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Ahead of tomorrow, a few reminders for myself:
▪️You don’t need to prove your recovery to anyone.
▪️You don’t need to compensate for Thanksgiving dinner by restricting your intake earlier in the day.
▪️If you ultimately decide not to call your mom tomorrow, that is okay and doesn’t make you a horrendous daughter. If you do wind up calling, make peace with the possibility that it may end in rage.
▪️If your ED brain slips into a mental volleyball game of shoulds and should nots, give yourself permission to hide in your room and watch RHONY until you feel like you’ve reset.
▪️One way or the other, tomorrow doesn’t have to be a “milestone” in recovery. Positive experiences with food are wonderful, but negative experiences do not equate to setback or failure. Remember that most days are a mixed bag of both and you’ve gotten through those too.
▪️Lots of recovery folks will be sharing their meal experiences on IG throughout the day – this will be empowering for some, but triggering for others. There is no pressure to be part of the conversation if it doesn’t feel right.
▪️Commit to not indulging in post-meal analysis. Even if the day is pleasant, you don’t need to wax poetic on the experience. Food can be delicious, but it doesn’t have to be a mystical fascination that requires hours of obsession, fixation, and intellectual inquiry.
▪️Enjoy dat pie bb !!!!

"Para as mulheres que ainda estão lutando contra essa rejeição ao próprio corpo, eu digo que eu as entendo, que sempre fomos submetidas a uma pressão horrível de magreza vinculada a beleza, mas que não é isso. Nossa beleza vai muito além disso, muito além do que a sociedade prega. E que elas são lindas, do jeitinho que elas são.
Pode parecer clichê, mas representatividade é tudo. Eu nunca imaginei, por exemplo, uma gorda sendo dançarina de cantora POP, capa de revista masculina, modelo, etc. A real é podemos ser tudo o que quisermos!
Mas é importante nos vermos nos espaços públicos, na grande mídia. Mas isso é só uma parte minúscula do “trabalho”. A semente tem que brotar dentro da gente, a força da aceitação vem de dentro mesmo. Mas elas devem saber que elas não estão sozinhas, a corrente é poderosa e elas serão amparadas. (Camilla Conde, 36 anos, São Paulo)

Eying those hot pancakes he's serving you fresh off the griddle like 👀"You can go now..." 👸🏼🥞#saturdaymorning #kthanxbye
Serious message now, cuz I hafta. PSA: Fat/ plus/ larger women lead rich, exciting, fulfilling and sexy lives. It's my goal with my Instagram and YouTube to deconstruct messages we've been spoon fed about what it means to exist in a fatter body and replace them with the same images we've grown used to seeing with thinner models. Seeing larger bodies living their lives, being happy, and not needing to change is really important for our collective psyche.
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Important reminder, today and every day.

Thankful I opted out of the shame game so long ago, thankful for being at peace in my body, thankful for my people who lift me up and also ground me. 💙

sometimes im like damnnnnnn sis. how even are you single? 😩😭👯💓✨ (you can get this set from adamandeve.com and use my code GRANDE for 50% + free shipping! 18+ only!) #fatgirlroyalty

Y’all I’m loving this bikini😍 I’ve paired with @divergentswimwear to spread some #bodypositive love💖💖💖 I’ve linked their website on my bio, if you use my discount code you’ll get 20% off your entire order 👌🏼 this one is from their plus size line and is the Sophie Cross Wrap bikini in XXL • code: Hhhlove

Flying out early in the AM to visit family in Missouri, having my last sushi and a nap before my much needed pedi at FingerBang.

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#repost @chooselifewarrior Dani’s Latest post :
Why👏🏽Is👏🏽This👏🏽So👏🏽Fucking👏🏽Hard👏🏽To👏🏽Understand??? Why do Dani or me or anyone else who does Not want to be part of diet culture rhetoric have no say in the matter? I consider that selfish and bloody entitled. And Don’t come to me with the “but I am injured and I need to lose weight” trope. I have an injury that I have been chronicling here since February. Have you EVER read a post by me that supports that excuse?
I’m sure there are plenty of enthusiastic apologists who will haaaate this post but here’s a reminder : our activism is Not so that you can energy vampire us dry. Unhelpful comments NOT welcome. No ifs No buts. They are not welcome.
Please keep weight loss and diet culture talk Out of our spaces.
#dietculture #nobodyshame #losehatenotweight #effyourbeautystandards #fuckfatphobia #fatacceptance #bodypositive
#psblogger #plussize #intersectionalfeminism


Trotting w my fav turkey this morning🦃🍗

Stunning. I am in love with this. Filling all of my social feeds with images of bodies like this has been a revelation. Now, when I look in the mirror at my naked body, the feelings I have are so neutral. It’s a lot more spacious and simple. I still have tough feelings and complicated stories, especially in new social settings, but the way my media has changed my world cannot be overstated. Yay fat visibility!

