I love the way his gut overhangs the windowsill. He wears fat very well 😺#fatcatproblems #tubbybutcute #catlover

When the very low carb, high protein diet is too much so you try breaking into the high carb deliciousness that Gatsby gets to eat... 😂 Pancakes-on-a-diet Day 3 is starting out well. 🙃🙈 #Pancakes #fatcat #fatcatproblems #diet #dietingsucks

[THE SATURDAY MORNING SAGA - PART 1] I heard the hoomans getting the cage out. When the cage comes out it can only mean bad things so I decided to hide on mini hoomans chair. Think they'll find me here??
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We’ve had one, yes. What about second breakfast?
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What? Isn’t this how cats sleep?!? #hagridthecat #fatandfloppy #fatcatproblems #tuxedocatsofinstagram

The tiny precious baby angel (that keeps pooping on the floor) is not about his diet🤦🏼‍♀️ #fatcatproblems

Rhinna the kitty has recently started a specialized diet put together for her by our vet Dr. Amanda. She needed helping losing some weight. 🐱
At the beginning of the diet, carbs are Rhinna’s main source of energy. Dr. Amanda does not expect Rhinna will lose much, if any weight in the first month of the diet. This month will just be getting her used to the diet. Unfortunately weight loss in kitties can be a slow process (as with all of us, we guess 😉!) As the diet progresses, the carb/protein ratio comes back to what you’re more used to seeing, with the addition of the liver and more meat.
There are many sources that state that higher protein vs carbohydrates are better. However, in veterinary medicine, the ideal balance is actually closer to 70% carbs and 20% protein. We know that this seems counter to what a ‘wild cat’ would consume, however we often forget that much of what a prey animal consumes also includes the stomach contents of the prey. In the case of a domestic cat, they would catch mice and rats which fed on grains and other carbohydrates. The stomach contents of these small creatures actually makes up quite a bit of the cats diet.
Dr. Amanda has altered the ratios for Rhinna to help with her weight loss, bringing the final amounts to 32% protein and 45% carbs. If the protein is much higher than this, it can cause other health concerns, such as kidney disease. The kidneys have to work very hard to process protein in the body, so we need to properly balance the amounts of protein consumed.
Dr. Amanda is helping a lot of our pet parents with customized recipes for their pets. Please let us know if you need one too.
Rhinna is also taking some NHV supplements to help her make the most of this diet and cope with other health concerns like food allergies, skin breakouts and poor metabolism. #NHVpets #naturallyhealthypets

Every day Chief runs to greet me at the door when I get home and every day he doesn’t wait for me to open it all the way and gets stuck trying to get out. #fatcatproblems #suckitin

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