I recently went to watch A Simple Favor starring Anna Kendrick & Blake Lively. Anna Kendrick plays Stephanie and her character tends to say “sorry” for every little thing. I FEEEEEEL HERRR during those moments bc I always say sorry even if it’s probably not my fault 😂 When I have to ask ppl to move, I have to first say “sorry, excuse me” etc, and everyone keeps telling me to stop apologizing so much 😭 Sorry! 👀
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Sometimes commuting can be so tiring even tho I’m just sitting/standing in the bus 😴 I don’t live close to school, so everyday I spend at least 3 hrs going/coming back. Idk why when I come back, I feel like my energy is drained. Bussing is just a tiring process (even more than sitting in lectures) LOL. Also the busses doesn’t stop inside my school anymore so I have to take an extra 10-15 min walk, which is fine now, but not when winter comes 😭
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BEJEJENDBDKKEN yooooo this edit doe 🔥 🔥 I cant get over how nice it looks 😭!!!!! Thank you so much @ansenphotos for making this photo look 👌🏻 👌🏻 👌🏻If you guys haven’t yet, you should definitely check out his work!!!!! It’s amazing 😭! I’m so glad to have been blessed by you!!!!! :>
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Schools starting this week and I’m not ready OTL. I can’t believe how fast the summer flew by 😭 This will be my final year at school, so im pushing through it! Plus ultra 👊🏻 😂

If I had to rank from the easiest-hardest cosplay to put on, Jalter tops it all. It’s one thing to put on the makeup, but it’s another thing to put on the armour (approx 20-30 mins) 😂 Sometimes if it weren’t for my best assistances with me, I don’t think I’d be going anywhere cosplaying her 😉
FAN EXPO IS HERE! I think this may or may not be my last con of the year, so I hope I can find all my boos during the con weekend 😭 I’ll be cosplaying Shinjuku Jalter w/ @siyuecos as my Salter ♥️ Pc: @raingodseiji

we're sexy and we're know it 🎶 👀 👀
while waiting for our pic tho ~
kali ni samping tak lupa bawak 😑 .
Mordred @qtmochi8
Emiya @_kaaaaaai_
. 📷 ryugamine mikado


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Thank you all sm for 300 followers!!! I’ve been meaning to post some of this but I’ve been posting so much Fate I felt you guys needed a little break 💕

Characters: Saber (Altria) & Rin
Rin: @strawberryxdoll
Series: Fate series


I recently found out about summer Jalter in JP and I love her design so much ~ I wish I can cosplay her but im not body confident for swimsuit cosplays yet 😭 Maybe next year :^)))))) Goodluck to those rolling for summer Jeanne and obtaining summer Jalter (╹◡╹)♡ 📷: @zer0lok

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