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Found some @fabuplus at @chaptersindigo today. Look for my article on Mindful Movement in the fall issue.
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Monday sweat session complete! ☇☇☇☇ #fitnesslife #fitnessplussize #fatandfit #fitnessjourney

i'm fat & livin' 💁🏾 #fatandfit #fatandproud #imfat

Comer é bom mas você já teve a sensação de perder 14kg ? É ótimo ... 🏃🏼🏋🏼 #fatandfit #lifestyle #queriaumhamburguercomfritas 🍔🍟

America's most beautiful ride!


Cerita semalam 😘😘😎😎💪🏼 #lariansukansea2017 #sukansea2017 #howispentmyweekend #fatandfit

Bu iştah olduktan sonra programlar bitmez 😅 #p90x yeni program. #fatandfit 😂

I look pissed, but am actually good ! Hit gym hard, thickening up those thighs and ass. Hehe #fatandfit #fatgirlsdoworkout #gymflow #sweatybetty

Ok, so I *do* have something for #MovementMonday from my story last week in case you missed it. For me, encouraging women and men to move at any size is my goal. For years I didn't workout because I was ashamed of my body; sounds counterintuitive but the mind has this amazing way of holding you back from enjoying life when you feed it a diet of negativity and self-hatred. Movement was also a form of self-inflicted punishment as a means to change, as opposed to care for myself. I started my wellness and body love journey at #240lbs pounds and simply started lifting for fun. Now I am around #190lbs to #200lbs (not that the amount matters) and it shows that you can move, be active, and find activities you love at any size! 🎶 "Poetic Justice" by Kendrick Lamar.
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#plussizefitness YES ITS REAL.... 👙💪🏾🚴🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️
Fitness goes beyond #aesthetics! Find your fit hunty, my constant battle with my #clients is a battle I still with from time to time and that's having a fraudulent expectation of how/what I should look like. Hunty you'll get to your #goalweight I promise you but please obtain it as naturally and organically as possible, don't rush and risk; enjoy the experiences throughout the process. Some people will pass you QUICKLY and that's awesome 👏🏾, celebrate 🎉 with them be gracious and supportive! Your path is your path! I have #noshame with this lump of sexiness, do I still get frustrated umm 😐 hell yes, but I should do I'm reminded of my the dumb irresponsible shit I did that caused me to be #obese for so long! My pain, my embarrassments, all the rejections, all the times I stood in the back of a room because of my size, cropping pics to only show my face and not my body; fuels me!!! Come August looking to shave off an additional 7 inches! #biggirlsworkouttoo #fatandfit #fatshaming #biglegs #bloggergirl #blackfitness #pcosfitness #pcos #pcosweightloss #findyafit #bootygoals #bodesquad #bbws #bodygoals2017 #plussizegirl #plussizelife #plussizeblogger #beforeandafterweightloss #beforepic #extremeweightloss #curvyfit #swipeleft #swiperight

Цветочки против жирофобии!!! #stopfatshaming #stopfatshaming #fatandfit #fatandhappy #толстаяикрасивая

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Contra todo pronóstico, mi sistema digestivo sobrevivió a la Torta Acapulqueña de @benitojuarezcm 💪🏼 .
Esta pequeña tiene nada más y nada menos que jamón californiano, carne desmechada (o esmechá, como lo dicen en mi tierra), pollo desmenuzado, queso mozarella, FRIJOL REFRITO 😵 SALSA CHIPOTLE 😱 GUACAMOLE 😨 lechuga, tomate y cebolla. Con todo y eso amanecí divinamente y muy temprano me fui a entrenar 🏋🏻‍♀ Solo dejé un cuarto de torta. Pero no me subestimen, no me lo comí completo porque me hice el compromiso de dejarle a mi mamá. .
Ya me quedó de lección, esas promesas no las vuelvo a hacer, una Torta Guacapulqueña se disfruta completica 🤤❤️ .
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9am on a Monday and I've just done an hour at the gym. Who even am I? At least I wore this vest. #fatandfit #morningworkout

"Off Season". Brought to you by the colour red.

