikh #centenarian #legend #faujasingh #marathonrunner #beard #playa #OG

Quote from today’s Hot Pilates class. Last week, I ran into a friend at a yoga class and we got to talking about goals and life. Her daughter had just accomplished something major, but was then looking at the long road ahead of building a career in her industry. I felt similarly after just finishing my 200 hour YTT - I felt amazing about it for a moment. And then I realized what a long path was ahead of me to become a great yoga teacher. The little drawing on the left is me at the top of my YTT mountain, and the drawing on the right is me looking at the journey in front of me.

Today I came across this quote that I loved. I looked up the author and fell even more in love with it when I read about him online. Fauja Singh is a British Sikh centenarian MARATHON RUNNER of Punjabi Indian descent. He ran his first marathon in the year 2000, when he was EIGHTY NINE YEARS OLD! 11 years and a few marathons later, he ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. This man is an incredible testament to the power of the human spirit, and to the ability to achieve a goal through focus and dedication. I love also how he states that anything worth doing is GOING to be hard. There are no shortcuts. There are no caveats. You have to put in the work, put in the miles, put in the effort. Your goals are worth your effort. Stay the course :). And thank you for your words, #faujasingh 🙏

The Chardi Kala vibe 🤟🏼😇 #faujasingh
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‏Fauja Singh
‏أكبر مشارك في سباقات الماراثون عمره الان ١٠٤سنوات
‏بريطاني من أصل هندي.
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Coop Advert Running Singh #FaujaSingh 👳🏽‍♂️ #Singh #Sikh #LookASingh

They say age is just a number. We couldn't agree more. Take Fauja Singh, for example. Centenarian he may be but he is giving everybody a run for their money. Especially when it comes to marathons. Nicknamed the Turbaned Tornado, this 107-year-old hero holds multiple distance records in multiple age brackets and also the UK records for 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, the mile and 3000 m for his age group, all set within a single 94 minute period. What was that old saying about life beginning at 40 again?
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Fauja Singh ran his first marathon in his late 80s. His is a remarkable journey. It is his determination that has made him a world renowned marathon runner. His story is a proof that hard work always makes you achieve big things in life. #SwachhAbility acknowledges his achievements and salutes his will power.

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“I feel my life has just begun” - Fauja Singh .
👳🏼‍♂️107 year old marathon runner .
👳🏼‍♂️Rediscovered running at the age of 81 .
👳🏼‍♂️Ran his first marathon at 89 .
👳🏼‍♂️At the age of 100, set 8 world records in one day .
Age is truly just a number! .
Acrylics on canvas // 2012 #faujasingh

Maujan with #faujan 😻😻😻 #faujasingh for #supersikhrun #Dec9 #newdelhi

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