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We were cleaning up after dinner and my husband went over to wipe down the table. He was interrupted by our 2 year old son who insisted that he help out by snatching the cloth out of dad's hand and doing a very poor job of scrubbing away at one spot for a minute straight. When he was done, he looked up at us with a smug little expression to say "you're welcome". Of course my husband had to then go back and wipe it down again which took him a little less than 10 seconds. A job that could have been done in a matter of seconds took minutes because of our son's participation. However the father's heart in Andy didn't mind waiting an extra few minutes; what's a few minutes to see Jordan learning to achieve the little things that will one day become great things.
God doesn't need my help but if I put my hand up to participate in His work, He won't ever refuse me because that's just the Father's heart. #fathersheart #waitsonme #jordanyang @andyyang84

[tudo pertence a Ti... E depois de tudo que fizeste, é o mínimo que eu posso fazer] 🙏🏽🙌🏾☝🏾️ #Gratidão #Graça #FathersHeart

Father's heart conference.. #fathersheart #godisgood

5 of the 8 videos out!!! 🙏🏼 Almost done with all of them! S/o to all the people following my team's journey through these dance vids. Link in my bio, Check it out! #FathersHeart @thev3dance

Walking up in Kranji Marshes and it started raining. Ran for cover and got stuck in shelter for the whole morning, no epic drone shot, no beautiful scenery to instagram , but man was it a great morning with my lovelies!
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Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter today #happybirthday #daughter #fathersheart

Today is heavy for so many reasons someone reminded me of this song #America #fathersheart Part 1

Yesterday, I had one of those moments... a moment where everything suddenly slowed down and I really began the journey of seeing the fullness of life in each moment. I sat around the table with my new friends and family from 7 different countries eating, drinking, laughing, & sharing stories. My new friend Helene, always says "if you are a Christian and life isn't an adventure, it isn't really Christianity." I sit here in Denmark with a full heart because He has led me to this exact moment. He continues to lead me into a life of adventure and a deep love knowing I belong and that I am deeply loved.


GOD PROVIDES: I have a wonderful relationship with my Dad. I thank God for him constantly because it's through my relationship with my Dad (and my beautiful Mum) that I've come to understand the heart of my father in heaven. My Dad loves me deeply and wants the best for me. When I'm sad or hurt it breaks his heart and if he can stop me before I make a mistake, of course he will. If I do make a mistake he is always waiting to help me pick up the pieces and try again. When I was young he disciplined me and now I am thankful because I have grown into a woman who understands the consequences of doing wrong, to others and to myself. A few months ago I was pondering God's limitless love for us. How we cannot put our earthly limits on His dreams for our lives and what He is capable doing for us, in us and through us. I decided to ask Him for something crazy! I prayed: "Father... I would really love to have a car. It would make life in Victoria so much easier and I would be able to see parts of this island I've always wanted to see! I really don't have a lot of money. This crazy but... I need a car that costs me nothing. A car with no strings attached.. and I would really like it be from someone I can trust." As always I ended my prayer by putting the decision into God's hands. His will be done, not mine. Maybe a car is not a good idea. He knows me better than I know myself so I have no trouble trusting in His final decision. A few months after my prayer I found myself in conversation with a couple from church. They said they had car and they wanted to give it to me, as a gift! Bill & Leslie fit every detail of my prayer and the most wonderful thing is how completely I trust them. They have two grown daughters who have driven the car before me. I am so blessed to know that Bill is only a phone call away if I have any questions! He showed me all the ins and outs of the vehicle so I can take care of it and even took me for a spin to get used to changing gears with my opposite hand! I'm grinning from ear to ear! Thank you Jesus! And thank you Bill & Leslie 😃💜

" One Year Later To The Day " Promised to keep it simple - key to success - GREATEST INVESTMENT IS SPENDING QUALITY TIME - #godsgift #fatherdaughter #fathersheart #whateverittakes #whateverforever #newyorklife #newyorkcity #newyorker #brooklyn #homeofbiggie #biggiesbirthday #rochesterny #thestreetsmartist #luckyme #luckyus @adiaj

Serving others brings us great Joy! Today we had the privilege of serving 591 guest @fathersheartnyc!
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"Ek slaan my oë op na die berge: waar sal my hulp vandaan kom?
My hulp is van die Here wat hemel en aarde gemaak het.
Hy kan jou voet nie laat wankel nie; jou Bewaarder kan nie sluimer nie." -Psm 121 .
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"Anytime we try to find ourselves part from our Father's house is rebellion." - John Hobbs

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I'm excited to Launch The Fathers Heart School of Prophecy July 10-August 1 at The Harvest in Sarasota, Florida! If you want to be equipped, empowered, and activated in prophetic ministry join us for this exciting school! For more info go to www.fathersheartschool.com #propheticschool #fathersheart #prophecy

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