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A lot of people DM me and ask me “i feel extremely down and lonely atm what should i do, because this feeling is eating me up”
It’s okay to feel that way, you feel down sometimes so that when the “up” part comes you feel thankful about it. Here are a few things i do when I’m having that kind of bad day.
1. Take a shower and wear the comfiest pajamas
2. Cook for myself or make a drink for myself (sometimes i order from foodpanda)
3. Look for an inspirational or funny movie and watch it.
4. Read a novel that has soothing words in it (i end up reading forty rules of love again and again)
5. Sometimes i play guitar a paint to distract myself from the sad thoughts. You can workout or do whatever you like for distraction
6. Listen to soothing music (mostly instrumental)
7. Rearrange my wardrobe or buy something online for myself 🙄
8. Lift of all the weight from your chest and talk to God after prayer (or write down everything if you’re not religious)
9. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you’re loveable and capable of doing amazing things. -
Ps Sori I forgot i was supposed to post an outfit and painting yesterday ;-; -
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Who likes shower ???


Ben oyumu kullandim 👈 🗳

will surely miss ig-ing bc im gonna be so busy loving my students 😿 teacher na meee 🌹

Lesson learnt being a catwalk model. Don’t drink and walk. It super difficult to keep balanced after 1 too many #aperolspritz
You must be focused on looking super serious and non-challant. That is super hard. •
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