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People can be insecure about anything, after making colossal booty gains 💪🏽 over the past few months, and feeling like I lost them from a month and a half of restricting and not picking up a single weight. I'm never going to have the perfect Instagram booty that you see plastered over your Instagram feed, but neither do many of my followers, and I hope my little wobbly cauliflower buns make you feel better about yours. I wouldn't change my little jiggly bum for the world ❤️

You guyyys... it's a thing! Now I'm finding so many cuties recreating Hilda - like these pics by @bunnylucille 😍❤️🙌🏼 I think we all need to recreate our favourite Hilda image! #love #hilda #pinup #pinupmodel #pinupgirl

Hey guys !
I'm in the airport waiting for my flight to #sandiego 🤘🏽✨ so excited thank you for all your food suggestions I can't wait to try them all 🙏🏽✨🍰🍓🥓🥐🌽 I'll keep in touch

“I should say I am pretty new to the movement, six months or so. It was a good time for me, not long after I joined the conversation started to ‘shift’ or become more fierce about the current problems. The solidification of the conversation was very important for me. It reached me in my ‘omg-I-do-not-have-to-hate-my-body/myself-honeymoon-faze.’ So a very me and my feelings centered phase.

It pushed me outside of this space and made me adjust my view. Bopo is not just that, bopo is not just for my inner me and my freedom from hating my body and a space where I do not get attacked by standards and norms, it is SO much more than that. IT IS FOR ALL MY SISTERS AND MARGINALIZED PEOPLE.

It is for my sister who the doctors did not bother to check properly for chronic illness because she is fat. So she went years before getting diagnosed where she could have received relief providing treatment.

It is for my fat friend who’s depression was written off as a result of bad lifestyle choices that he could eat and exercise it better. It has now been 5 years since he killed himself.

It is for my friend of color who did not get her skin cancer diagnosed early enough because doctors re not experienced enough with diagnosing POC. So she had to go through radiation and aggressive treatment.

It is for my friend who is one of the most intelligent and hardworking people I know, but because she is fat, when she teaches Public Health some of the students write her off or sometimes even heckle her. She is writing an inspired thesis about intuitive eating and Type 2 Diabetes, but I am afraid of how it will be received if people who read it know she is ft.
Body Positivity is for all the people I love, who are pushed up against walls that cage them as the wonderful creatures they are.

Body Positivity is for all the marginalized people I do not know, but out of solidarity of being human, I love.

Body Positivity helped me. Saved me from a life of not living. If the rescue of me was enough for me, then bopo would not the the right place for me. By honoring what Bopo did for me, I have to acknowledge that is it not just about me." ***continue below***

tb to the last time my makeup looked even remotely good 🤗

I refuse to believe that traveling the world with people you love, creating things you love and getting paid a lot of money to do so, is too much to ask for ✨
creating goals and smashing them #2017 #BEinyourskin #fbf


💋 Love your curve's baby!
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Beautiful day🌼 #fatbabe #fatgirllife #bodypositive

I'd rather die than go to heaven.

Don't be afraid to stand out 💖🖤💖
Eve Nygma. But I'm The Riddler now 😉

When you are fat eating in public is an act of rebellion.
No one throws a side eye at a thin person in Taco Bell. No one "politely" suggests you order the salad instead. No one snickers, rolls their eyes, or makes comments towards your choices. No one replaces your drink order with a diet version (which could kill some people by the way.) Because it's not about the food.
It's about the person ordering it.
There is no health concern when a thin person orders something that we all know isn't nutritionally dense - that only applies to fat people.
When I talk about privileges, I'm not attacking anyone. I just want people to be able to understand - We aren't treated equally. From the tiny micro aggressions mentioned in this post to street harassment, to even being less "employable." It's not something thin people think on because they have the privilege of not having to.
I have privileges. You have privileges. It's not a bad thing to talk about them and figure out how we can all work together to even out the playing field.
Even if part of that is just eating at a fast food place without a nasty side eye or comment thrown your way.

Belly Button Love 💖💖

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