That snack was from heaven! Look at the sun🔆 hugging it in picture two. I’m always so hungry after morning walks by the ocean. How bout you?#tinathegoldentaurus #bbw #bodypositive #bbwgirls #fatacceptance #fatpositive #plussize #plussizemodel #plussizefashion

Jacqueline @jacque.jordao - veja o ensaio completo em nosso site (link na bio)

True in grief, too! Learning to support and witness people you love feels a little awkward, for sure. Awkward. Is. A. Great. Sign. It means you’re trying something new. Also, if you don’t know my friend dawn serra, please check her out and follow. She is stunning force of awesome in this world. .
#Repost @dawn_serra ・・・
If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I adore talking about the importance of awkwardness.

Want better sex? Get awkward. Want a stronger relationship? Prepare to feel awkward. Ready to let go of old stories and find some joy? Better get used to feeling awkward.

Anytime we're trying something new, awkwardness is inevitable. Anytime we're interacting with other complex human beings, awkwardness is inevitable. One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself is to increase your tolerance of awkward.

Which is why I'm so in love with @queerfatfemme's Fat Kid Dance Party rules - one of which is this celebration of awkward.

What would it look like to embrace awkward instead of avoiding it? To move towards it, intentionally, rather than looking for ways to appear polish, perfect, and together?

Explore these questions with us at the Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition. It's free, online, and starts December 4th. We'll be diving into these questions, together, so that we don't have to do it alone.

Pop over to exploremoresummit.com to sign-up and to check out the amazing speaker line-up. This is about you and it's about us.
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#tbt. From the sixties with love ❤. My Janet Munro BBW stunning version. Can't someone be in love with its own creation?
The technique is photoshop morph.
Beauty comes in all sizes!

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Original image is not of my authorship. The morphing is mine instead. This should be taken for an art experimental plan. No disrespect intended to the persons (real or fictional) on the picture.

"Durante meus 26 anos eu sempre fui ensinada que ser gorda era algo nojento. Algo que transparecia preguiça. Eu sempre fui a criança gorda da família. Eu sempre escutei calada as críticas sobre meu corpo. 
Eu passei a maior parte do tempo da minha vida escutando que eu era limitada a fazer várias coisas, passei a ser ofendida pelo meu corpo na família e na escola, eu ficava triste e aquilo me matava um pouco a cada dia." (Amanda Bertolini, 26 anos de São Paulo para o "Eu, gorda")

Self-Discrepancy Theory refers to the relationship between our actual self - what we perceive our attributes or characteristics to be right now, our ideal self - attributes that we would like to possess or aspire to, and the ought self - the attributes that we believe we have an obligation or duty to possess. When we make comparisons between our actual and ideal self and we perceive them to be close we may feel happiness and joy, if the gap (discrepancy) is wider, we may feel depression and sadness. In relation to our ought self, the closer we are, we may feel calmness and contentment, if further away, we may feel anxiety and guilt. The good news is we get to decide, challenge and re-evaluate our ideal and ought selves, whilst they may feel deeply engrained, they are not fixed. More importantly, the way we choose to be with and relate to the suffering in the gap makes all the difference (hint hint nudge nudge self compassion practice) . 😊😊🌞🌱
Do a google search on self discrepancy theory and you'll find a variety of public articles.
#arttherapy #psychology #education #meditation #mentalhealth #mentalillness #fatacceptance #bodypositivity #fatstigma #diet #recovery #edrecovery #feminism #exercise #happiness #mindfulness #dietician #intuitiveeating #gratitude #wisdom #obesity #psychotherapy #wellbeing #yoga #healthateverysize #effyourbeautystandards

No one should look up to tess holliday shes obese and promotes obesity
#tess #tessholliday #obese #obeseity #obesity #bodypositive #fatacceptance

I’m just way too into posting stocking pictures lately. #stockings #thighhighs #garterbelt

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