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Being brave enough to be unapologetic for who you are, that's a goddess!
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Life is short... smell the roses (or insert any flower you have in ur home) 🌸

Honestly balance in life my thing. Studious law student in the morning, Sunday funday babe the night before. I'm grateful for friends and cheap beer and cute bartenders (Jason I'm not talking about you) 🙌🙌🙌 #Louisville #bodypositive #bodypositivity #fatbabe #sundayfunday

Dear haters, fat shamers, and health claimers
To you, I cannot exist without promoting obesity.
How dare I love myself.
How dare I wear whatever I want to wear.
How dare I accept myself.
How dare I give advice.
How dare I even exist.

But let me ask you something.
HOW DARE YOU feel the need to make people feel like they aren't worth anything.
How dare you try and stop us from loving and accepting ourselves because you can't.
How dare you feel like you have any say in our lives because you don't.
How dare you make us feel less than the human beings we are that deserve respect to live our lives without your hate.

I promote life. To live it without holding back. To love oneself no matter its state or size. To be able to be who we are.
We are human beings just like anyone else and we shouldn't have to fight just to continue to justify we deserve to be. • • • •
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I want to know how YOU feel about hateful comments. As a fat, queer, disabled woman who is very visible, public, and frankly very hard to miss, I sift through a ton of troll comments every day. Typically, I don't use the comment filter Instagram provides. This is because I think it is important for people to see how fat people are treated. Some people seem to think internet bullying isn't a big deal and I should expect it because of what I wear and how my body looks. I am not satisfied with that. The problem is not me posting photos wearing clothes thin women are praised for wearing all the time; the problem is the hateful comments and commenters. Saying I shouldn't post if I don't want hate is like telling someone they should be homeless if they don't want a home invasion. I have never ever in my life sought out another human being to tell them they are ugly or their clothes are ugly or they look trashy, etc. I surround myself with people who have never sent hate to another person. So, I know it is not only 100% possible, but actually EASY and FREE not to leave hateful comments. The vitriol fat people face for existing is overwhelming, but I still come across people who do not believe fat people are treated poorly at all. I think it is important to see what fat people have to put up with.
I also learned to love myself, learned about feminism and intersectionality, and learned how to defend myself watching others have fights on the internet. I learned about my own oppressive views. Instagram comment fights pushed me to learn more about opposing viewpoints and helped me shape my beliefs today. I think that is also important.
However, I had the comment filter on for a few days because I needed a break from the bullshit and several people commented how nice it was to see a bunch of positivity in the comments. Replying to and reading these hateful comments absolutely does take a toll on me. It doesn't make me feel bad about myself or my body. I can be a confident and happy person and still not like it when people make fun of me or try to pull me down. But it does take a toll.
Please tell me how you feel in the comments. #bodypositive #fatbabe #plussize

What I don't understand is why people are so offended by me?

I'm not asking you to dress like me,
I'm not asking you to be fat or like my body
I'm not even asking you to hang out with me. So why the fuck does my existence offend you so deeply.

Offend you to the point where you stare, gasp, tell your friends to look at me, laugh, and even point at me. As if I'm an animal in a zoo, or an endangered species.

It's sad that a confident, happy fat girl is a rare breed of human.
It's sad to think that I am a walking punchline.
It's disgusting that people treat a human being the way I've been treated the last few days. I've called out so many people in the last 72 hours, I can't even count. What really helps me is all of you, and knowing that loving myself is not a CRIME! So don't let anyone make you believe by loving yourself you're doing something wrong. #bigandblunt #fuckfatphobia #letsgototheex #bodypositive #curvyfashion

No hands 🤗


Enjoying the heat today, waiting around for the solar event of the year.
I wish I could have seen the eclipse better, but I'll be prepared for the next one.
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I was on vacation (from work) for a whole week ! I didn't wear a drop of makeup the whole time and I got bored😒.. here's my face when I went back. Nothing special but I'm really feeling the dark brows with this yellow hair.💛~
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