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Thanks so much to my amazing family and parents 🙌🏽💯💙 #CRUZTIMCAHILL @kyahtimcahill @shaetc17 @siennaavaalofa @bekcahill1508 #FAMILY #fathersday17

Unconditional love at its finest. My babies #fathersday17

There's no gray area in the way he loves these kids!!!! He "stepped" in right on time with chayse and in Gods time for his son.... Happy fathers day to my amazing Husband.... We love ❤️ you zowwwwwwwnnnnnn #fathersday17

Y'all see why our children are beautiful. #fathersday17

I am not at all as good of a father as I want to be but my love for you Cayden is unbelievable . . I love you my boy and I pray/wish & will teach you how to prosper at everything you do !

literally the only picture I got but I guess it'll do, happy father's day pops #fathersday17

To All The Real Fathers Out Here I Wanna Wish U A Happy Fathers Day, We Get Over Looked Daily But To The Ones Who Continue To Do The Job Thru It All U The Real MVPs Thank You All For The Love❗️#FathersDay17 #VIBEWITME



Happy Father's day papi @wilefen .
#fatherandson #fathersday17

Anak ceria karena terpenuhi kebutuhan jasmani dan rohaninya... Semuanya tak luput dari peran seorang ayah... Selamat hari ayah, Papa Ayup kesayangan Cici dan Bibing ❤️😘😍

Happy father’s day dear papa....,
You know how much i missed you
17 years and i’m still remember how you’re voice sound like , how you always gimme a good nite kissed (literally every nite ) , how you checked my homework , how you teach me everythin’, how you without tired lookin’ for me around neighbourhood because it’s gettin dawn and im still playin’ outside, how you always motivated me all the time to be engineer, how you always play with my hair when im goin to sleep in your stomach, how you always lemme bought anything i want if we go grocery, how you taking me to school everyday with your suit (and my friend would say how cool u’re) , but Allah wants you that soon maybe Allah wants me become strong independent woman, because im surely know, if you still here around me, you will take care everythin’ literally everythin’ and i will become nothin’
So Pa..... just stay there watchin’ us and pray for our Succesfull, till we meet again , nobody will ever have my love as much as i love you , forever 😘😘😘😘

An old picture of my Dad holding my big sister(Udbi) damn he looks young!!
I know you have been busy since the day I was born taking care of everyone and you always forget that you’re only human but what am gonna do you’ll never listen you always put family before you and I always respected this feature and I always looked up for you after all you’re my HERO and you always will be my hero!! Live long, stay strong and love more #farsdag #fathersday17

Firade farsdag i Helsingfors hela helgen! #helsinki #fathersday17 #fathersdayweekend #farsdag #isänpäivää

My father is stronger than Hulk, braver than Superman, smarter than Iron man too because he’s my hero of all hero. So happy #fathersday La Papa! #likefatherlikeson #fathersday17 #fathersonbondingtime

Last Father's Day without me! At my mom's store... Only a few more days before my big debut.
#fathersday17 #comingsoon #pregnantmom

When we still didn’t know...Turns out this guy became the best father one could ever wish for❤️ Grattis på fars dag @ludwig_dahlberg 🧡🧡🧡/ Happy Swedish #fathersday17

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