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JLo Is Wearing It Well! Happy Birthday!!!!! #HOT #FashionInMotion #FF

CSM Fashion in Motion at the V&A #csm #va #balenciaga #fashioninmotion

The #RevealVAM Festival closes on Friday 7 July with #FashionInMotion, four special catwalk shows in the new Sainsbury Gallery featuring @britishfashioncouncil Award Winner @MollyMGoddard.
Goddard specialises in traditional hand-craft techniques such as hand pleating, smocking and crocheting, and won British Emerging Talent at the 2016 Fashion Awards. As part of REVEAL, the catwalk shows will feature Goddard’s previous collections, as well as showcasing new pieces that will be seen for the first time. See it live on 7 July, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00 & 20.00 (free ticket required). #ExhibitionRoad.
Find out more at www.vam.ac.uk/reveal

Also showing at #FashionInMotion today inside @vamuseum as part of #BALENCIAGAxCSM is @jamie_challinor of BA Fashion Print "on my own personal observations of masculinity in my family, my grandad became the muse for the project. My nan is a strong woman and when visiting her in her home I saw the impact of her feminine tastes on my grandad’s exterior self. e.g. the collection of ceramic plates and floral furniture in the house. Referencing Cristobal Balenciaga’s Avante Garde shapes within menswear to illustrate the influence of my nan on my grandad it became clear that placing accentuated features of a woman on a man’s body in exaggerated places gave a peculiar impression. The final outcome tries to take classic menswear pieces like oxford bags, jacket and shirt and playfully distort the proportions as if my grandad had been re-sculpted by my nan in an attempt to achieve feminine excellence."

Dressed in a masterpiece made by @gracejlc surrounded by masterpieces of #victoriaandalbert museum ⚡️🖤💥 #Fashioninmotion : inspired by Balenciaga event today 📸ph by @adamfussell


JLo Is Wearing It Well! Happy Birthday!!!!! #HOT #FashionInMotion #FF

Caught #fashioninmotion last night as models from @bellaroselex modeled fashion alongside art from @marjorieguyon in the Triangle Center windows. Wish I had better pictures but kind of find the #layersoflife in these interesting. Bellissima! 🎨👚🔺 #artallabout #galleryhoplex #sharethelex

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