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Back at it again! :)

"Some gyal grudge mi chu di life I live" Bank Book Fat Up!!! *Entrepreneur*
MI LIKE IT!!!! 👍🏽 BRAND NEW #Dancehall Song from @yaniquecurvydiva the Riddim, Lyrics and Vocals on point!!!! #LatonyaStyleinGermany April 2017 *Berlin* #STYLISHMOVES by #LatonyaStyle and #FemaleDancehallSteps from @dancejaqueens @staciafya @kimikoversatile #DanceJaQueensSteps #Fubulus #Confidence #Digit #WatchdiPumpz @streetcredja @goodgoodproductions

Going to the gym was always a fear of mine. Everyone seemed so fit, so healthy, so straight-sized. They'd be the ones to keep up during the cardio classes and I'd be the one having to rest in between. I'd choose the treadmill farthest away from people because I hadn't wanted them to see how slow I was going or how the loose skin on my stomach jiggled with each step or how out of breath I was. They probably thought I was one of those 'fat' people who sat around all day and ate and hated myself. That wasn't the case.
Joint issues run in my family. And, I've always been limited because of the pain I have in my knees. Everyday, I work at getting them stronger though. But I'll always have some kind of limitations. Pain or not, fat or not, acceptable to other's standards of 'fit' or 'healthy' no longer concerns me. I'm tired of having to explain my fatness to people. Make it digestible. Cutting it in little pieces for body shamers to understand. Not anymore. Sorry, but not sorry.
I used to have this complex about my backside. I didn't even like when people walked behind me. I just knew they were making fun of me or making slick comments about my body. Right now, I'm embracing this body. My body. The one that I have now. Which means overcoming my fear of ppl judging the jiggle. This is me. The fat me. Running up a flight of steps in the heat. Take it or leave it. But my body is my temple. And it will be respected ✌🏾#leahvdaily #detroitblogger #fatshion #muslimgirl #bodyproject #fatandfit #fitness #fatspo #psootd #psfashion #bodypositive #iwearwhatiwant #selflove #marshmallowgirl #londonblogger #blackgirls #blackgirlswhoblog #instabeauty #instafashion #fitnessmotivation #fashion #effyourbeautystandards #bgki #pizzasisters4lyfe #fashionblogger #exercise #bodyacceptance #feminism #plussize #plusmodel

Dziś udawaliśmy, że jesteśmy w Portugalii: była dorada i Vinho Verde 😜🍷🐟#portugal #dinnertime #healthyfood #fatandfit

I did it. I ran a 5k for the first time in over two years. I did it after gaining 50 lbs during pregnancy and still being about 40 lbs heavier than before Violet. I did it without any walking, and under the time I wanted to. If someone had told me a year ago that I would have done this today, I never would have believed them. I am so happy, and so thankful for all the support I have received. I cried at the finish because I was so overwhelmed and happy to have done it! I finally feel like I am connected and confident in this new post-baby body. Now, let's see if I can improve my time in October. 😉 #fatandfit #biggirlscanrun #5k #imback

Well, here I am. I've edited this picture about 80 million times and I said eff it. So, here it is unedited except for the black and white filter. It's my body, I love it. No shame. Here is my #reverseplank for day 1's heart opener for #StripDownAsanas.
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*long-winded post ahead*

For the past 3 years I have been working towards losing 100lbs purely through diet & exercise. I have been obsessing over the scale and the last few pounds of my goal over the past couple of weeks. Today my scale told me I had achieved that goal, but I kept trying to undermine it by thinking "well it's not the same scale from three years ago" or "I don't have my shoes on, so it's not accurate." However, I'm not going to let that thinking take away my victory. Besides losing pounds, I've dropped multiple clothing sizes and today while trying on clothing found that I could wear a size of jeans I've never been able to in my adult life. (I had stopped wearing jeans altogether a few years ago as I couldn't fit any of my old ones and really didn't want to know what size I was then.) On top of that, I bought my first two-piece bathing suit, partly inspired by my beautiful friend @shelbischroeder. (The last time I bought a bathing suit I had to order it online because it was a size two times larger not even carried in stores.) What's probably even more important, though, is that I'm the healthiest I've ever been. Before I started, I had high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic (almost full blown Type II) and today I can say both my cholesterol and blood sugar are normal. I'm so glad to be at the place I am now and am thankful for all of those around me who have encouraged, supported, and inspired me along the way. I'm looking forward to becoming more fit & healthy, but for right now I'm just going to enjoy the progress I've made so far.
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This is from right before my migraine fit started. This is what progress looks like. I am beyond proud of how far I have come, and how far I have yet to go. #fatandfit #progressnotperfection #powerclean

At East Portland 'bout to go work this water y'all... come join me❣️
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🎶 Get you somebody who can do both 🎶
Whoever said you couldn't be fat and fit? Fit doesn't always mean abs and thigh gap. According to the dictionary the adjective means "in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise..." Dance in conjunction with Crossfit have changed my body and I feel great. Although I haven't shed many pounds (not the end goal) I can see definition in my arms and even my butt lifted (which hubby notices often haaayyy). Even if you are happy being fat and fabulous working out is so important to your physical and mental health. Find something that works for you, something that feels great after you've achieved it. Working out might not feel great in the moment, but that endorphin rush after is worth it all. Keep dancing, keep being active, keep being sexy!
Dance It Out,

And breakfast is served.... #healthyeating #fatandfit 🍯🍯🍯

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